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Healing the Brain's Pain - Using the Power of Neuroplasticity to Rewire my Brain

I knew the brain can change itself. It used to be thought, according to accepted opinion, that after about age 20 our brain cells gradually died off. 592 more words

Brain And Pain

Down Dumbo


Emotions trump thinking

Stress chemicals trump happy hormones

Strengths trump weaknesses

From The Happy Map


I read this while lying on my back on a hot pad, my eyes swollen with pain and mind befogged. 523 more words

Books That Caught My Mind

Recreating Joy

How do I live a good life, not just bearable, but worth living? Yesterday, I reached a watershed. My steroid epidural failed – worse, it left me with greater pain and little hope. 674 more words

Life Journey

David Eagleman talks about the limits of our perception

Our perception if the World is unique to us as our brain filters the incoming information and constructs what we experience. Where our attention goes will depend upon the importance, or salience, of the stimulus. 196 more words

Chronic Pain

Connection between the Brain and Pain

I took this picture yesterday…..can you tell that either of us feel like crap?? My daughter has had a fever/cold for over a week. She is incredibly cranky and I know how difficult it must be for her because she is unable to verbalize her needs as her vocabulary is composed of the words: doggie, cat, mommy, da, duck, pic, apple, and banana. 310 more words

Painstaking research - tackling chronic pain

From the Wellcome Trust, here’s an interesting blog looking at some of the research for chronic pain by Mun-Keat Looi.

‘Pain is an important warning system in our bodies, but what if it never stops? 47 more words


More on neuroplasticity | Let's learn, change and grow #neuroplasticity #learning

Professor Micheal Merzenich talks about how we can use our knowledge of neuroplasticity to thrive and grow. This is certainly a neuro-characteristic that is potent and valuable in rehabilitation from an injury or a painful condition such as complex regional pain syndrome.