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Cuomo’s Dept. of Health gets even sleazier

When the New York State Traumatic Brain Injury Services Coordinating Council was formed in the 1990s when the late Mario Cuomo was governor who could have imagined that less than 20 years later, his son and current governor, Andrew Cuomo, would do everything in his power to undermine and pulverize, not just the council’s ability to function, but the sense of safety and right-to-privacy citizens have when attending the TBISCC’s public meetings. 522 more words

TBI Waiver

Teens speak out to bring awareness to brain injuries in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY –The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah reports that, in the state of Utah each year, 20,000 people receive brain injuries, 2,000 are hospitalized and 500 die. 352 more words


FIVE-STAR--Left Neglected--Lisa Genova

Left Neglected is a brilliant and meticulously crafted novel by Lisa Genova.

The protagonist, Sarah Nickerson, is a 37-year-old wife, mother and career woman, who suddenly finds that her fast-paced lifestyle has come to an abrupt halt. 419 more words


2 Green Berets Riding Coast-To-Coast In Support Of Vets

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Special Forces motto is “De Oppresso Liber,” which means “to liberate the oppressed.”

As Green Berets, Zach Garner and Adam Smith were elite soldiers, tackling some of the toughest missions around the world. 361 more words


Chris Borland Vows To Give Back 49ers Signing Bonus ... I'm only taking the money I've earned"

ESPN: Chris Borland, who sent shockwaves through the NFL with his retirement last week after one season with the San Francisco 49ers due to fears of future brain injuries, told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning that he was giving back part of his signing bonus. 58 more words


And then those two motorcycle - beep beep

I thought Iʻd already covered most reasons for my … brain injury possible causes.

But every day I remember something new.

I fell from a Vespa type motorcycle once. 174 more words

Study warns of increasing incidence of brain bleeds in US population over next 15 years

Subdural hematoma (SDH), also referred to as subdural hemorrhage, is bleeding that occurs on the surface of the brain.Acute SDH can occur as a result of a serious head trauma. 114 more words

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