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Better brain aging through diet - Tufts

I have spent a lot of time writing about the benefits of exercise for the brain as well as the body. Herewith info from the Tufts Health and Nutrition Letter on food for thought. 829 more words


Meditate Like A Qigong Master!

For years I have struggled to sit still and to get my mind to focus on my breathing. I would stay there for about a second and then my mind would wander off to my new goals. 266 more words

More Reflections on Aging

When I was a graduate student, I would religiously read every article in every journal to which I subscribed. Alas, I subscribe to fewer journals now, and I have fallen out of that good habit.   404 more words

What Shall I Read Tonight?

My school email account is reminding me that quite soon I need to refocus my attention one more semester on academic issues. I’m looking tonight at two scholarly articles – both potentially important to a wide audience if the audience had the skills, patience, and discipline to carefully read them in their entirety – or if someone carefully translated and condensed them without misleading through oversimplification.   156 more words

Preparing for 2nd Semester: Sharpening My Brain (Redux)

I’m looking forward to (virtually) participating in the 2019 SharpBrains Virtual Summit.  As I await its starting, I am flooded by emails from brain fitness companies. 280 more words

Reducing Internet Distractions to Focus on the Writing Task at Hand: Curious David Revisited

One of my students suggested that …”if the class were to have many online assignments, I believe it would be extremely beneficially to teach students how to install software that temporarily restrains them from surfing distracting websites while studying. 108 more words

Brain teaser to exercise those temporal lobes

Language is processed in the temporal lobes, on the sides of your brain, next to you temples.

Different areas in the temporal lobes (mostly on the left side) deal with different aspects of language. 262 more words

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