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Teaching Schools about POTS

About Pots. There are a lot of rules. But I would love to educate a school system so maybe someone’s school experience is more positive.


Technology to Drink By!


Most of the patients I see in practice already know ONE of my soapbox topics is DRINKING ENOUGH WATER!  I have heard many reasons and excuses as to why people fail to accomplish this, and in reality, our always crazy busy world does make it really  391 more words

Healing The Body

where did my morning go?

I feel grumpy today.  Woke up in brain fog, dehydrated and recognizing that toxic feeling of gluten and sugar and hangover.

In my office the system keeps hanging up on me and I have accomplished nothing. 174 more words

Surviving MTHFR

The Day I Lost My Dog

Once upon a week or so ago I hit the freeway with two dogs, a baby, and all our stuff crammed in to every spare nook of my compact Chevy Cruze.   779 more words


Drunken stupor, but I missed the party

I had an appointment with Dr C today. It’s an hour drive from where I live, and about 25 minutes into the drive, this overwhelming feeling of drunkenness overtook me. 500 more words

loss of strength with ms...

I was talking with a gym friend a few days ago about how I feel that I can’t take off too much time from the gym when I’m sick or injured, because of my MS. 336 more words

"Sarcoidosis Sludge"

Sludge is defined as thick, soft, wet mud…perfect description for brain fog!

Brain fog is what I call my “sarcoidosis sludge.”

This so-called sludge feels like your brain has turned into dusty, sticky, confused, gungy, goop. 58 more words

What It Is Like To Live With Sarcoidosis