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Brain computer interfacing: a big step towards military mind-control

The latest round of grants under the US Department of Defense University Research Instrumentation Program lists Brain Computer Interfacing as an area of funded research. While military interest in mind control is hardly new, Dr Gareth Evans finds out how far the technology has come and whether we may be nearing a breakthrough via a new generation of brain computer interfaces. 53 more words


REVEALED: Which event are Cybathlon followers most interested in?

  • Brain Computer Interface voted the most interesting event
  • Followed by bike race and powered wheelchair race
  • Revolutionary BCI technology allows people to communicate without speaking or moving…
  • 306 more words

VIDEO: Cybathlon - the F1 of robotics?

You’ve heard about how Imperial plan to take Cybathlon by storm but what do they think about how it will affect the robotics and neurotechnology fields? 20 more words


VIDEO: Team Imperial ready for Cybathlon challenges

Team Imperial are well on their way to Cybathlon 2016, and are mightily ambitious.

Currently one of the largest teams entered, the team from Imperial College have put students at the forefront of the project and will enter four, potentially five, categories. 59 more words


EEG electrode placement summary, April 2015

After experimenting with different EEG amplifiers, I got more information about different EEG electrode position. And then my summary ought to be revised. Below are the revisions in… 291 more words


The Our Little Secret Travel Agency - Chapter 5: The Adaptation

“Only one warning, Morgana: Stay as still as possible. Even with your eyes closed, you will see a blinding profusion of brightly colored lights for a few seconds. 2,661 more words

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Wearable cap lets amputees grasp objects with their mind

Researchers at the University of Houston have built a brain-machine interface to control prosthetic hands.

When it comes to brain-controlled interfaces, advancements in the space have come a long way since its earliest days of research at UCLA in the 1970s. 287 more words

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