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Brain dump: Privilege

Disclaimer: I don’t mean to victimize myself, nor do I claim my experiences as more taxing than others. I wanted to bring into light my perspective on this topic. 1,758 more words

On looking to the beyond...

It’s the last day of #NaBloPoMo and this will be my twentieth post of the month. I’m not going to lie: I didn’t think I’d post even half that many times! 659 more words


On bouts of brutality...

Murphy’s Law had to have come about after a particularly rough bout of parenting. It’s the only way the last several hours of my life can make any sense. 581 more words


On failing and not caring...

I’m typing this on my iPhone app while watching college football with some of my extended family. It’s been a few days since I’ve written and while this #NaBloPoMo thing was intended to be a 30 day challenge, I knew I would t be writing during thanksgiving weekend. 45 more words


fear, again

Dear Fear,

Hello friend it’s good to see you again. You always come unexpectedly, just when I thought you were gone. Today you came in the form of twinges of sadness as I said goodbye to my friends who were going home for the Thanksgiving holiday. 231 more words


On needing a little more...

The last several months, I’ve been feeling a bit underwhelmed with my own intellectual pursuits. That happens when you spend most of your days watching Doc McStuffins (whom I could now probably write an entire dissertation on) and Sesame Street (which is amazeballs, but there are far too many third-person talkers in that ‘hood) and reading Little Blue Truck board books (that truck gets around!). 746 more words


Thinking about PRO&CON





CON o    Put the confederate flag in a museum.

o    Prosecute hate crimes against gays.

o    “Comfortable” with gay marriage. 391 more words