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A Low Cost Eeg Based Bci Prosthetic Using Motor Imagery

A Low-Cost Eeg Based BCI Prosthetic Using Motor Imagery

Daniel Elstob and Emanuele Lindo Secco, Liverpool Hope University, UK

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) provide the opportunity to control external devices using the brain ElectroEncephaloGram (EEG) signals. 224 more words

Watch a thought race across the surface of the brain

Although neuroscientists have a general idea of what parts of the brain do what, catching them in the act is a difficult proposition. But UC Berkeley researchers… 569 more words


Neurotechnology and the Military

“Every generation has been trying to figure out how to use brain-related technology to improve security,” from caffeine to computer enhancement, bioethicist Jonathan Moreno, Ph.D., said at the Capitol Hill briefing “Neurotechnology and the Military” last week. 674 more words



Hi everybody, how are you doing?

What I am gonna present today is another project of mine on Brain/Human-Computer Interface (abbreviated as BCI). In this topic, I will not only introduce my project but also talk a little bit more about the fundamental (like what it is, how it works, and why I chose it as a method for my project). 1,175 more words


Deep brain stimulation for Alzheimer's disease

In the past 20 years, deep brain stimulation (DBS) has been used for over 100,000 patients with Parkinson’s disease. The success of this procedure has led investigators to try DBS for other neurologic conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD). 321 more words

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Peter Diamandis Thinks We’re Evolving Toward “Meta-Intelligence”

November 18, 2017

From Natural Selection to Intelligent Direction

In the next 30 years, humanity is in for a transformation the likes of which we’ve never seen before—and… 589 more words

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