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Heavy thoughts

Lately I’ve been thinking about you more than I should I guess. I get sad and I end up missing you more than I should. I get angry at the thought of our downfall. 100 more words

Brain Dump

Brain Dump

1. In a surprise to NO ONE who has ever read this blog and noticed my constant aspirations to simplifying… this idea intrigues me. My sister posted it on my facebook wall and then a day later a friend emailed it to me. 285 more words

Being A Mom

From Where I Sit on the Fence

And the first line read, “In my efforts to restore a sense of the sacred in the liturgy, I have often been accused of being “pre-Vatican II.” I usually correct them by saying I am exactly Vatican II.” Qualifiers like that always seem to provoke people… People who should all be on the same side, fighting the same Good Fight. 619 more words

Undómiel Of Imladris

Brain Dump Friday

Hello world,

Fridays are hard days, it’s the last day before the weekend begins everyone is excited to get out and be free. Today has been a very slow day at work so here we go with to brain dump. 253 more words




Welcome to my dwadle of everything under the sun. My name is Dell and I am a writer. I have a published book that I will write a dwadle about later but for now I just want to say it’s nice to meet you and I hope you find something of interest here. 44 more words

Brain Dump

Exercises in Spontaneity

As if affirming my recent articulation-to-self regarding my need to rediscover and grow my capacity for spontaneity , I was prompted to take a very sudden road trip to St. 3,454 more words

Undómiel Of Imladris

My Vulnerability in Joy: Graduate Word-Vomit

When the devil figured out my milestone in ceasing to make huge plans, he got me hooked on little ones. Let’s start there.

Sometimes, when I actually have some legitimately free time, and have been wise enough not to waste it on Facebook, I go through old blog posts. 1,879 more words

Undómiel Of Imladris