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Ways to Keep Our Brain Healthy as We Age (the Physical)

This is going to be a post on some notes I’ve taken from the book “60 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp” by Bonne Beth Sparrman, BSN. 594 more words

Brain Health

Omega-3 and How It Affects Your Brain and Mental Health

When it comes to a diet that is high in fats, most people naturally think that it is bad for health. But what they miss out on is not all fats are bad, especially not omega-3. 504 more words

Brain Health

Keep Your Brain Healthy with These 10 Tips!

Brain health is a concern for everyone, the choices we make throughout our lifetime determine how we age and how our brain will function especially in later years. 843 more words

Emergency and Urgent Hospitalizations Linked to Accelerated Cognitive Decline in Seniors

My interest in cognition and cognitive decline, particularly in seniors brought me to this amazing study. I think it may give further import to the idea of maintaining a physically  active life into our senior years, 631 more words


More Reflections on Aging

When I was a graduate student, I would religiously read every article in every journal to which I subscribed. Alas, I subscribe to fewer journals now, and I have fallen out of that good habit.   404 more words

Curious David


It’s very strange. I’ve accidentally stumbled onto Suddenly Mad someone’s blog/journey through early-onset alzheimer’s. Her writing and artwork is phenomenal. It’s punctuated with many photographs. You would not know she has the disease except for the fact that’s what she talks about and how it has affected her. 265 more words

Monsters We Cannot See

My depression is really bad today.

Yesterday too. Tomorrow is predictable as well. Each day gets worse and the thoughts in my head cause me to break down crying alone and quiet so as to not disturb others. 875 more words