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Gaming Addiction: The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly

Most my life, I’ve been surrounded by negative news pieces about Video Games and how it “Cause violence!” or how “the addiction ruined my life!” 1,639 more words

Video Games

Sudoku Gridmaster [Nintendo DS] - Review

Although Sudoku had existed in one form or another since the late 19th century, it didn’t gain in popularity in the United States until the mid 2000s, when it became a feature of practically every newspaper. 706 more words


devilish training

My fiancee picked up Brain Age: Concentration Training again and I’m happy – I’ve always wanted her to play 3DS games and the reason I kept my old 2DS was so I would be able to play games at the same time that she’s playing. 61 more words


People whose 'brain age' is older than their real age more likely to die early.

Scientists at Imperial College London used MRI scans and algorithms to produce computer-generated brain age and spot risk of dying young.

Doctors may be able to warn patients if they are at risk of early death by analysing their brains, British scientists have discovered. 423 more words