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My Battle with Lyme: A Sexually Transmitted Disease

I am posting my story as a testament to Lyme as a communicable disease between humans.  Hopefully through education, other people might learn from my situation and avoid this experience.   1,551 more words

Brain Fog

18 days under my belt

about food. I ate good today. Until dinner. Dinner was amazing and I ate a lot. Then I ate more.

Above: sausage, sweet potatoes, coconut oil fried eggs. 91 more words

The Brain Fog Rolls In

Yesterday, as I prepared to take a shower – yes, I have to prepare to take showers now and I know that there are many people who can identify with this – I realized that the harder hit I am by something the longer it takes me to share it with the people in my life or write about in my journal, or here. 401 more words


Taking a New Path

I am such a creature of habit! If I do something once, it’s an adventure. But if I do it twice, it becomes my routine. 421 more words

Brain Fog

I've been hooked by a MLM scheme

Like I’ve stated in a recent blog post.. I have just started using Plexus. This is a BIASED opinion from someone who is 1. trying to make a buck 2. 596 more words

Questions are Opening (Ambition, Brain Fog)

There was a time in my Life I was actually thinking that Education does bring me nothing. I had not even the energy to learn about how to cook, instead I built up a wall to defend myself. 793 more words