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a flock of seagulls

the sensation has eluded words
but finally description alit
on the shores of my cerebral hemisphere

Cymbalta withdrawal
includes these sound-like sensations in your brain… 31 more words


An Ode To Waking And Baking

Two facts: I have never been busier in my entire life AND I have never been more “stoned” in my entire life. Those facts don’t contradict each other. 1,083 more words


Understanding Multi-tasking

There are two types of people. Those that can joggle and bike at the same time and those who can focus on one project at a time. 500 more words

Brain Chemistry

Understanding Love Signals

Since many individuals want to connect with a special person, they may behave and do things out of the norm. For instance, individuals who typically prefer to remain home and game all night will struggle with the idea of going to a fancy restaurant or hanging out in a club dancing. 608 more words


The Body Speaks

It can be tempting to shut off our emotions, and experience life only through our minds. From ancient times to the present, people have propose this as a solution to our problems. 81 more words


Your Brain Chemistry is Not My Brain Chemistry

“Do you love me?” .. “Why do you keep asking this all the time”, he said.

“Do you love me?” .. “I love you each and every day”, he said. 2,106 more words