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What people need to understand is this.

Mental Illness isn’t something you fix with your mind. It is illness that lives in your brain and its chemistry.


The Future will have no Prisons

All behaviour is either learnt or innate.

There is no such thing as evil. That religious concept went out with the death of the Devil (another human invention). 200 more words


Spiritual Warfare In Manic Psychosis: Part 2

A guest commented on my last post on “Spiritual Warfare in Manic Psychosis” and I wanted to continue the discussion of this state I experienced in my episodes back in 2004 and 2012. 788 more words


3 Solutions to Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are NOT uncommon.

Some people experience them once or twice in a lifetime while others have them whenever they’re speaking in public or are preparing for an important phone call. 349 more words


Burn the Box of Emotions

The truth about Anxiety and Depression: Sometimes you have to put your feelings in a box and burn it.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with my boss’s boss about how I have nothing to do at work. 446 more words


Adulting For Mental Health: A stupid exercise that helps

As with this entire blog, but especially for mental health, these are just some of my own experiences. It’s important to know that you are not alone and not wrong or different, even if what you’re reading here does not reflect what you know or feel. 1,189 more words


New Discovery: balanced meal can help reduce socially anxious

The personal mood is controlled by the chemical process of eating and drinking. Having the right balance of various neurotransmitters available helps ensure that our responses and moods are appropriate to the given situation. 223 more words