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More Thoughts on Bipedalism

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I wrote about bipedalism last week, however, in a conversation with a commented on PumpkinPerson’s blog, I came to a slightly different conclusion than I did in my previous article on the matter. 1,060 more words


Did Neandertal brains grow like humans' or not?

According to Marcia Ponce de Leon and colleagues, “Brain development is similar in Neandertals and modern humans.” They reached this conclusion after comparing how the shape of the brain case changes across the growth period of humans and Neandertals. 611 more words


Neanderthals, Inbreeding, r/K Selection Theory and Eurasian Birthrates

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Science Daily reported last week that Neanderthals left humans a genetic burden, which is having less offspring. Of course, these deleterious alleles only introgressed into non-African populations due to Africans not leaving Africa. 992 more words

Race Realism

Chinese IQ

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The Chinese have one of the highest IQs in the world. Their 100 and 108 in Hong Kong give them an average of 104. 1,090 more words

Race Realism

More g Denialism and more Gould Refuting

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It seems like every day something new comes out that attempts to discredit the reality of g (This paper came out in 2012.). 1,750 more words

Race Realism

There Is Such a Thing As a "Male" and "Female" Brain

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Towards the end of last year, it was said that “male and female brains don’t differ“. Male and female brains differ from the number of neurons to differences in  2,088 more words


The Social Intelligence Hypothesis

Why do some animals have large brains? It’s a subject of considerable debate and also the central subject of my research. Humans have the largest brains, relative to body size, of any animal we know of. 942 more words