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Delving deeper into the spinal cord

The October version of the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s monthly magazine InMotion features a discussion with Lorimer Moseley. Here he argues the importance of not just focusing on the brain when treating pain, but having an understanding of the ‘brain in the spinal cord’. 163 more words

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"Thirsty Foot"

My patient had chronic foot pain (“severe multi-joint degenerative changes” on scans) and over a decade of swelling – she was improving really well with therapy aimed at foot health, foot in the brain representational health and interactions between the two.  246 more words


Cheating Pain

Chronic pain is greedy. It spills over into adjacent areas of my brain, which is why on bad days I can't think clearly. If Bill asks me an either/or question, my brain comes to a halt and I am left hopelessly vacant. 812 more words

Brain And Pain

When the Brain has a Bad Hair Day

What to do with my brain on a bad pain day?

Sounds weird, but one of the greatest problems is thinking during a bad bout. It is established that pain is not only processed in the affected area of the brain, but under duress takes over adjacent neural real estate. 399 more words

Brain And Pain

Express Cure

Dr. Mercola has just posted an article about a theory and training developed by Dr. David Hanscom, an orthopaedic spine surgeon. After 15 years of chronic pain, he diagnosed himself with neurophysiologic pain and cured himself by expressive writing – getting out on paper all his negative feelings. 669 more words

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Missing strokes

We’ve written before about the groups that miss out on optimal pain treatment – groups in which pain is often poorly recognised at best, or not really considered an issue at worst.  575 more words

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The gland that makes love and hate

Since Paris and events leading up to it, the world now has a new and growing DIM (danger in me) for its collective brain to somehow include. 49 more words

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