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Minnesota Hair Braider Registration gets $0 and the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Advanced Practice Esthetican get $2 millions for “needle” usage (UNEXCEPTABLE)

Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration License is the key to a Natural Hair Braider Board.

I want to explain more on how the Minnesota Hair Braider Registration Licensees “simple hair devices” are being manipulated into being in the Board of Cosmetology favor through legal cases brought on by the Institute for Justice.

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African Hair Braiding Shop

Institute for Justice and The Minnesota Board of Cosmetology Deceptive Practices Against Hair Braiders

Minnesota Board of Cosmetology is Manipulating IJ.org cases by Creating Anti-Trust Issues With the Public

Minnesota Hair Braiding Registration Licensee are more POWERFUL than ever before in the current political circus of “GETTING A TABLE” vs a set at the table. 643 more words

African Hair Braiding Shop

DIY Braided Rug

Helloooo, I don’t think I’ve ever done a DIY post on the blog, so hi this is the first one!! I absolutely love making crafty things, anything and everything. 746 more words

Red Vintage Stash Bag

Craft – Sewing – Red Vintage Stash Bag 

Updated 09/24/2018

I adore these little stash bags/coin purses/change purses. They are so fun and easy to hand sew, plus you can get so creative with how they close and even add little jewels and trinkets to them. 51 more words


Braid (2008)

Braid is an independent puzzle-platformer that has received critical acclaim and is lauded as one of the best indie games ever. It may have showed that indie games can be massively successful and inspired many games to follow it, but I was not incredibly impressed by… 429 more words


Tangled / Entrelaçada

“My granny used to work in the shipyard’s rope factory at the beginning of the century. It wasn’t an easy job but, on the other hand, whenever a ship was finally ready at the docks, the workers had the privilege to go on board before anyone else. 972 more words


Zombie with Braid

According to this illustration, my hair is officially more unkempt than that of a female zombie.  Look how neat and tidy she manages to keep her braid despite all of that stumbling hither and yon, and all of that munching on raw flesh.  25 more words