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Brain Dump #2

So, I watched Elon Musk revealing his insane plan for colonizing Mars yesterday..

And my mind was nuke-blown.

A lot of people have insane, creative, out of the box ideas but what set Elon Musk apart is -aside from his leading position in three disrupting giant Industries- that he have definite plans, really vivid ones. 286 more words

Brain Dump

Brain Dump #1

Hello All! This is my first post, and this one (maybe all post in this section) is essentially therapeutic tool for me.

So, what we got for today’s brain conundrum? 176 more words

Brain Dump

My Weekend Updates

Hey everyone!  I wanted to give a few quick updates and projects that I’ve been working on.  This weekend has been super busy for me but it’s also been full of hallelujah moments so I guess it’s a good thing.   355 more words

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Week 3

I’ve really lost my sleeping in habit, I mean I never really had one before but I feel like it’s just gotten worse now. So last night I drank a bunch of beers, went to bed around 2 am and somehow I was up by 7:30 this morning. 1,243 more words


Life Story

This post is a long time coming.

I love to write. More than I love to read. Which is why I was filled with excitement rather than dread whenever I got an assignment in one of my MBA classes to compose a “note to self” after watching a… 3,006 more words

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What love looks like

The last couple of weeks have been a journey in discovering who I am. There is this flaw that I have where when life is hard, I shut it away and put it in a box. 1,115 more words

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Lives begin with when we start to breathe at the first day that we were born, some says. Little, pure, and no idea at all what we will face upward. 342 more words

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