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Non-Guaranteed Contracts, Guaranteed Injuries

By Harman Toor – Thompson Rivers University 2L JD Student

Football is inherently dangerous. The term contact sport doesn’t apply to football, collision sport does. While those playing football know the risks, there are certain injures and concerns that have recently garnered considerable attention. 810 more words

Jon Heshka

Editorial: More must be done to prevent hockey concussions

Old-time National Hockey League players would speak of having their bells rung, of having their brains scrambled, of seeing stars.

Even now, a concussion is sometimes still described lightly and not as a traumatic brain injury, which in fact is what it is. 512 more words

National Hockey League

Opinion: Head injuries as an NHL enforcer have left me suffering long-term consequences

Hockey players are fierce competitors. Warriors. But off the ice, we share a special bond that only those who played in the NHL can understand. This bond is even deeper among those who played the role of enforcers — their livelihoods dependent on fighting and protecting their teammates. 561 more words


Book Review: You Disappear

This was the first novel I dove into from a Danish writer, Christian Jungersen. Admittedly, most of my reading has been from American or British born writers, and while it was translated into English, it was interesting to get a different cultural take on the created world. 983 more words

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A7 elaborated: My Imperfect Story, #SOSChat # Recovery etc

I love twitter chats. But sometimes thereʻs a lot more than you can say in a tweet. Like for something like this more or less. 1,637 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury - Support

this is something that lies very close to my heart, i was in a seriouse car accident in August 2007 i sufferd a brain injury that was suppose to leave me in a vegative state or death, i survived this horrific nightmeare and am as healthy as can be I was blessed with a wonderfull husband and a beautifull little girl, the purpose for my blog is soley to give advise to people with brain injuries as well as family, friends , husbands and wifes i know all to well what strain it becomes to the family when beaviour changes or depression sets in i am avalible to any one intrested and also would like to spread the word regarding this we need to educate family and as well as the injuried parties there are not always the correct answers but I am willing to help as much as I can.

Brain Injuries

Study: 96 percent of deceased NFL players tested showed signs of brain injury

A new study found that 87 of 91 deceased former NFL players tested positive for the brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), PBS’s Frontline reports. 130 more words