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The curious incident of the train in the nighttime


It is my nature to analyze ‘what happened,’ especially with the physical and mental details of what it is to live – and try to write – with ME/CFS, and the only way I have of remembering for sure is to write them down. 2,358 more words

CFS - Living And Writing With ME/CFS/CFIDS

Sharpen Your Brain

Like a pencil, right?  Remember the old crank sharpeners on the back wall of the classroom?  You can come play with one in my office – – 607 more words

Disease Relief - Prevention

25th September 2016 - Equality for Mental Health and I have a diagnosis

There has been a lot of good work done to get mental health on an equal footing with physical health – for example those who have are mentally ill can now claim benefits and are covered under the Equality Act. 903 more words


Invisible Chronic Illness Week

Being healthy requires a state of mind that focuses on joie de vivre. But Being physically healthy often comes and goes.

Being full of life’s joys must Not. 636 more words

Living Life In Crescendo

We all get tired you know

Something that frustrates people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, comes from the name itself. M.E is preferred by a lot of people as CFS implies that fatigue is the only symptom. 932 more words


Sunday Scattergories- Football Edition

FOOTBALL time of year is here.  You know those signs that say, ‘in this house there are four seasons Winter Spring Summer and Football’?  So we basically need one of those for our house except it would say ‘in this house there are three seasons Summer Football and Hockey.’ 142 more words


Brain Fog – It’s Real

Brain fog, though not a medically recognised term, it definitely a real thing. It’s a term that describes feelings of confusion, forgetfulness and a lack of mental clarity. 374 more words