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154. Learning how to teach better - II

Learning how to teach better – II:
Igniting Curiosity in Learners

As I scrolled through my Facebook wall, a status posted by an MBA student caught my eyes. 740 more words

On Teaching

Really, you just say "Hello"

Meeting someone online is really not all that different than meeting someone in person. I’m not kidding. Yes, you can’t read their body language or hear the inflection of their voice when they type you a message, but so many people go out of their way to be “crafty” in how they reach out to someone they don’t know well. 538 more words


The Trifecta of Baby Books + 1

So technically I’m reviewing 4 books today instead of just three because before you realize it, that little baby of yours will be getting ready to try solid foods! 723 more words

The Chronicles Of Mommy

Rock Your Midterms with Dr. John Medina's Brain Rules

Midterms are only days away! What are you doing to prepare? Are you planning on spacing out your studying? Getting a friend to quiz you? Using your study guides or flash cards? 567 more words


Exercising the Mind through the Body

It is time to move in a variety of ways, through a variety of contexts, with an elevated heart rate. Forsake not the BDNF proteins! 95 more words


10 Digital Wellness Thoughts to Consider

These days everyone talks about personal wellness — those steps that people need to take to remain physically and mentally healthy and strong. But what about digital wellness?  953 more words

Parents And Technology

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Will new devices, robots and other items that connect to the Internet with your wifi be arriving in your home during this 2016 holiday season? If so, check out this post about maintaining digital wellness in your family.