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I guess one of the downsides of living with a housemate is the lack of silence that you get; it’s one of the biggest downsides that comes to mind as of now. 270 more words

Brain Dump

Watching The NeverEnding Story as an adult

Forewarning: This could be deemed by some readers as The NeverEnding Blog Post, but I’d like to believe it’s worth your investment in time if you’ve ever seen  2,025 more words


Day 8- Passions

5 passions I have:

  1. My writing
  2. Being able to open my own publishing company.
  3. Being able to my own communtiy/shelters for young teens, so they have a place to stay if they need it and if they need help getting sober they can.
  4. 26 more words

Day 7-Unique

Day 7- What sets you apart from the crowd?

I believe what sets me apart from the crowd in the writing world is my style and the emotions I set to my characters. 72 more words


Day 4- Journey

Day 4 —Write a story/excerpt to include the line,“Sorry, we can’t insure you for a journey like that.”  

I stood in front of the council watching for their reaction. 145 more words


Excerpts From A Book I May Write # 1

“Love, it’s something for those that have time for it,” she said, a glare on her face. It was simple for her to dismiss love. She had always been told love is ridiculous and a waste of time.

77 more words

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Happy January!

Nothing like the playground in winter!

It is the month of organizing, getting in shape, and rallying cries of “Things are Going to Change Around Here!”. 880 more words

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