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The amazing potential

“The inner cell mass of an embryo possesses a cell whose entire offspring will form the human brain and nervous system. The most complex information processing device ever constructed. 122 more words

Book Shelf: Brain Rules by John Medina


This book is partly an academic-style introduction to brain research and partly a jauntily written practical “how-to” about getting the most from your brain. John Medina has a warm, upbeat persona, and skillfully incorporates stories from his experiences to illustrate points he makes in the book. 2,475 more words

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best practices for teaching with emerging technologies

Michelle Pacansky-Brock had my attention from the first paragraph of the introduction, where – in response to comments like, “Students today are so unmotivated,” “Students today don’t care about anything but their grades,” and “Students today feel entitled and aren’t willing to work hard” – she asks, “Are our students the problem? 831 more words

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Reader’s Review: Brain Rules

By Michelle Coutu

John Median, a developmental molecular biologist, was the closing keynote speaker at the American Industrial Hygiene conference and exposition (AIHce) 2017. He spoke of how we can build better teams using our current knowledge of brain science. 236 more words


10 ways to recharge your creative battery

Ever get to the point where you are at a creative standstill? You sit in your office with a stack of papers to your left, your mouse hand motionless–waiting for motivation of any kind to get the creative juices flowing. 612 more words