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Is Eating Dark Chocolate is good? – Proven Health Benefits

Dark chocolate health benefits can be surprising. Dark Chocolates contains lots of nutrients that benefit your health in different ways.

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A great tip for caregivers of elderly parents with memory issues

Remember Friday is for whatever strikes my fancy.

Fancy Fridays.

Today is a great tip is you have an elderly parent who has some memory issues. 190 more words


Awesome Stories 269

This week Awesome Stories brings you seeds of joy, library services, inspired action, beautiful fungi and silence.

Planting Seeds

This short video really touched me. I felt waves of joy, sadness and happiness wash over me. 472 more words

Awesome Stories

La respuesta del cerebro ante la meditación

…un científico preguntó al Dalai Lama cuál era en su opinión la cantidad de tiempo mínima que una persona debería pasar meditando para sacarle beneficio. Muy sinceramente, este respondió: «toda la vida».

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Brain Functioning

Importance of cortical spacing

I’m a real sceptic of supposed dichotomies in brain processing. I think they are often so simplistic as to be misleading and incorrect, and ultimately lead to such profound misunderstandings, supposedly ground in science, as to be actively damaging g (c.f gender differences – aka neurosexism – left/right brain processing, etc). 1,113 more words