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Best Memory Improvement Supplements, Exercise and Food that Work

It is essential for the brain to be in healthy condition for the overall well-being of the body. To keep the memory sharp there are several supplements available. 426 more words

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Herbal Brain Power Empowerment Supplements for Creative Memory

The brain is a very sensitive part of the human body. It plays a major role in our life. It controls all the major functions of our body. 460 more words

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Best Natural Memory Booster Supplements to Sharpen Mind at Home

Ayurveda offers some of the best natural memory booster supplements to improve concentration and sharpen the mind. The article below suggests how to sharpen mind at home. 469 more words

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How to Improve Memory Power to Study with Focus, Build Concentration?

The following article unravels some tricks on how to improve memory power. A healthy lifestyle ensures a healthy brain and to promote a healthy lifestyle, you need to eat right, sleep right and exercise right. 456 more words

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BRIGHTER MINDS (An excerpt from the webinar on Scientific approach to Meditation and Neuroplasticity)

Science says; we are what we are because of our genes, what we inherit from our parents and lo and behold our fate is sealed. … 642 more words


Amerigo Formally Warned For Claims About PowerUp, PowerDown

Amerigo Laboratories’ owners Ralph Maser and Carol Maser have found themselves in hot water with health officials for hawking supplements the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, says are unproven and shoddily labeled. 244 more words


Imagine the future of Brain & Mental Health

Imagine a videogame cleared by the FDA to treat ADHD, depression, or substance abuse — how will doctors prescribe it, patients access it, and insurers pay for it? 344 more words

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