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Learning at any age

I’ve always admired my parents for their thirst for learning and self-improvement, and their recent visit was no exception. They energetically pursued various activities – learning English, exercising at the local gym almost every day, and learning to meditate at Harmony Meditation Center. 283 more words


Alzheimer's treatment completes Phase I trial

A new potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease recently completed a Phase I clinical trial—a study designed to determine if the treatment was safe for Alzheimer’s disease patients… 1,412 more words

About Brains

The Red Pill - Aborted Fetal Tissue in Vaccines - Hybrid Animal & Human DNA in Vaccines - Autism Link

I am posting excerpts from a letter by a Scientist who has worked in the vaccine industry. In this letter she is asking for vaccine developers to use a moral conscience. 368 more words

Testing a Theory

When I workout at the YMCA or when I was at Crossfit there was always upbeat electronic or dance music. What we call pump up music to get you in the mood to work out and get the blood pumping. 173 more words


Worst case scenario coming off psych meds?? Or blessing im disguise?? Maybe it's both as Forest Gump would say...

Thank you I am grateful and blessed to have such loving support through the ups and downs of Bipolar Disorder amd PTSD.

I have no stigmatizing thoughts towards myself and I feel stronger through having a relapse and being back on medication. 41 more words

Mental Wellbeing

WSJ: Why kids and adults need best friends


Parents and psychologists are discussing a subtle concern: Children today face a lot of obstacles to having a best friend.

Many forces are contributing, from the much-discussed rising screen time and less free neighborhood playtime to the growth of team sports and changes in how schools organize classes. 504 more words


Understanding the Monster

Alzheimer’s disease is something almost all of us are guaranteed to deal with at some point in life. It affects 1 out of 10 people over the age 65. 83 more words