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The Alzheimer’s World

It’s cruel and rough. It’s mysterious, full of puzzles and questions without answers. The Alzheimer’s world seems to be as strange as dark.

Once a person receives the diagnosis, everything changes. 352 more words


The Radio

How powerful is radio commentary, especially that from the right? Can it “rewrite” someone’s brain? Or does the brain already have to be damaged in order to be led astray? 281 more words


Brain Health: Of course we can do better

My great-grandfather Maurice Elliott died in 1944 after the uninsured barn on their farm burned to the ground. He left behind his widow and nine children. 1,186 more words


The value of cardio exercise for both body and brain

With Thanksgiving looming, this is a great time to reaffirm our resolve to exercise regularly. OR, it is the ideal time to resolve to exercise regularly in the coming year and maybe begin to address physical and weight problems that we have neglected. 437 more words


7 Benefits of Lithium

Lithium, the mineral known for its efficacy against bipolar disorder, has become one of the most effective go-to for mental health. What many do not know, however, is that lithium offers a host of other lesser-known benefits, many of which go far beyond brain health.  1,094 more words

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Mental Clarity: Why it matters and how you can achieve it?

More often than not, our realities tend to mess with the way we lead our lives in more than just one ways.

From skewing our perceptions to giving rise to endless conflicts, a mind that is not at ease can create a plethora of problems. 502 more words

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The Yin & Yang of Brain Health

Yesterday I shared a Post on recent research showing what increases brain size (or prevents it’s age-related deterioration). That is the Yang.

Here is research about the invaluable importance of sleep!

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