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Why I left Facebook - #thatsmystory

This post is the first in a series of unknown quantity….. since it is a personal “brain dump”, I have explicitly decided to NOT pre-plan my postings other than knowing you can expect to read, with a great deal of certainty, “Why I left Facebook”, “Why I came back to Facebook”, and “What I learned …. 683 more words


In and not in my head

One of the things I find especially challenging is pushing things from the world inside my mind to the world outside (the so-called ‘real world’). I grapple with understanding the factors that affect the difficulty of enacting that transition (I’m guessing most people are always dealing with that one way or another, if not always so explicitly). 352 more words

Brain Dump

Must I take on extra work?

At work, there’s this initiative asking people to do research work on some testing tools. There was a meeting where the topics were laid out and the facilitator asked folks who’d like to own them. 357 more words

2 Cents

'Brain Dump' 24/03/15

I need to stop, I am letting so much stuff build up that upsets me and I am taking it all out on the person who I care about most. 248 more words


Where Can I Take My Research?

These are just some notes on the direction of where my thoughts are going (Basically a brain dump):

So far, I’m still sticking with my idea of skateboarding for my major project. 349 more words


Getting "There"

Lately I’ve been in one of those fogs… where you are more keenly aware of your mind and way more “inside yourself” than anything else.  And one thing that I keep coming back to – well, I figured I might as well share it with you guys.   699 more words


Musing Moments 0016: 30 Day Challenge – Day 7

I’m pretty into goal prioritizing and task management. Always have been, really. I feel like life is like math to a certain extent. There are several ways to solve a problem, so there isn’t a true ‘right way’, but all ways require some form of structure, step by step actions to get to that elusive X. 783 more words