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Your Brain Health Nutrition Guide: What You Should Know

by Tori Schmitt, MS, RDN, LD

Your brain: it helps command everything you do. It powers digestion, circulation, breathing and thinking. It controls your body movements and emotions. 997 more words

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Smorgasbord Health 2017 - Weight Reduction - Get your beauty sleep!

If you are trying to lose weight…sleep is one of your most powerful diet aids.

You might wonder why weight loss and sleeping go together. Well apart from the fact you won’t be putting any calories in during that time; your body will be processing those you ate the day before. 1,987 more words

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Accountability: How to Support Your Loved One Without Expectation.

Okay, you guys.  This last week has made me grateful for the people I have in my life.  Like, I almost always am, but this week I was especially grateful because they helped me me out in the best of ways: … 312 more words


As many of you know by now, fat has been given a bad rap. People worry about high blood fat levels, about being fat, having a fatty liver, or plaque in their arteries… 882 more words

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ARTICLE: The Link Between Stress And Heart Disease May Lie In The Brain

This article is in Forbes magazine, written by Alice Walton. Findings in a study reported on in the Lancet link the brain to stress and heart disease, with inflammation as a symptom. 101 more words

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The Talking Heads Know Nothing

The Talking Heads Know Nothing


Why the Standard American Diet (SAD) Triples Your Alzheimer’s Risk

There’s nothing more frightening to so many of us as the threat of losing brain function. 1,424 more words

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Sleep and Brain Health

A report was published today on the impact of poor sleep on brain health in later life. The research was carried out by the Global Council on Brain Health – a panel of experts convened by Age UK and the American Association of Retired Persons. 420 more words