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Not everybody knows what the crop circles are.

I’ve learned a bit about executive function since joining Autistic Twitter.  I just read my Pocket Sister’s blog describing her adventures with this challenging quirk.  It involves a phenomenon familiar to… 483 more words


Baby Aspirin Challenge Day 145

Day 145 of the Baby Aspirin Challenge. I have some interesting things to report. I’ll start with later, pretty good stuff and finish with the earlier bigger thing. 600 more words


The world keeps spinning, but I am losing speed. Everyone is lapping me.

Time moves slower here. Days are accomplished by a single checkmark on a to-do list.

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Brain Fog

Brain Fog

One aspect of mitochondrial disease and the effects that wears me out the most, is brain fog.  There are some days I spend the entire day just spinning my wheels going in circles, days where nothing I try to do gets done or else it’s not done according to the way I would normally do it.   131 more words

Mitochondrial Disease

Brain Fog Remedies

Brain fog is a common complaint and not something that was heard of just a decade or so ago. Gaining mental clarity only takes a little consciousness. 354 more words


Do I need to apologize for what my mental illness "made" me say?

Often I think they are the worst parts of toxic black mold and/or Lyme disease. I mean, the mental battles: brain fog, anxiety, depression, etc. 793 more words