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The Soy Myth

Soybean – a type of legume from East Asia. Grown for the versatile bean, the plant is actually an oilseed rather than a bean or pulse. 1,341 more words


How Mental Health Can Make You Crazy

Many thanks to Lisa Douthit for dropping by with this fantastic guest post on mental health labeling.

Have you ever had a bad day? Did you know there was probably a mental diagnosis for it? 782 more words

Guest Post

Chaotic Week

It has been a crazy week in this life of a gal with Multiple Sclerosis.

The right leg is giving me such pain that I wish I could find an orthopedic store where I could swap out the leg for a painless one.   621 more words

Worldwide sale means thirteen Kindle marketplaces


Okay; I promised myself this one when my brain-fogged brain figured out that Kindle Countdown Deals are only available for the UK and the US: have a sale EVERYONE who has access to a Kindle or Fire device (or app) can take advantage of. 780 more words

CFS - Living And Writing With ME/CFS/CFIDS

Candida - the war rages on

Well yeast likes two very particular things:

Sugar (and things which are turned quickly into sugars in the body: i.e. refined carbs)


I got an insight today when praying – this was the phrase which came to mind: 235 more words

Be there, listen, Believe us.

I’m not happy that i live in pain, but I’m happy for how it’s helped me see this word in a whole new perceptive that i would have never thought to see and understand. 835 more words

Chronic Illness

Brain fog. It's fucking terrible.

Brain fog. Fucking brain fog. It’s fucking terrible. Especially because I’ve been having it super bad for the past two weeks. I’m not talking about having a short memory, I’m talking about, walking into a room 3 feet away from where I was just sitting, with the intent of getting something– doing something– grabbing something that goes with something- replacing something– blank stare, look around, realize I forgot what I was doing that brought me to standing here wondering why I’m 35 with early onset Alzheimers! 439 more words