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The Three Layers of the Self

I continue to read The Secrets of Consciousness which has some amazing stuff, such as this:
In the mid-1990s neurologist Antonio R. Damasio, then at the University of Iowa, distilled the self’s multiple layers into a three-part hierarchy. 190 more words


Importance of cortical spacing

I’m a real sceptic of supposed dichotomies in brain processing. I think they are often so simplistic as to be misleading and incorrect, and ultimately lead to such profound misunderstandings, supposedly ground in science, as to be actively damaging g (c.f gender differences – aka neurosexism – left/right brain processing, etc). 1,113 more words


Genetics of Schizophrenia

This blog wouldn’t be complete without touching on the ground-breaking and widely discussed findings of mentor Steven McCarroll and mentoree Aswin Sekar and colleagues, published just two weeks ago in… 383 more words


The Learning Brain

This video explores the ways in which the brain learns, in a way for students to understand.

Growth Mindset

Stress is shrinking your brain, but you can rebuild it

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We all know that living under stressful conditions has serious emotional, even physical, consequences. 1,255 more words

My Norwescon 39 Panel Schedule

The Norwescon 39 Science Fiction Convention happens March 24-27, 2016, in SeaTac, Washington.  I will once again be a science panelist.  You can find me on the panels listed below, or maybe hanging out in the bar with other writers and science geeks, scarfing down a snack in the Green Room, or wandering the corridors on my way to the art show, dealers room, a friend’s reading, or an interesting panel.  146 more words