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Grateful for every moment together

Abby is gone. Last night we had to say goodbye to my baby, my canine soul mate and best friend.

Abby was adopted into our family… 321 more words


Some images are darker than others...

Not even the darkest silence could ever quiet my mind… I’m unfortunate that way!

One of my dearest patients passed away… Our office got a thank you card and his family picture today. 96 more words


Abby rallied

In the last hours this afternoon, we decided to postpone our goodbye with our beloved Abby until tomorrow night. She rallied today and was having a great time with… 122 more words


Abby's favorite Italian treats

When I started writing about #OneGoodThing each day in January, I had no idea this year would be so rough. I had no clue that I’d have to say goodbye to my baby. 244 more words


Another day of love

Our beloved Abby’s days with us are numbered. And it’s not a big number. She means so much to me. My heart breaks at the thought of losing her. 63 more words


Brain Cancer Sign And Symptoms - Causes

Every private having mind lumps need to get distinct as well as private mind cancer cells therapy The therapy usually depends upon the person’s age, basic health and wellness, and also dimension as well as place of the growth. 519 more words

Brain Boosting Foods

Micah and the sunflower field

Micah is in second grade and likes

to try and read as much as possible.

The hundreds of tags with wishes

and hopes expressed towards… 78 more words