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Penney Peirce - Pioneer in Intuitive Development Delivers Powerful Insight!

This is an incredibly powerful interview with Penney Peirce who talks about our currently reality of being swarmed with the information age and which is now turning into the time when me must turn to our intuition.  38 more words

Conscious Creation

Fear’s a Common Response in Today’s World ~ What We Do With It Matters

“Fear does not predict the future: it only tells you that you are afraid. The trick is to recognize the emotion when it emerges, accept it, discover its source and decide what to do with it.”       1,530 more words

Emotional Intelligence

Repost: Consciousness, Big Data, and FIML

Modern neuroscience does not see humans as having a discrete consciousness located in a specific part of the brain. Rather, as Michael S. Gazzaniga says: 689 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

7 Killer Training Tactics You've Never Even Thought Of

Asking more of your corporate learners than ever before?  Are they challenged with having to remember more, perform better and deliver faster than ever?

No problem. 597 more words


Impudent Suggestion: Human, Specious, Self-consious

If the human is defined by ways of knowing and communicating, and particularly by self-consciousness, how would we define a set of humanoid creatures (including jazz musicians) who know and communicate in unconventional modes, and who are self-consciousness about this, in contrast to other human beings who categorically deny such forms of communication.  407 more words


Afforable Fall Decor

As the weather get crispy, and the leaves start to turn, add some earth colors and items to your home decor. The element of earth is very grounding and will make us feel more comfortable in our homes and offices. 116 more words

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