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Blood Test May Predict Poor Cognition After Brain Injury

SNTF immunostaining reveals previously undetected axonal pathology in traumatic brain injury as originally seen in Acta Neuropathologicia

This looks promising! Medical Xpress, citing further research by these same authors, states that this is what’s happening physiologically after concussion/brain injury with diffuse axonal injury: the sudden stretch on the axon caused by an impact causes altered sodium and calcium flow. 297 more words


A Day of Mourning, A Day of Thanks

It’s been five years since my husband was run over by a truck and nearly died. Five long years. That day is seared into my memory, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t forget. 815 more words



Depression is like being weighted down with chains. Everything takes effort and it is almost impossible to have hope that things will get better. For some, it is a brief time due to something that happened in their lives; for example, a divorce. 263 more words


A new work of art

New neural pathways are constantly forged in the human brain. The habits you form reinforce those neural pathways, so it is important, maybe more so now than at any other time in your life, to reinforce the patterns you want your healing brain to develop. 657 more words

25-Year-Old Dad Behind Bars For Allegedly Putting 5-Month-Old Son Into Coma Following Abuse

TWENTY NINE PALMS (CBSLA.com)  —   Officials say a 25-year-old Twenty Nine Palms father abused his 5-month-old son and the baby is now in a coma. 147 more words


This doesn't change us

People have different ideas of what epilepsy is and how you control it or how to control a seizure. The truth is, you can’t control someone having a seizure, and you shouldn’t try. 196 more words