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25.5 First Dates-                  A Plus to Brain Fog~

At this point I wouldn’t even call it brain fog, because pieces of my memory will just disappear! It’s maddening! It’s frightening! But it can also be… exciting? 442 more words

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Floxie Hope Podcast Episode 16 - Amber

I had the pleasure of interviewing Amber for Episode 16 of The Floxie Hope Podcast. You can listen to the podcast through either of these links: 262 more words

Grey matters

I found some words today.
They bobbed to the surface of my grey matter treacle,
Glimmering pinprick stars through a cloudy sky.

My thoughts don’t line up the way they used to. 100 more words


Confession: It does not compute!

Look, I hate to be a complainer. Like, I know that I can complain a lot… or just talk about things that bug me an incessant amount. 954 more words

Day Five - Brain Fog 

I’ve just been to the shop with my boyfriend and it’s sooo foggy outside. My camera didn’t pick it up very well, but it looked really cool. 746 more words



Probably by now, you will have heard of the term “Brain Fog”. The term “Brain Fog” isn’t actually a medically recognised term, but it is commonly used, and a phrase used to explain feelings of confusion, forgetfulness and not being as focused (amongst other things). 484 more words

Invisible symptoms 

With MS there are a lot of possible symptoms. Diagnosis is difficult because some of them are so impossible for people to see. Our invisible symptoms. 454 more words

Life With MS