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Thoughts From The Mountains

Returning from my week long holiday to the mountain slopes of Switzerland, I have been mulling over a few ideas of how to approach the future of Brainless Robot. 113 more words

Brain Dump

Brain dump

Tonight is going to be sweet but tomorrow is going to be sweeter when you wake up you will notice that i didn’t leave you and when i wake up im going to eat you. 57 more words


Vulnerability #6

To write. Well…brain-dump to be more….whatever.

I thought I would write this series tomorrow, but I just wanted to write. I was chatting with Anne and while I was talking about my problems, I suddenly felt the need to cry. 925 more words


Brain dump: And then...robots.

Someone recently implied that my blog is morphing into a food blog.  It’s not supposed to be a food blog.  So…here’s a brain dump.

It was a dark and stormy night and then…

37 more words
A Fit Of Inspiration

Swan Dive

I remember clearly, being twenty-five and thinking that I would have my life figured out by thirty, that I would have all my mental issues straightened out, that my body would stop attacking me, that I would dive into Adulthood with confidence and some amount of grace. 193 more words


Brain Dump: 'Me' At This Moment

I am feeling blank right at this very second as I am typing up this post. Seriously? Blank? Is that even a feeling? Just like the current status of every aspect and areas of my life, BLANK. 579 more words


Things competing for space in my brain...(RANT)

I do want to write…. I have made a draft and deleted it… I have too many things in my mind competing for space. Between grading… 154 more words

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