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Our Vampiric Brains

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Much has been written in the scientific literature on our brain size increase, which has doubled in the timespan of about 3 million years. 1,113 more words


Our Shrinking Brains: Are we devolving?

The human (Homo sapien sapien) brain has been shrinking! Don’t get to alarmed however as it’s been shrinking, reportedly, since the Stone Age! In fact, since the Stone Age there have been many changes in our skeletal features and brains. 1,519 more words


Why do Humans Dominate the Earth?

It has been frequently pondered why humans have become the dominating animal species. Amongst the answers which have been punted are the human capacity to use hands, the “reasoning” which allow the use of instruments and the “superior intellectual capability”. 1,565 more words

Humans As Social Animals

Mediterranean diet can slow down brain aging and memory loss

❝ It has long been claimed that a Mediterranean diet is good for your health, but a new study suggests it may benefit the brain as well as the body – and could help slow down brain ageing.

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Neurons By Race

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With all of my recent articles on neurons and brain size, I’m now asking the following question: do neurons differ by race? The races of man differ on most all other variables, why not this one? 1,078 more words

Race Realism

How Intelligent Were Our Hominin Ancestors?

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Tl;dr: Two of our most recent ancestors have IQs, theoretically speaking, near ours. This suggests that there were beneficial effects of cultural accumulation and transference. 3,029 more words

Race Realism