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This is why you need FIML

FIML not only accesses individual word maps but also the maps of all communicative signs.

Here is the brain model of semantic maps.

And here is the study: … 234 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

How the brain actually works...

In a finding they’re calling a “real bombshell in the field of neuroscience,” researchers have uncovered evidence that the human brain’s memory capacity is an order of magnitude greater than previously thought. 517 more words



I know it’s a little behind schedule but I just finished reading Outliers and years of responses to it; as well as many articles proving/disproving some of the ideas within. 278 more words

Cool Stuff

How to create a new habit

In my last post on LinkedIN I briefly touched on neuroplasticity, the scientific term used to describe the brains ability to adapt and change throughout our entire lives to our changing environment. 762 more words

Weekly Learnings Roundup (Apr 24, 2016)

Hey there!

Thanks for checking out the Weekly Learning Roundup. This week, I want to highlight Harvard Business Review’s piece on A Step-by-Step Guide to Structuring Better Meetings… 773 more words

Links Of The Week

Living in the Past: How Our Consciousness Lags Behind the Present

Brains are bizarre. There is much we don’t know about the critical operating mass between our ears, and the little that we do know raises more unsettling questions about our perception of the world than most of us would care to contemplate. 577 more words

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Male Emotional Honesty

Over the last month I’ve had five female friends relate horrible stories about verbal and physical treatment and assault. As they’ve shared their stories what struck me was this article from the… 196 more words