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Just old spaghetti on steroids

I think the heat wave last week has overcooked my brain.
The mineral sauce my noggin usually marinates in has also gone off. Hormones are no longer in season or they got swapped for some cheap oregano, either way I’m sad, weak, overwhelmed and menopausal. 144 more words


Understanding loved ones in Recovery

The cycle of addiction is exhausting for both addicts and their loved ones. The individual addict struggles to avoid triggers and learning to live a sober life. 948 more words


How Not to Meet Your Writing Goals

Think about New Year’s resolutions. No, I’m not asking you to make one, but just think about how many you have made and then seen through in the long term. 702 more words


Understanding the Anxious Mind and Current Available Treatments

The Anxious Brain

To better understand and treat the anxious mind, it’s important to look at what’s happening to the brain at a chemical level. 689 more words


finished: green handspun vest

524 meters on needle 3,75 m.

I’m having a bad day, I’m sorry to say. Had an adrenal crash yesterday. Thought I countered it pretty effective, with extra hydrocortison. 275 more words


Why Working With Your Hands is Healthy

In the age of technology, most people are sitting in office cubicles pushing paper and attending meetings. Just think of how many people you see at cafes with their laptops, typing away. 637 more words

Brain Chemistry