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Leg exercise critical to brain and nervous system health - Study

Groundbreaking research shows that neurological health depends as much on signals sent by the body’s large, leg muscles to the brain as it does on directives from the brain to the muscles. 612 more words


It's a done deal! NeuroVance Kids for us!

I have to admit, although things were going better at school according to the teacher, I was still sceptical. I mean I saw it and I heard it from the teacher but can it really be?  1,770 more words

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Neural Pathways

 The pathways along which information travels through the neurons (nerve cells) of the brain can be compared with the paths through a forest. As people keep taking the same route through a forest, they wear out a path in it. 138 more words

Toddlers 1-2 Years

Connecting the Dots Between Physical and Emotional Health

There’s a link between your emotional health and your physical well-being, so take time to nurture both.

To be completely healthy, you should take care not only of your physical health, but your emotional health, too. 783 more words


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stronger I have written time and again about the connection between exercise and the brain. Here is a further connection between our emotions and our bodies. Tony

Narcissistic Recovery: Cognitive Function

I’ve been very frustrated with my writing lately. Whenever I sit down to write I have a blog post as a goal. I’ve lost my ability to free-form write and get out what’s in my heart without thinking of an audience. 277 more words

Narcissistic Recovery


     Music has been around for over 55,000 years and it has evolved to be predominantly known as an integral part of human life. Besides music having played a significant role in shaping world culture and all, it has also been known to enhance cerebral function and stimulate other factors that have the potential to positively impact the human body. 363 more words

Brain Function

Darling Day 14. Where Did All The Darling Go?

Darling day 14.

A day to sit in front of the computer and stare.

And stare.

And stare some more and wonder: is this where it all comes crashing down? 128 more words

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