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Dementia can be caused by hypertension - Study

A new study in Cardiovascular Research, published by Oxford University Press, indicates that patients with high blood pressure are at a higher risk of developing dementia. 560 more words


Mindfulness meditation and relaxation response have different effects on brain function - Study

A variety of meditation-based programs have been developed in recent years to reduce stress and medical symptoms and to promote wellness. One lingering question is to what extent these programs are similar or different. 767 more words


EWG Explains: How to select a healthier mattress

Most Mattresses on the market are full of chemicals that can pollute your bedroom air and harm your body. View all of our tips on finding a healthier mattress in EWG’s Healthy Living: Home Guide: … 43 more words

Biological Medicine

{"The only thing tough enough to kick my butt is me"} How Autoimmune Disease Works In My Body

Autoimmune disease happens when the immune system attacks and destroys healthy body tissue. There’s nearly one hundred different autoimmune diseases, all with different causes and symptoms but they’re more common than you’d think. 557 more words


5 Ways Technology is Altering our Brains

I am an old man by any standards and while I consider myself comfortable on an Apple  computer, I am not a big texter, Facebooker, or social-media maven in general. 910 more words


Whispers of Demons

You. Me. That person over there. Everybody has them. Demons that sit on our shoulders whispering their promise. Some tell stories of beauty and desire. Others whisper their doubt and hatred. 614 more words


How much exercise do we need to keep the brain sharp?@DrStevenLin

Steven Lin‏ @DrStevenLin 43m43 minutes ago


there is growing evidence that staying physically active can help slow the normal declines in brain function that come with age. 17 more words