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My Sadness Starves (a prosey sort of poem)

My Sadness spends too much time at the vanity with baby wipes and sharpened kohl and too-sparse eyebrows to afford breakfast; she is a full sort of empty anyway and will not be spoon fed chocolate pudding with plastic cutlery, will burrow into the couch cushions until I give up. 154 more words

Sydney Rotigel-Finegan

Figuring Things Out

Here’s to 2017 because it’s never too late to start or to end a project. This year I am 24 and for what ever reason it just feels right. 86 more words


hello there

I have finally reached the last year of my life where I will be considered a teen and I’m already searching for a time machine; yes that rhymed unintentionally and I am leaving it in. 305 more words


This Blog

I started this blog as a place to collect my writing.  By “started” I mean I bought the domain and sat on it for three months. 81 more words

Brain Dump

REALLY Freaking Long Brain Dump With a List of Things My Degree Would Buy Me.

Freaking Brain Freakin Dumpers,

I’m writing this post almost out of desperation. Things are shit right now with my studies. I can’t really say why I stayed up really late night . 2,476 more words



Offer help and standby to help, rather than standby and watch.

I’ve been on the other end of stress, panick and anxiety at work and at home. 170 more words


Do. Defer. Delegate. Dump.

Years ago, I would become very stressed, panicked and suffer from anxiety when at work. Looking back it was because of being overwhelmed, overworked, but most importantly disorganised from a time management perspective. 121 more words