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Foramen magnum DOES NOT point to locomotor adaptation!!

H/T to JR Bentley for this link:

Interesting points and observations from the blog of Dr John Hawks pertaining to the Foramen magnum as an indication of bipedalism……. 418 more words


I Am Not A Phrenologist

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People seem to be confused on the definition of the term ‘phrenology’. Many people think that just the measuring of skulls can be called ‘phrenology’. 1,499 more words

Race Realism

You Don't Need Genes to Delineate Race

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Most race deniers say that race isn’t real because, as Lewontin (1972) and Rosenberg (2002) state, the within-group variation is larger than the between-group variation. 2,085 more words

Race Realism

Microcephaly and Normal IQ

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In my last article on brain size and IQ, I showed how people with half of their brains removed and people with microcephaly can have IQs in the normal/above average range. 1,372 more words


My Response to Jared Taylor's Article "Breakthroughs in Intelligence"

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Here is my reply to Jared Taylor’s new article over at AmRen¬†Breakthroughs in Intelligence:

“The human mind is not a blank slate; intelligence is biological”

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Race Realism

Small Brain, Normal IQ

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Emil Kirkegaard left a short commentary on John Skoyles’ 1999 paper Human Evolution Expanded Brains to Increase Expertise Capacity, not IQ, in which Emil writes in his article… 1,651 more words