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The Five Times I knew I loved you

We were together that night and looking for a movie to watch. I was in bed looking intently at the screen as you scroll over movie posters. 596 more words


What if...

Yesterday, after finding myself completely overwhelmed by the ugly side of the great things that happened last week, I disappeared into my imagination for a while. 423 more words



One day, as I sat down at the large dining table for dinner with my family, my father walked into the room looking unusually pleased with himself. 406 more words

Short Stories

Give Her a Rest!

Man oh man am I feeling it today! I am so wiped out I can feel my eyelids sinking as I write this up. I think its time for some re-evaluating so I can back up to the energy level I love to be at. 683 more words


Productiveness is Next to Cleanliness

I’ve said in previous posts that I am always busy and always have things to do. So how do I do it all?! Very delicately. It’s taken me a while to figure out to how to get things done. 402 more words

Brain Dump

Laser Focus

Its time to practice what I preach and implement what I have been learning from personal development. I need to figure out a system that keeps me moving forward instead of keeping me stuck standing still. 290 more words



Hey everyone!

It occurred to me that I haven’t written anything for you guys today. I have a schedule to fulfill, so I thought of the first thing that came to my mind to write about; a brain dump. 274 more words