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Double Dissociation Argument

Despite a seeming interrelationship between language and intelligence, both of them are actually separate components. In Broca and Wernicke (1800s)’s double dissociation argument, the ability to generate language and the ability to understand it don’t depend on each other. 233 more words


Gaslighting My 17-Year-Old Self

Picture it: 25 years ago, at the height of “grunge,” the surge of alternative rock, and the whimpering departure of hair-metal.
Eunice, Louisiana: A band of five teenagers, known as John Doe Disciple, performing a January concert in the warehouse of G&M Construction in downtown Eunice, raising money for two band-members’ senior trip—an event teeming with excited high-schoolers yearning for rock-music in a setting that won’t disallow the youthful. 590 more words


Well, That Didn't Work...

This writing in the evening thing hasn’t quite worked out, yet. LOL

I will have to begin again, on the writing in the evening thing. :-) 9 more words


Please Come Back

​Six years later and I still have anxiety whenever someone I love leaves me for anywhere, for any amount of time. Please be safe, I whisper. 1,015 more words

My Journey Through Hell (Part 2)

This is the second of a number of posts related to the stroke I experienced in February of 2010.  Before you read this post, it might help you to read Part 1 of the series.   1,537 more words

Doctor #WotW #PoCoLo

So I had two doctor’s appointments this week. First, like I said last Monday, I was seeing my GP on Wednesday regarding my mild motor skills impairments. 716 more words


My Journey Through Hell (Part 1)

I had always been blessed with perfect health.  I was in excellent physical shape, and sometimes I spent 2 hours a day at the gym.  I had the world by the tail.   1,275 more words