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Swirling Thoughts

Sorry if this post gets a bit rambly, and doesn’t make any sense. Just wanted to document my current state of mind.

At this moment, and many other times throughout the day, it seems as though my thoughts are becoming more random and strange. 241 more words


Preparation and then things just click?


And we are so definitely NOT ready.

But the last flooring was installed, the staging ladies have done their thing, and our real estate agent is now our real estate agent (all the advice up front doesn’t count until you sign on the dotted line – at which point all kinds of things start happening, like open houses and a lock box on your front door…). 658 more words

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Timbulnya Perasaan Depresi Akibat Inflamasi di Otak

Depresi, atau sebuah kondisi teramat buruk pada mental manusia yang sangat sulit dijelaskan oleh bahasa, bisa saja timbul akibat terjadinya inflamasi atau peradangan pada sinaps di otak. 283 more words

Brain Fog

What is going on?

First — My bag was found intact!

I am just waiting to hear it has been shipped. Words cannot express the feelings of relief that flooded through me when I saw it had been found. 627 more words

Ballroom Dance

Review: Managing Your ‘Broken Brain’ To Live Your Best Life

Broken Brain is the title of, creative director, Hayley Repton’s latest short-film, featuring, blogger and youth leader, Penny Jarrett. The film manages to capture an impactful glimpse into the minds of those battling with… 643 more words


Lost in the fog...

So it’s Saturday, my partner is working and I have the day off, and I’ve been adding to my ToDoIst list of chores and tasks for me to do today all week. 431 more words


Saturday Posts . . .

I’m feeling a bit vindicated at the moment, over the whole “Lectin Free eating” idea.  But, it isn’t the idea itself that has me grinning, but a thought I remembered having as a kid. 172 more words

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