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Don't lose your aim

I need  to find my way back in. I know this since months.

Gather my focus and my energy and finish up the PhD, publish a paper (“The Paper” as i often call it) and find a job that actually pays my bills. 349 more words

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math is hard // 7:57 p.m.

The thing about nostalgia is that it is a black hole. Once you fall into it, there is no coming out. I think for myself, I have been a prisoner to nostalgia for so long. 508 more words

Journey //

Protecting Privacy / Anonymity of an Online Identity


Here are the easy steps-

1. Don’t say any / give any information that’s in any way connected to your offline identity (including avoiding biometric security) 1,605 more words

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Online Identities: Transparency and Separation

There are two main axes to consider when thinking about the privacy of an online identity: transparency and separation. Transparency is a measure of how closely linked an online identity is to an offline one. 548 more words

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Week 6: You'll be on my mind

Don’t give yourself away, to the weight of love – My favourite Black Keys song!

What will I try to improve on next week?

Fuck, I feel like I’m telling myself to improve on the same stuff every single week. 978 more words


Some Nature-y Haikus

The muffled mulch

Springs back into place

With each step taken

Pinecone beginnings fold

In on themselves while

Needles yellow at their tips

Winter’s owly snow… 12 more words


FreeStyle Friyays

Hello beautiful human beings of the internet! Northern girl here and I welcome you to freestyle Friyays. What in the world does that mean? Friyay’s (because honestly, friday is everyone’s favorite “F” word haha) on the blog are going to be dedicated exactly to that, Freestyling! 318 more words

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