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Her Headspace: On 'Brain Fever' and the Five Stages of Chicago Bears Grief

By Adam Boretz

Because my body is a wreck and due to a week of innumerable medical appointments[1] , I read Brain Fever… 552 more words


Undercounted Stars: The Elliptical Coolness of 'Brain Fever'

By Yona Harvey

I finally broke down and told my family I wasn’t watching football this season. I heard a collective, audible gasp. It was a major… 792 more words


Making Connections: On Jim Tomsula, the 49ers' O-Line, and 'Brain Fever'

By Ryan Henry Joe

I was at the Toronto airport on Sunday, where the local team is the Buffalo Bills. So I couldn’t watch the 49ers at the Pittsburgh Steelers even if I wanted to. 495 more words


Book 3: Lawrence Wright's 'Going Clear'

This week, Football Book Club will be reading Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief and talking about Brain Fever by Kimiko Hahn — our selection from last week — and life without the NFL. 83 more words


Book 2: Kimiko Hahn's 'Brain Fever'

This week, Football Book Club will be reading Brain Fever by Kimiko Hahn and talking about Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio — our selection from last week. 151 more words


Some got it Some Dont

:Saturday night I was out of my head.  Some kind of mosquito bit me and gave me brain fever.  I  don’t remember any of it but I was delirious. 168 more words