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An Umbrella On The Wind

It was one of those days you wouldn’t want to be in school: a day when the wild boys turned their faces to the sky beyond the classroom window, staring at its astounding blue intensity, their hearts aching at the thought of those perfect wasted waves rolling in just beyond their grasp; a day when the humidity seeped through us, making concentration on anything but dreams of beaches, swimming pools and Coke floats impossible.  555 more words

Life Through The Pen

The Breakthrough

My brain and body are exhausted. Exhausted because this week I feel like I’ve been back in basic training. No, there was no qualifying on M16s or making it through the gas chamber without vomiting, but I feel as though I’ve been beaten up in an obstacle course. 360 more words

Mental Illness

[Video] "You Look Fine!" - The Real-Life Struggle of an Invisible Injury - TBI Awareness

The real-life experience of a brain injured person explained in simple terms. They may “Look Fine”, but don’t feel, act, or think “fine”!

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month! 10 more words

Traumatic Brain Injury

Jihadi John classmate - Emwazi was 'never the same' after goalpost brain injury ... supported Hitler and called Jews 'f*cking pigs' ... received anger management therapy

Daily Mail: Merciless killer Jihadi John was ‘never the same’ after suffering a serious head injury when he ran into a goal post as a child, a former classmate has claimed. 70 more words


"Another Fork in the Road" . . . Brain Injury Radio Network . . . Interview with Deb Angus


Deb Angus, brain injury survivor and author of “Regaining Consciousness: My Encounter with Mild Brain Injury–the Silent Epidemic,” will share her story about how she and her husband were sitting at a stoplight and how a distracted driver changed her life forever. 136 more words

Donna O'Donnell Figurski

How to Repair a WorkComp Damaged Resume, Career, Brain and Life? Ask Liz?

Liz Ryan posts are so heart warming, and so Human! Thank you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

http://www.humanworkplace.com/what-is-the-human-workplace/ “Sticky Human Issues” “We specialize in high-stakes, highly Sticky Human Issues. We work with CEOs and their Boards on untangling and resolving delicate personnel issues.

460 more words

Keiki Talk: Effects of an injured brain

Kids ages four to eleven are at increased risk for all kinds of accidents. In today’s Keiki Talk, Dr. Allana Coffee talked about the effects of an injured brain, and she acknowledged The Honolulu Pilots Club partnership with the Brain Injury of Hawaii as it celebrates its gala, bringing awareness and support to the friends and loved ones living with traumatic brain injury. 66 more words

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