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EDU 6132 - Unit 4 Reflection

One of the more interesting ideas to come from the course material is the idea of structuring lesson plans and units around how the brain works and not just based on the subject material. 197 more words

2 Instruction

Learners in Context Reflection 1

I’ve yet to study child development any further than the parenting books that have assisted my journey of sleepless nights and toddler tantrums. Some of these books include… 627 more words

8 Professional Practice

Music... is there more to it?

Have you ever heard music? Of course you have! What kind of question is that!(and if by any chance you haven’t, you are not human!) 320 more words

Pacing Lessons

1.3 Engaging Students in Learning. The lesson has a clearly defined structure around which the activities are organized. Pacing of the lesson is generally appropriate. … 487 more words

Reflection 3

Reflection #3 – Brain Rules

Identify ways an instructional designer can help students maximize their learning based on content in the Medina book.

“No two people’s brains store the same information in the same way in the same place (Medina, 2014).” 317 more words


EDU 6132 Meta-Reflection

Prompt: Please describe some of the big ideas or “take-aways” from this course. What have you learned the most about? What ideas have perhaps caused you to make changes to your practice or at the very least caused you to pause and reconsider some preconceptions you have had?   680 more words


EDU 6170 Reflection on Microteaching Experience

After a summer of theory and discussion about what goes into an effective lesson, we finally had an opportunity to practice with a 20-minute microteaching lesson performed for our classmates. 1,114 more words