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Exponential Growth Will Transform Humanity in the Next 30 Years

February 25, 2017

By Peter Diamantis

As we close out 2016, if you’ll allow me, I’d like to take a risk and venture into a topic I’m personally compelled to think about… a topic that will seem far out to most readers. 1,201 more words


Research heralds better and bidirectional brain-computer interfaces

A pair of studies, one from Stanford and another from the University of Geneva, exemplify the speed with which brain-computer interfaces are advancing; and while you won’t be using one instead of a mouse and keyboard any time soon, even in its nascent form the tech may prove transformative for the disabled. 537 more words


Scientists invent machine that allows people with complete locked-in syndrome to communicate

Wendy was barely 20 years old when she received a devastating diagnosis: juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), an aggressive neurodegenerative disorder that destroys motor neurons in the brain and the spinal cord. 1,378 more words


Brain Machine Interface and Robotics for SCI: Walk Again Project


Those with spinal cord injuries (SCI’s) know that medicine still has a long way toward a successful solution for their injury.  Spinal cord injuries often occur as a result of trauma, such as a fall or gunshot wound. 409 more words


Brain Computer Interface Market to Reach US$1.23 bn by 2024

The increasing technological adoption of wearable medical devices is expected to positively support the market for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology. The demand for BCI devices is expected to increase primarily in the health care and gaming and entertainment industries. 216 more words


Researchers use machine learning to pull interest signals from readers brain waves

How will people sift and navigate info intelligently in the future, when theres even more data being pushed at them? Information overload is a problemwe struggle with now, so the need for better ways to filter and triagedigital contentis only going to stepup as the MBs save piling up. 1,111 more words

Humans can now move complex robot arms just by thinking

Most robotic arm systems required a very complex and very invasive brain implant… until now. Researchers at the University of Minnesota have created a new system that requires only a sexy helmet and a bit of thinking, paving the way to truly mind-controlled robotic tools. 250 more words