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Examining Assumptions, Part II

I shared in the last blog post that I was examining two assumptions:

  1. You must work hard, suffer even, for “real” progress in health, understanding or enlightenment.
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Examining Assumptions, Part I

We all make assumptions. Humans are assumptions makers par excellence. Imagine if we got up each morning without any assumptions in place. How disconcerting and exhausting it would be to have to make sense of every day and the dog sleeping next to you without assumptions. 520 more words

Law of Attraction and Faeries - Monica Canducci

Jewels talks with Faerie Code Expert and Author, Artist and Channeler, Monica Canducci. This is a fun and airy show, that just lifts the energy around you upwards. 27 more words

Law Of Attraction

Welcome To Psych Guide

Hello Readers,

Thank you for joining me! I’m Sukhmani Bhatia, an inquisitive student absorbing all knowledge related to the human psyche. Psych Guide will be a platform which facilitates understanding and expressing the basic human psychology. 184 more words

Daily Hassles

How signals form in the brain

Researchers at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour have discovered that:

“…nerve cells collect evidence for the alternative choices as minute voltage changes across their surface. 307 more words

Interpersonal pragmatics in real-time

Interpersonal pragmatics are absolutely fundamental to human psychology.

Understanding interpersonal pragmatics in real-time is the holy grail of human psychology because there is nothing else that reveals as well how human psychology actually functions. 333 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Brain Science is giving us more and more insight to some of our most perplexing mental health issues and why we do the things we do. 14 more words