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Clashing priorities, hints of things to come and bruises!

I gave myself a couple of days off over the weekend, well everyone has to recharge, but I’m almost feeling guilty for doing so. Still I slept a fair bit so it was obviously needed. 2,760 more words


Who am I? Freedstyle Eklektik

This site serves as the official electronic brain dump for the artist known as Freedstyle Eklektik. You may wonder who this new unknown entity is but former acclaim is not the important thing here. 811 more words

Things I'm Gonna STOP Doing...

If you’re reading this blog post right now, I’d imagine that you know me personally or have seen a random post about it on social media somewhere… and that’s pretty cool. 786 more words

Life Balance

I Hate Editing

Hey guys.  So my post yesterday was a little whiny and I apologize……but I’m here to whine again. (once again that’s why this is in my brain dump category because this is me just getting things off my chest and not really having a whole lot of advice).  258 more words

Brain Dump


Once upon a time, almost a year ago. ROB nominated me to do a free-writing challenge. It’s a challenge where I dump thoughts on this post and leave the words as they are, WITHOUT EDITING. 531 more words


Oh My Aching Brain

So last week was the last time I posted something on here.  As things go I’m not doing too good, huh?  The thing is I did have a schedule made up.  349 more words

Brain Dump

I lost my train of thought

I have been avoiding writing this post until I got to a laptop or just anything with a keyboard that doesn’t strictly require the use of my thumbs. 409 more words