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Stop Suffering with Brain Fog, learn to make the changes you need and become a Health Coach

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Strength In Your Awareness

Tumbleweed head

After being at work for almost an hour (and having several interactions including briefly meeting with my boss to discuss a project) I went to the restroom, and while washing my hands, glanced at the mirror to discover that I had forgotten to brush my hair this morning. 129 more words



I’ve had the intention to write (keyword: intention) for quite some time.  I just never sit down to do it.  The thoughts swirl about in my mind.  1,636 more words


Flexibility is worth working through pain


To keep writing

Over this past week, while struggling with the chore of de-junking a house, divesting myself of decades worth of stuff, and getting my singing in, I have been physically exhausted (even though I direct the work, not do it). 759 more words

CFS - Living And Writing With ME/CFS/CFIDS


The sometimes, seemingly out of the blue, it’s as if I start to shut down. Maybe because everything has become too much again, I don’t know why. 63 more words


Microgynon 30: Month 2

I can’t help but feeling so uncertain about everything. I keep finding new info about this drug I’m pumping into my body at exactly 8p.m every night. 419 more words

Birth Control

Derealisation - the mind's defence mechanism.

When a computer has too many tabs open, what happens? Loading programs and websites slows down but its components speed up, heat up, and whir like crazy. 744 more words