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Brain evolution involves changes in size and morphology, but also changes in the capacity to be changed. Plasticity refers to the range of phenotypic variation allowed within a given genetic structure. 240 more words

Brain Evolution

Bioanthro lab activity: Sexual dimorphism

A few weeks ago we examined sexual dimorphism – characteristic differences between males and females – in my Intro to Bioanthro class. Sexual dimorphism roughly correlates with aspects of social behavior in animals, and so we compared dimorphism in our class with what is seen in other primates. 538 more words


Link: Size doesn't matter - for the brain


Doesn’t matter for IQ. It’s about structure, which is genetic (genetic load theory, anyone?)

Can the people going on about men having bigger brains now please can it?


Time and time again

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Well, this will be my third post in a row about time. I think I’ll discuss something else next week!

As I’ve said before, the path of a particle as it travels through space in the usual way can be represented as a line in a four-dimensional space-time system. 1,158 more words



There’s nothing like accidentally posting a random collection of notes to your blog and then having to go into all the social media sites and deleting it. 715 more words

Think Pieces

Gosh! Did our brains really shrink?

Keith Hudson

Full marks to Richard and Adam Ferguson!  They stayed their father’s hand — or, rather, his foot a few weeks ago — when his spade struck a bone when digging a deep hole in their garden to make a pond.  914 more words

Does (brain) size matter?

This week, the Telegraph reported on a study purporting to demonstrate that “Wealthier children have bigger brains”. In a surprise twist, the headline is not the most sensationalist part of the article, with the first sentence stating “Richer pupils achieve higher academic grades because their brains are different, according to research”. 521 more words

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