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Spiritual Vision: The Highest Order of Clairvoyance

THE astral light is a storehouse and reflector of all the images of every event, feeling and thought, created by anyone on Earth.

The sensitive universal astral matrix can transmit “those pictures of events to come,” wrote W. 1,781 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond

The Astral Perispirit, and a Fusion of Sound, Sight and Taste

ONE of the best ways to describe what Theosophy is, arts reporter Ali Snow said recently on Utah Public Radio, “is to think of it as a kind of fusion of religion and science.” 2,138 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond

Science vs Religion - and the Winner is?

THE late world-renowned evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulis was one of those rare scientists who was “spiritually-minded” in the Theosophical sense.

Margulis wrote a paper “that many biologists at the time regarded as a wild evolutionary heresy,” Steven Rose reports in… 889 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond

The Top 10 Secrets of Magic and Occult Science

“THREE decades ago, few scientists were courageous enough to break ranks and question their own belief system,” Deepak Chopra writes.

“Even calling science a belief system sounded outrageous – religion is a matter of belief, science a matter of facts.” 1,829 more words

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A Healthy New Year: Recognizing the World as a Living System

HUMANS may be beginning to accept the idea of the interconnect of all life as being the keynote to saving themselves and the planet.

Climate change is only one of numerous examples of views heralding a new global awareness. 874 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond

New Healing Discovery: Induced After Death Communication

THE anxiety illness known as Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is believed, according to Wikipedia, to be “caused by the experience of a wide range of traumatic events.” 953 more words

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The Greater Good

EVERY child is a spark of God the higher mind. This knowledge put forward by Theosophy on early childhood education is in line with very ancient philosophies. 1,777 more words

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