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Diagnosis Diaries Part 3: The NICE guidelines and intro to the Triad of Impairments

I recently had a GP appointment, where I requested a referral for an Autism Spectrum diagnosis assessment.  Due to my need to prepare to minimise anxiety and just general interest in psychology and psychiatry, I think I over prepared a bit.   859 more words


Brain Dump

Hello from Charlottesville, on a chilly, rainy Friday.

Some things.  In no particular order:

1.  There is an entire category of things that happen to people because they are old.   785 more words

Keeping The Home

It has been a while

It has been nearly 4 months since my last confession. No, that is not the way it was supposed to start!

I promise not to be away so long next time. 42 more words

Brain Dump

Diagnosis Diaries Part 1: I don't know if I am weird enough to be diagnoseable

Do my eccentricities tick enough boxes for me to get an Autistic Spectrum diagnosis? It’s a strange feeling to actually take note of my oddities, rather than try to conceal them, or make up excuses for them to fit in. 569 more words


Thursday Thoughts- Shops I love Edition

Happy Thursday!

So, truthfully I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post today. It just sorta came to me. ;) I was thinking about these lovely ladies this morning so, I thought I’d tell you a little about their shops, which I love, and the amazing products that they offer! 270 more words


Clutter and Tiny Houses

I’d love to own a tiny house on day.

Lots of people imagine a 100 sq.ft. box when they hear about the term ”tiny house”, but not me. 336 more words