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Round 2

Nice, got through week one of school and I am still on top of my homework! Hoping I can keep this up until reading week at least. 1,236 more words


Secret Agent Man

Dear Daniel,

Before I go anywhere else, it’s probably an idea to admit the following and then move on.

Considering you’re stupidly famous, it is possible you’re not aware that some husbands and wives often have conversations where it is implied that should circumstances allow, and the seemingly unattainable celebrity you lust/desire/dream about were ever available for a night of commitment-free passion, you’d be granted a free pass from your spouse with no questions asked. 1,443 more words

Writing Projects

WordPress story (part 15)

I Needed to craft the perfect text, something to keep her waiting for the next, I started off by saying “we really never met, I want to be with you every sunrise to sunset and when the sun sets we can make a beautiful silhouette, answer all your requests, breakfast in bed with eggs, coffee and baguettes”… 51 more words


Quit My Job, Bob

Hello you majestic magistrates,

Welcome to another episode of Marcus Brain Dumps.

Today was the day I quit my freakin’ job. Finally, I’m free. I actually really liked that job though. 73 more words

Graduate Degree

The Only One Like Me About

No matter the social situation

I’m always the one standing out

There’s only one real explanation

I’m the only one like me about

To some that might sound rather great… 255 more words


Brain dump

First semester of sophomore year COMPLETE! I have to be honest- this semester was hard, which is why I think it’s time for me to do a little brain dump. 317 more words

What to think of today?

So I’m sure just about everyone has a to-do list on their minds from the moment they get up in the morning, I know I do. 42 more words

Brain Dump