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5 Ways Technology is Altering our Brains

I am an old man by any standards and while I consider myself comfortable on an Apple  computer, I am not a big texter, Facebooker, or social-media maven in general. 910 more words


Capacidad Cerebral

Concepto, definición y ejercicios para estimular la capacidad cerebral

  • La capacidad cerebral y la inteligencia es maleable.

  • Accede a los ejercios clínicos de evaluación cerebral. Estimula y ayuda a potenciar y preservar tu capacidad cerebral…

974 more words

Brain Fitness

Let That Be a Lesson to You!

Does trying new things scare you? Did you ever think to yourself, “I’m too old to start this.” or, “I’ll make a fool out of myself”? 263 more words


3 Ways to Improve Brain Fitness

There are many techniques in which a person can implement to improve their brain fitness. But the fact is, beginners are often overwhelmed by the choices instead of getting excited. 239 more words

Brain Fitness

From the past to the future

We all come from our past and we all are going to our future. The small while in between is our present where memories and dreams meet. 690 more words


Brain Fitness And Exercises For Your Brain

The brain is one of the complex organs in our body. It is the root of consciousness. But like other parts of our body, it is important to keep it healthy. 376 more words

Brain Fitness

Improve Brain Fitness With 5 Fun Brain Games

No one ever said you couldn’t have fun while improving your brainpower. There are plenty of online resources to help improve brain fitness. Here are five that you might enjoy. 478 more words

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