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Confessions of a (chronically ill) graduate student

I’ve written 20 pages of academic analysis about landscapes in 19th century music in 6 hours.

Same day: Tried to find a pen that was in my hand.

Chronic Pain

Magnesium, Minerals and the Central Nervous System - Carolyn Dean MD ND

Does your nervous system make you nervous?  Or better yet – are you concerned that your nervous system might betray you?  Then read on and be prepared to ‘revise’ what you’ve been ‘thinking’ about brain function and aging and provide your body with what it needs to keep your brain function high and vital! 247 more words


Inside MS Brain Fog

An insight into my week with MS Brain Fog.

My intention was to post my MS diagnosis story and talk a little bit about being asked to choose between taking meds or having children on the fly. 925 more words


The Glass Box (on a trampoline)

This image from BBC was perfect for what I am going to attempt to explain.

As a spoonie I am so used to brain fog! I know what brain fog feels like, what it looks like. 277 more words

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I am a Creative Person

I have always known and have always been a creative person. Fairly early on in my counselling sessions it became clear that my creative personality was being ignored, I wasn’t giving myself the opportunity to express my creativity day to day. 734 more words

Autoimmune Disease (part4)

Treatment of autoimmunity

As you are now aware there is a lot to consider when treating autoimmune conditions. It is best to seek the help of a qualified health professional to take your detailed case history to ascertain possible triggers, exacerbating factors and to perform the appropriate individual functional testing. 333 more words

Weird Wool Wednesday: competing in the brainfog

On the last row of the leg I see I’ve been knitting it wrong:

I did not start the pattern on the back of the leg, after I put in the waste yarn for the afterthought heel. 214 more words