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The Monday Reset

For many who work in churches or even serve in their communities over the weekend, Monday’s can be a mixed bag.  Sometimes the excitement of the weekend’s services and activities serve as a bit of adrenaline for people in ministry, ; especially creatives.   593 more words

Brain Dump

Interlude and Symphony

Welcome all to the calm beneath the sheltering branches of The Oak at Ponderton.

Its windy up there and the top branches are whipping about making an awful racket. 1,607 more words

Thought You Ought To Know

I don’t process well. When shit happens, I tend to just ignore it, because obviously, if you ignore something long enough it will go away right? 1,175 more words

Real AF

The Audacious B's 10 Principles of Adulthood

There are times where I am talking to a group of people and someone will say something so outlandish that I have what I call an “out of body moment.” I stand there in awe at what I just heard, and often wonder how they’ve made it this far in life. 678 more words

Brain Dump



Everyone’s life seems to have it.


We just get better at it with time.


Apparently it’s what we all want.


It’s what we never say we are. 44 more words


Less (really) is more

Without a doubt less (really) is more.

Since our frugal month and combining our “new” minimalist lifestyle, we are gaining more from less. I have found that with more “free” time on my hands, I do things with real purpose and meaning. 163 more words

Minimal Mishmash

The Ways God Speaks

I’ve been stressed out about the grades I made on my finals, and what I’d end up with in my classes. All week I’ve just been sitting and refreshing the grade thingy in my school’s system. 478 more words