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Mystifyingly Mediocre: The Witness Game Review

At the risk of invoking the infamous wrath of game creator Jonathan Blow, we dare to call The Witness mediocre. Basking in the warm sunlight of scores like 10/10 from… 480 more words

All Of It

How to: down halo braid

¡Hola a todos!

Hoy os traigo un peinado sencillo y romántico dado que se acerca el tan ansiado por los enamorados -y odiado por los solteros- 14 de Febrero: San Valentín 💝. 550 more words


Romance in Play

What is love? Love is chemistry, love is passion, love is acceptance, love is all of the above. Love and romance tends to be the topic involved in many forms of media from books, movies and music. 1,269 more words


Braids for Days

We had a small surprise Anniversary dinner for some of our friends this past weekend and since I didn’t have time to do my hair that day before work, I had to think of something quick. 126 more words

:2016- Prom hairstyle must-haves:

I have been doing hair for over 12 years now, and I specialize in formal styes for prom, weddings, and other formal events of the like. 281 more words

Disappearing Behind Me Into Sky, by pd lyons

Disappearing Behind Me Into Sky

shadow of crows
from the tree
disappears behind me to the sky
she had crystals hanging in nearly every window of the house… 120 more words

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