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Festival of the Triumphant Locks

The hairdresser, Unaflette, first came to the northern town to learn from the great coiffure artists in the region.  5,663 more words


"The Definitive Indie Game"

If you keep up with games writing, you might very well have seen an article floating around: “10 years later, Braid remains the definitive indie game… 683 more words

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.

I finally did it! I cut my hair off today. I was just getting tired of my long hair. I always had to wear it pulled back because it would get in the way. 140 more words


10 years later, Braid remains the definitive indie game

(Source: www.avclub.com)

Indie games have gone from a fringe movement to a massive commercial force, in the process transforming what and how we play. 2,959 more words


Poem of the Day: Self portrait with Sylvia Plath's Braid by Diane Seuss

For those of you who want to know more about Plath’s hair kept at Indiana University go here.

Self-Portrait with Sylvia Plath’s Braid

Diane Seuss… 245 more words

This Week's Project: Rag Rug

Here’s what I’ve been working on recently.

I’ve been working on a t-shirt rag rug project for a couple years ago, but a change of method a few weeks ago, and a total restart, has sped things up a lot – the progress I’ve made in the last two weeks is twice as much as I made before. 97 more words