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My Sadness

I am currently in a very turbulent situation. I am not certain about so many things.

Not knowing if I can continue my education in my current school, not knowing if my dad will overcome my family’s financial issues, not knowing if my mom can beat her mental illness… 741 more words


Brain Dump: Fear The Walking Dead 'What's Your Story'

I watched Fear The Walking Dead for one season before bailing at the top of the second season when I realized that I didn’t care what happened to any of the characters on it. 1,087 more words


Brain Dump: The Walking Dead 'Wrath'

Here’s my stream of conscious-ness take on tonight’s finale of The Walking Dead. Typos and spoilers almost sure to be present. Enter only if ye dare. 901 more words



I possess a flawed and conflicted design

restless for the places I’ve never been

paralyzed by the unknown

like a butterfly trapped in a thornbush… 245 more words

Almost Like Poetry

Brain Dump: Legion 'Chapter Ten'

1. I hope all the episodes this season start as confusing as this one does. 844 more words


Brain dump #3

Why is it that I always find myself at 1am with my brain overloaded and in need of finding space to empty my thoughts? It sucks cos I need my sleep badly to function at 6am. 439 more words

Brain Dump: Legion 'Chapter 9'

I haven’t brain dumped a show for awhile (not since the close of the most recent season of Mr. Robot, if memory serves me correctly) but breaking it out for… 873 more words