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Braid; a reflective artgame.

Braid is a platform/ puzzle game that was released by Number None, Inc., in 2008 for Xbox and Xbox Live Arcade. It has a lot of visual appeal; the artwork is beautiful and the soundtrack is very inviting. 515 more words

Blog #3

Braid is Beauty

What is art? Many people argue over the answer to this question. There are several different interpretations as to what is considered to be a work of art. 555 more words

Blog #3

Braid as an Art

For this blog I chose to play Braid I used my laptop. Playing Braid was definitely a different experience for me. The topic was “how is this game art”? 482 more words

Time and Reflection

When talking about video games as it relates to art, it’s important that we first get a couple of definitions in mind. What is art? Raymond Williams defines it as a skill, one that involves expressing a general human interest that is designed to be attractive instead of useful or practical. 725 more words

Blog #3

Braid is art

For Blog 3 I chose to play braid and I played it on my laptop using steam. Playing Braid was interesting; it had a good story, where Tim goes through different worlds trying to find the princess and complete the different jigsaw puzzles. 518 more words

Blog #3

Indie Game: The Movie

“You kind of have to give up something. To have something great.”

Indie Game: The Movie is a 2012 documentary that explores three independent games during varying stages of development. 231 more words

7 braids in 7 days : Day Six

Sorry for the late post! We have had a very busy weekend!

Today’s braid is a little more complicated. The way I find it easiest to do is to tie up all the hair that i wont use into a ponytail (leaving a section across the crown of my head to braid). 94 more words