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5 Proven Hacks for Establishing a Daily Writing Practice

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional. If you don’t have a daily writing practice, you’re not going to achieve as much as you would hope. 1,493 more words

Brain Science

It's Just Wiring

I have always been fascinated by brain science—long before Mom’s brain science became such a big part of our daily lives. Neurons and synapses and the chemicals that pass between and through them. 1,040 more words

Memory Loss

Tunnel vision and mental illness

For a period of my life someone poisoned me with drugs that affected my brain and thought processes. I don’t know what the drug was but I definitely know it happened. 456 more words


Book Review: Our Senses by Rob DeSalle

What was the first ever sensory experience, way, way back in evolutionary history? One of the most fascinating and plausible theories is that it was simple osmotic pressure caused by different salt concentrations inside and outside the cell in ancient, simple single-celled organisms. 749 more words


Mental distortion

Just as our eyes can distort faces as in the gif below, so our minds can and frequently do distort all of our perceptions, especially ones with psychological relevance.

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Fourth wave cognitive behavior therapy

The third wave of cognitive behavior therapy is a general term for a group of psychotherapies that arose in the 1980s, inspired by acceptance and commitment therapy… 246 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Brain Science & The Mind

Alrighty, so I’ve done enough research and understand enough to see that the Brain Science community does not have a real grasp on brain chemistry.  I’ve taken enough prescriptions to see that psychiatry is still very much a practice field and that brain surgery is really only applicable for tumors captured by neuro imaging scans. 384 more words

Brain Science