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Reflection 2 (EDU 6131) – Exploration and Memory

The last few weeks’ readings have presented a number of topics that have engaged my educator’s mind in considering the steps I might take in reflecting my students’ cognitive development. 447 more words

Adolescent Development

Don't Fight Biology, Work With It

As a teacher it is critical to know your students so that you can differentiate instruction for them. Reading Medina (2014) and discussing his work on the biological facts related to the evolutionary development of the human mind has provided me with a foundation upon which I intend to build three classroom practices. 504 more words

Learning Tool Exploration

6132: Reflections 2

I continue to enjoy learning about how learning happens.  I am new to the education field, and I know the first step into this profession, for me at least, is the classroom.  774 more words

Brain Rules

6132 Reflection 1

My first impulse is to say I do not know much about child development and how it affects classroom instruction, but after reading Medina and Pressley/McCormick I know more than I thought.  708 more words

Brain Rules

A brain hack for your next presentation

The brain is a fascinating organ, the most complex in a person’s body. As much as we have learned about the brain in recent decades, there are still so many things that we do not yet understand. 900 more words


Standard 2: Analyze learning to promote student growth

Standard 2: Analyze learning to promote student growth

What a quarter? In the fall of 2013 I entered my first classes of graduate school at Seattle Pacific University. 2,472 more words


10 Digital Wellness Thoughts to Consider

These days everyone talks about personal wellness — those steps that people need to take to remain physically and mentally healthy and strong. But what about digital wellness?  948 more words

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