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Biased Against a Falsity

Here is the promised post about real-world important things. :-)

Below are a few articles talking about the overwhelming scientific evidence that racial differences do not exist. 450 more words


Brain Science: Let's learn about synesthesia

Remember that time you heard someone play a guitar and began seeing colors dance before your eyes? No? Me neither.  Yet, for those with synesthesia, sensory information (like that of sounds, letters, musical notes, and colors) can get mixed up as it is processed in the brain. 501 more words

Brain Science

How Storytelling Affects the Brain

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of both teaching and entertainment. It is the way history was traditionally recorded, how values were inculcated, and how families and neighborhoods bonded. 666 more words

Cultural Detective

A Stoke of Insight

This TED talk is so powerful. There was so much about it that touched me: the honesty, the conviction with which she recalled her experience—something so personal and transformative—and the resonation and truth it stirred within me.  93 more words


Sweet Dreams: Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness

Old review.

Dennett wrote me that he thought it the best written review he’d gotten in yonks. It’s been reprinted along the my other… 14 more words


Dr. Harvey Bigelsen - The Blood Tells It All

Live Blood Sample shows 6 month fetus… IN THE BLOOD.

Edgar Cayce once said, “The day may yet arrive when one may take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of the entire physical body.” Dr. 45 more words