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Aerobic Exercise Preserves Brain Volume / Improves Cognition - RSNA

I seem to remember a line from a Clint Eastwood movie – Go ahead, make my day.  That’s how I feel every time I read something in the press about how exercise helps the brain the function better. 608 more words


Your Brain Health

Since the Brain is involved with all our daily activities, take steps NOW to avoid early-onset dementia.  Get help with the following problems:


Portions of the Brain Fall Asleep While we are Awake ...

I am blown away by the brain and how it functions in our body and allows us to function. Remember, the brain which accounts for about two percent of our body weight burns around 25 percent of the calories we use in a day. 991 more words


Brain Health

Without your brain you’d be a “vegetable”. That’s why it’s important to take care of your brain. Wouldn’t you agree? I don’t know about your family history but I know on my Mom’s side there is a long list of people who have suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 224 more words


Are you 50-79 and Concerned About Your Memory? @Baycrest

Many of us have a little more difficulty than we used to remembering names, faces, and dates. And we wonder whether it is simply normal aging or something we should discuss with our family doctor.  147 more words

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Caring for a son with microcephaly

We have heard many reports in the past year about the spread of the Zika virus and the extreme brain damage it can cause to unborn children, but it can be difficult to understand what that means for families. 1,708 more words