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 Yes or No to the side braid?

Hello beautiful people.

Today I’m going to show you one of my most reliable hairstyles that is the side braid.

Now I’m aware I’m 23 and this makes me look approximately 15 but it’s such an easy style to do when I know I’m going to have a busy day. 76 more words

Fishtail Braid


You might have noticed in my last blog post I started a YouTube channel! I would love it if you guys checked it out and even subscribed to my channel! 84 more words

Bacon challah!

Let’s face it, Jews love bacon. As much as we hate to admit it, we all want bacon.  Unexpected bacon is a happy surprise.  So what would be more delightful than a bacon challah?   64 more words

Day 28

My paper was really not coming along swimmingly last night so about 2.5 pages in, at about 1:30 am, I went to bed and planned to wake up at 7 am to finish it. 497 more words

DIY: FishTail Braid

Many of your have written in on how to do the fishtail braid so we decided to featured this video below from @HeyitsCarlyRae on how to do that fishtail hair braid! 132 more words


How To Revamp Your Pony

Everyones been there: you’re in a rush and need to put your hair up out of your face or off your neck for whatever reason. But after awhile you get fed up of your plain ponytail, so I now present you with ways to revamp your pony! 464 more words


Perfect hairstyles for spring that you must try out

5 inspiring hairstyle ideas

I was scrolling through Pinterest, and I came across these three very easy hairstyles (which I definitely will test in the nearest future).  166 more words