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Brain fog and job interviews.

I had a joke of an interview just before. It kind of sucked. I woke up with that foggy, drawn curtain feeling that I could not shake. 329 more words

The Newfangled Writer gets a Book to Market


I have been MIA for a number of weeks here, and it has been for a necessary reason: once I got Pride’s Children, Book 1, out of the category of ‘writing’ and into the category of ‘prepare a product for market,’ I was completely out of my areas of expertise. 1,084 more words

CFS - Living And Writing With ME/CFS/CFIDS

Difficulties keeping in touch and feeling isolated

I’m feeling a bit down this week at how difficult things are.

My main way of keeping in contact with people has usually been with text message. 680 more words


I used a random word generator to come up with that blog title. Monoceros is a constellation in the Northern Sky. It is Latin for unicorn. 527 more words

Treatment week #1 - The war is on.

A week ago, I started treatment for Lyme & co. Despite Lyme (borrelia) not actually showing up on my blood test, my Lyme dr is pretty sure I have it anyways and when I asked him ‘Do I have lyme?’ he said yes, so I’m just going to stick with the name. 758 more words

Chronic Illness

"Normal," Relatively Speaking

I thought I was relatively “normal,” physically speaking. Just with some extra pain and fatigue.

But as I have come back into the workforce (physically) after Nu and two years of contracting, I have realised that it’s not so. 312 more words


If You Look Closely...

September 28th to October 4th

On the surface, I don’t look sick in any obvious way. I have honed my abilities at keeping my carefully crafted facade from showing visible cracks. 308 more words