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The NoFap Experiment – Day 5 – Nightmares and Brain Fog

Only one word to describe this whole weekend: “NUMB”. If someone would ask me what I did yesterday, I would not really know how to answer, because I can’t remember. 187 more words


My Daily Battle

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I’ve been in quite the Battle the past few weeks.  My pain levels have limited my ability to complete most tasks that I do in my Daily Life.  391 more words

Kicking into ketosis

Right … so … this ketogenic diet/lifestyle thing? It works, but it’s also complicated. It’s not the Magic Thin Pill. Woe and alackaday, it demands thought and effort and more thought and analysis and then some thinking. 1,759 more words

Flab To Fab

Tips for dealing with Brain Fog Days

A lot of us with thyroid disease and chronic illness get the dreaded Brain Fog days. Where you can’t think as well as you know you should, and you have problems remembering things. 677 more words


The Numbness of Giving Up

It’s rare for me to post twice in a day but I need to. I don’t know if I can do this any more.

I saw my therapist on yesterday and was sobbing because I am so tired of people, especially those close to me, judging me, not believing I am sick, expecting me to take some pills and suddenly be better, not helping me out, or making me feel guilty when I am unable to do things.. 864 more words

Statins and Muscle Pain

Mayo Clinic acknowledges statins can cause muscle pain.  And interestingly, one cohort study showed HALF of the people had some degree of muscle pain termed broadly as Statin Associated Muscle Syndrome (SAMS).  317 more words

Public Health

Fearless Wanderers

The unknown always shocks my system like diving into a freezing lake. It leaves me shaking and trying to find warmth of certainty that does not exist. 257 more words