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Sharpen Your Brain

Like a pencil, right?  Remember the old crank sharpeners on the back wall of the classroom?  You can come play with one in my office – – 607 more words

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Research Reveals How A Single Choice Affects Mental Health More Than Medications

“We need to get serious
about the critical role played by nutrition.”

– Julia Rucklidge, Clinical Psychologist

We pretty much all agree that good nutritional habits are vital to good physical health, yes?

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Regular readers know that I have stressed the importance of exercise for the brain. So, it seems a logical corollary that food also affects the brain as well as the body. nutrition Tony

Signs of a Stroke

This  next post is a little different from my usual ones however, I think it is imperative to share.

I am sure we all  know someone that has had a stroke and depending on the severity of it is either going through therapy/rehab or has had therapy/rehab in the past.   135 more words


A Biohacker’s Top 7 Tips for Self-Improvement during the Fall Season

As leaves begin to fall off the trees, people often loath the end of summer. In Pacific Northwest, we say goodbye to the Sun and clear skies and hello to the clouds and cold weather. 1,050 more words

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"Super-aging" seniors retain healthy memory abilities - Study

Because I have both Alzheimer’s and dementia in my family, I am extremely sensitive to this kind of news about the aging brain and memory. Check out my Page – … 716 more words


Can Ayurveda Help with Dementia and Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common cause of dementia, a brain disorder affecting the parts of the brain controlling thought, memory and language. About 4.5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s and the number of cases are expected to quadruple by 2050. 902 more words


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Because my family has suffered from both Alzheimer's and dementia, I am especially sensitive to anything that might reduce my vulnerability to them. I really  liked the Tips to Nourish Your Brain at the end. alzheimer-brain-scans Please be sure to check out my Page - Important facts about your brain (and exercise benefits) for more information. Tony

Returning to Santa Cruz

So much has been going through my head lately. I was recovering at my parent’s house for 6 weeks starting July 26th, which feels like a short and long time. 610 more words

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