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small stones (27)

drug-induced sleep
but sleep, nonetheless
brain in a fog
that’s the price, I guess

Catharine whispers
wake up, wake up
you’ve much to do
much to write… 20 more words

Small Stones

My Brain. Spelling Mistakes.

My Brain. Spelling Mistakes. A Long Week. A Long Month. A Not So Good Year. Lupus and Fibro .
Once again, I saw it. Long after I posted. 321 more words

About Me

Most Joyful Moments of Recovery

Recovery is not a linear path, but is instead full of setbacks and mini relapses. For the most part, however, recovery has never been anything but joyful for me. 1,048 more words


May 21, 2015
I always seem to experience what I call Brain Fog. I won’t go into detail about Fibro right now. I just want you all to know: 190 more words

Sarah's Attic Of Treasures

Poison or Treatments?? You Decide

The “medication collage” above is just a sampling of the many medications prescribed to me over 37 years of illness.

Let’s see, I left out the gold injections, the multiple pain medications, the anti-inflammatories, the antidepressants, the thyroid medication, sleep medications and anxiety meds. 185 more words

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Flumped Logic

Today was a day for doing my strength exercises. It was also a day for a visit to the osteopath. Since I’d actually walked back from the osteopath (hey! 314 more words


The Bitter Side Of Lyme

I have to share this post about what it feels like to have Chronic Lyme as it relates to the people in your life. It is so spot on. 13 more words