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'Brain wi-fi' shown to be able to reverse leg paralysis in a primate.

By James Gallagher

An implant that beams instructions out of the brain has been used to restore movement in paralysed primates for the first time, say scientists. 629 more words


US military enhancing human skills with electrical brain stimulation

Study paves way for personnel such as drone operators to have electrical pulses sent into their brains to improve effectiveness in high pressure situations.

US military scientists have used electrical brain stimulators to enhance mental skills of staff, in research that aims to boost the performance of air crews, drone operators and others in the armed forces’ most demanding roles. 831 more words


Scientists have developed a wireless implant that gave paralyzed monkeys the ability to walk again

For patients paralyzed by a spinal cord injury, there’s one impossible roadblock to full recovery.

Any movements we execute starts with a series of neurons firing in our brains. 798 more words

At the World's First Cybathlon, Proud Cyborg Athletes Raced for the Gold 

At the World’s First Cybathlon, Proud Cyborg Athletes Raced for the Gold

Photo: Michael Buholzer/AFP/Getty Images A paraplegic Cybathlon athlete got out of his wheelchair to compete in the exoskeleton race. 961 more words
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Brain-computer interface lets a man with a spinal injury feel robotic fingers

“Index… ring… pinky… index… middle…”

Nathan Copeland is telling a researcher which of his fingers he feels a touch on. But the researcher is touching a robotic hand, not Copeland’s, whose hand hasn’t felt a thing in over a decade. 581 more words


EEG development - using OpenBCI

OpenBCI modules and Electrodes Signal Test

First week of Final Year Project of Mechanical Engineering course, my groupmate and I were assigned to sort out the basic setup of OpenBCI that was done after our predecessor group of students. 80 more words

Brain Computer Interface

Paralympics and Assistive Tech: The Cybathlon

by Sinéad Nolan.

You can’t throw a table tennis bat this August without hitting the Olympic games. It’s everywhere, from TV screens to newsfeeds to the front of your local rag. 305 more words

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