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Tanking, I blame the sugar

More and more my practice of ketogenic dieting is proving beneficial not only in regulating my weight, but also in reducing the severity of my brain chemical upsets. 23 more words

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Your brain on drugs [UCT's Monday Monthly newspaper]

In what is considered one of the most memorable anti-narcotics advertisements in history, commissioned by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, an egg is shown frying in a pan with a voiceover proclaiming, “This is your brain on drugs. 973 more words

Spring is not my Season

Funny how Facebook likes to bring up the past. Seems this same day over the past few years as been simply piss poor on the Bean Brain front. 107 more words

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Things I don't understand

These past two weeks have been hard; lots of crying, low motivation, racing and depressed thoughts. This has been the normal for me for a little less than a year now. 228 more words

Alls well

And as usually happens nothing terribly traumatizing came from last nights angst. No complaints here.

Picking Zed up now for a night at my house. I am looking forward to hearing about his night out over lunch. 21 more words

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Meds: it can be a love/hate kinda thing

Lately my brain has been funky. This whole year and part of last year it has been wonky though. I’ve been going through all sorts of medication changes and meds on top of meds and more meds and here have this med because you can’t sleep. 273 more words

Is Your Food Making You Depressed?

No, I don’t mean that “boring, bland, diet food” (although healthy food is not boring, but more on that later). What I’m talking about is your standard food intake. 534 more words