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This Is the Purpose of Eldest Child

Chapter 2. Characteristics of the Eldest Child

The Eldest Child is the first child for parents. They must purchase baby clothes, a crib, everything anew. If this baby happens to be the first grandchild of the family, the excited grandparents will not hesitate to buy and prepare many things with delight. 532 more words


You Can Find Your True Purpose of Life in Your Birth Order

Fractal Psychology Master Course: “Introduction”
The Fundamental Purposes of Life Chapter 1. The Family Environment as the First Reality That You Created

TAW (Theory on which Fractal Psychology is based) theorizes that life is complete realization of your thoughts. 278 more words


Soul Therapy

Soul therapy 🌸🌸 did you know if your feeling ‘flat’ a good dose of nature will physiologically shift your mood! #itsnotrocketscience#beautifulcourageousyou #soultherapy


Food For the Brain

Everyone knows good nutrition supports your overall health, but few realize that certain foods-power foods-can protect your brain and optimize its function, and even dramatically reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. 107 more words

The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 2

This chapter focuses on integration. Integrating the left and right sides of the brain is very important for the emotional health of the child. Children are predominantly right sided which is obvious with how emotional they get. 294 more words


The Whole-Brain Child: Chapter 1

Parenting is a difficult thing. Recently I have been worried that we haven’t been nurturing her growing mind correctly. For months I had been meaning to get some books on the subject but only now did I actually get to choosing some books. 412 more words