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Getting back the calm - regardless

Before my TBI in 2004, my weekends were a combination of busy-ness and calm. It seemed like I had unlimited energy, and I could pack a lot into each weekend, including studying things that fascinated me… 1,888 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI

10 Ways to Love Your Brain - Alzheimer's Association

As regular readers know, I am very sensitive to cognitive impairment, having lost two close family members to Alzheimer’s and dementia. So I was very happy to come across this list of recommendations for building up our mental muscles and reducing our chances of contracting Alzheimer’s from the… 541 more words


Cool brain-computer interfacing that would be useful in dementia

I decided to make this a separate post from the other I have written on wearable technologies in dementia care. These technologies, while super cool and having really interesting implications for understanding dementia, are less suitable for a person with dementia to be wearing as part of their daily life. 876 more words

Alzheimer's Disease And Other Dementias

Dementia Shrinks the Brain

Avoid Brain Shrinkage

Dementia shrinks your brain. A healthy adult brain like the one on the right weighs approximately 1.5 kg whilst the one of the left is almost half that size due to shrinkage (atrophy) caused by the death of brain cells or neurons. 43 more words


GinkgoSense is a Smart Move

Women, you know that keeping your senses about you in a chaotic world is a challenge. It would be great to have supplemental brain power at your fingertips. 273 more words


Ten Phobias That Destroy Social Lives

We all seem to have a fascination with phobias, especially the more unusual ones. However, people living with phobias can find life threatening and exhausting. This is a list of phobias of everyday objects or events. 1,171 more words

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