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People suck at judging others

A new study indicates that “it is incredibly easy to be mistaken” about another human being’s intentions.

Dr Warren Mansell, lead author of the study, said: 343 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

This is Your Brain on Poverty

By Karen Weese

Pacific Standard

Dr. Bryan Bledsoe was just trying to keep up. The emergency room at his small county hospital was always packed and the top brass had urged him to move patients through more quickly, so when a woman in her sixties came in complaining of head and neck pain, he briskly examined her, hustled her off for an X-ray, gave her some pain medication for a pulled muscle, and dispatched her home. 340 more words


How to Undermine Your Biased Worldview

You’ll miss opportunities to see what’s true if you think you already have the answers. 901 more words

Intentional Living

If I Won Big

Beside my bed is a journal of sorts that that is full of writing prompts. I flipped it open today and rested upon this prompt: 260 more words


The Secret That Your Hands Reveal: Palm Reading!

Join Jewels and Dr. David Che as he explains the meaning of every crook and nanny of your hands. It’s fascinating!

Law Of Attraction

3 Compelling Reasons to do Pilates

Pilates improves your balance for juggling your retail therapy. It is a great way to learn body and self awareness and to develop intrinsic strength in your core, back, muscles around the joints such as ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. 656 more words


Consciousness as signal interpretation

Consciousness can be defined as “that which interprets signals” or “that which can discriminate and choose between signals.”

A single cell that can distinguish light and darkness and choose one or the other is conscious in this respect. 169 more words