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Pint of Science Special

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to tell you about an awesome event that I went to yesterday.

Don’t worry this won’t take the place of the (long impending) post I intend to make on Saturday pertaining to Cerebral Palsy, but will be in addition. 1,044 more words

Brain Science

Sensory Dissonance

More than a hundred years ago, a Delsartean-inspired actor who figured out how to regain voice loss named F.M. Alexander noticed a principle of human nature related to movement perception and gave it a term: “debauched kinesthesia.” 1,131 more words

Thinking Skills

Dissonance Reveals Bias

Mistaken traps of logic and thinking skills continue to deceive our human ability for reasoning.

Have you ever run into the terms “Cognitive Dissonance” or “Cognitive Bias”? 824 more words

Thinking Skills

Learning to Listen. Listening to Learn.

I was poking around an old collection of NPR Ed Blogs that I found interesting and came across this article on Language cognition. To read the full reporting click… 401 more words

In The Classroom


Anyone that has spoken to me more than a few times knows I am big into incentives. I’m a firm believer in the idea that incentives are what drive all decisions. 221 more words


Neuroscience and Information Processing

Our focus this week in my course at Walden has been on Neuroscience and Information Processing. Emphasis was placed on the brain’s functions during different parts of the learning process, including cognitive information processing, information retrieval, and problem solving. 548 more words


Ideas that add up #166

As a modern person you can ask the question: what is any symptom a self-cure for? In other words, the problems are also the solutions to something. 174 more words

Brain Science