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Silence In Abuse

There is a tendency for victims of mental and physical abuse, molestation or rape to remain silent. For some, it has to do with the belief that no one will believe them or that somehow, they deserved the treatment due to something they did. 859 more words


"She had always wanted words, she loved them; grew up on them. Words gave her clarity, brought reason, shape."

I guess it’s not this much of an illumination: writing helps me. Recently I had a lot of bad days. And every time it was happening, this very animalistic part of my brain would shiver and shrunk a bit more in fear that another episode is upon me. 125 more words



Some mornings I just feel like throwing up. That’s how enthused I am. It’s not about who I am or is it? I have many mornings like this. 311 more words

"I feel fine"

Imagine this. 

School got out for the summer and all you have to do is work. No other commitments, just work and enjoy your summer.  376 more words

Mental Health

Walking Stick or Joy February 7, 2016

Happiness tips his hat in Central Park

Yesterday, you posted

A picture of happiness

As it walked upon

Proteins in the brain.

Joy strolled upon… 191 more words

Revive me

Dying to be heard

in a world that doesn’t want to hear a word

of what’s been survived

behind and outside of these eyes.

Considered weak, pathetic dramatic wild… 95 more words


Benzos, ACE's and Bi-Polar, oh my...

(I recently ran across THIS ARTICLE on antianxiety drugs fueling the next deadly drug crisis in the US and am moved to share my story…) 471 more words

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