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Why the Olympics banned headgear for male boxers, but not women

For the first time in more than 30 years, male boxers at the Olympics are not wearing headgear.

More than three years ago, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) ruled that boxers were more likely to suffer brain injuries with the foam padding around their faces than without it, prompting the International Olympic Committee to rule out headgear in Rio. 504 more words


California HS football participation dropped by more than 3,000 players in 2015

It’s been well publicized that the rise in head trauma related to football impacts has led to a decrease in youth football participation. What hasn’t been known as definitively to this point is how much that decline would trickle down (or up?) to the high school level. 163 more words


Flooded Announcment

I recently came across an editor and writer who is in the process of putting together an anthology that I find particularly interesting. Flooded will deal specifically with brain injury and concussions, a collection borne out of project runner Victoria Griffin’s own painful experiences. 65 more words


Emergency department visits for sports-related brain injuries on the rise

It’s a Canadian study that proves winning at all costs can be harmful to your health or at the very least that parents need to ensure their children are taking the proper precautions while being active. 403 more words


Albertans among the most injured people in Canada

New national statistics show Albertans to be among the most injured people in the country, in part to due to high rates of trauma from sports, assaults and other factors. 878 more words

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Portable cooling blanket offers hope to newborns deprived of oxygen at birth

Newborns deprived of oxygen at birth will soon have improved chances of surviving without brain injuries thanks to a portable cooling blanket in southern Alberta. 147 more words