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Headstand yoga DOES NOT increase blood flow to the brain, study finds

Researchers from Russia and the U.S. investigated the effects of Sirshasana (headstand) on the flow of blood to the brain. Their findings were published in… 321 more words

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There’s so much I could say about this day, but I’ll leave it at these bullet points for now:

– The brain is a mighty and complicated thing, and any injury resulting in the rewiring and damage to brain cells is not going to have a small impact on one’s body and life. 436 more words

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Bananas have gotten a bad reputation for being too high in sugar. The reality is that the fruit sugar in bananas is bonded to critical life-supporting trace minerals such as manganese, selenium, copper, boron, and molybdenum, and large amounts of minerals such as potassium critical for neurotransmitter function. 2,428 more words

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Water and Fitness

Water is an essential nutrient our body depends upon for optimal health and fitness. It keeps us hydrated and assists with vital processes at every level of functioning in the human body. 57 more words


V-Revealed 2020: [video] IT'S HERE! Episode 9 - Keeping it up one more day!


HE* got death threats.

We have a hot-off-the-press 2020 exclusive interview with a well-known doctor.

His name is so controversial, we can’t even type it out, or our emails are flagged and will not get delivered. 346 more words


3 Things you need to know about barbecuing by Joel Fuhrman, MD

Before you fire up the grill, you should know that cancer-promoting substances are formed when meat is grilled.

Cooking and dining outdoors may be enjoyable when the weather is warm. 515 more words