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Where have I been?

“Where have I been?”, I haven’t written regularly on this blog for about 3 months now! Which is crazy because I love to write. However, right before I left for Japan, I hit some major writer’s block. 724 more words


Morning Pages - My Experience

When I fist heard about morning pages I was intrigued, yet confused.

“What ARE you supposed to write about!?” I thought.

So, because I’m some what of a perfectionist – especially when it comes to keeping notebooks consistent – I kept googling “how to write morning pages” “what to write in morning pages” “what types of thing do you write about for morning pages” and the answers that kept coming up were vague and slightly annoying. 363 more words


The curse of God?

Posted this 3 years ago today on Facebook. Thought I would repost here.


This is simply a rambling of my mind right now as I eat a grapefruit  424 more words

Other Things

New Year, New You?

I know that I am a bit late in the game to post about the new year. Hello! It’s almost February. Whatever, Heather. I have a lot rattling around in the ole noggin to share with you, so here we go! 307 more words


My Brain on Hodge Podge Mode

So far, I’m a ridiculous failure at these 2018 goals. Obviously. This is the 12th of the month and my 3rd post; although, I actually do have a million and a half things to talk about. 796 more words

Depression: 50 things to do and the desire to do none of them.

I think this may be the thing most people who don’t suffer from depression find really hard to understand about people who do suffer from it. 448 more words


Brain Dump

Just offloading my thoughts, it was quite a chaotic day today. Had my dental appt in the morning, zoomed to the polyclinic to get my rashes checked (thank goodness it was NOT hmfd or anything serious) then rushed back home only to go out again for my interview. 984 more words