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Thursday Thoughts...

There will be times like today that my mind is flooded with thoughts, whether it be things to say or things going on. I just can’t put it all into a Facebook post. 864 more words



This series is all about the things that are on the top of my head. Basically anything that comes to mind while writing this post. 949 more words


NO, There Isn’t Always Next Year! - Tuesday Thoughts, Andrew Terrance Kaberline

All movies, all art, all stories, they start with a good idea.

Ok, maybe not a good idea, but at least an interesting one. In the pitch meeting, when the screenwriter said “What if you woke up one morning with no recollection of the previous day, and suddenly you realized you couldn’t find your car,” someone from 20th Century Fox said “ 2,144 more words

Tuesday Thoughts

feel like i’m treading water



Words that rend
Tender psyche flesh
And shredded
Barely healing
Scabs that crack
Skin so thin
It seeps into my sleep
And I wake with a jolt… 62 more words


What a slow day!

Today feels slow. Very slow. I have been in a writing slump lately as well. Not that I really care but, my content seems to have dwindled. 260 more words