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Timing and Progression (A Positive Form)

Timing is one of those weird things that can bring a sense of cosmic order to a non-religious, spiritually-agnostic life. I have been fortunate to experience what could be called divine acts of timing. 841 more words

Days on a Calendar

Yesterday was the 39th anniversary of my marriage to Lynn. As with last year’s, Lynn is no longer here to celebrate with me. Of course, celebration is more of a remembrance now. 142 more words

Brain Cancer

OIST: A Unique Amino Acid for Brain Cancer Therapy

Researchers discover potential application of amino acid taurine in photodynamic therapy for brain cancer. A news article written for the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) website.

Okinawa Institute Of Science And Technology

Jeff Award-winning actress and cancer survivor Donica Lynn is bigger than her illness

Donica Lynn, the amazingly talented actress, singer and the 2016 Chicagoan of the Year in the theater, joins Justin at The Big Table to talk about her career, her lifelong battle with cancer, the importance of being a spokesperson for cancer, how music has helped her cope with the disease, the importance of continuing to work through her illness, if she thinks differently about her mortality and the fifth annual benefit concert… 128 more words

The Download

Cry Baby

When I was young something horrible happened. It didn’t directly affect me but it was the kind of thing that should have brought me to tears. 730 more words



Cards, bath salts, flowers, chocolate, cookies, walks, lunches, notes, phone calls.

Hugs.  Lots of hugs.

Tears shared.***

My family.

My friends. 114 more words

We Need Cheerleaders!

While Jennifer is going through this awful time, I think it would be pretty awesome if we could build an online support system/cheerleaders for her! She needs a lot of motivation, prayers, love, and support during this hard time. 31 more words