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Study: Kids From Poor Families Have Smaller Brains Than Wealthy Children

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Socioeconomic status is linked to a child’s cognitive ability and brain development, with a new study showing that children from poor families have smaller brains than their wealthier peers. 478 more words


“The Big gene” that paved way for human intelligence

Imagine you inject a single gene found exclusively in the humans into the brains of the mouse embryos. The outer layer called the cortex starts growing in an otherwise smooth mouse brain and develops folds similar to the ones found in a human brain. 255 more words


Reason for bigger brain in humans

Humans have evolved as the most intelligent species during the course of evolution with incredible thought process, imagination and unique capabilities to use abstract language and do complex math. 536 more words


Autism-related genes are active during fetal development

Researchers at the UC-San Diego School of Medicine have done a study that has linked autism-related mutations to a pathway that regulates brain development. They have shown how specific genes which are connected to Autism are active during fetal brain development. 508 more words


Could r/K selection differences be due to the Anterior Cingulate Cortex?

I’m just throwing it out there, unsure if I believe it yet.


Source of hemisity

According to the concept of hemisity, the dominant executive systems, or the…

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2015 AAPA conference: More brain growth

The American Association of Physical Anthropologists is holding its annual meeting next year in St. Louis, in my home state of Missouri (I’m from Kansas City, which is by far the best city in the state, if not the entirety of the Midwest).  329 more words

Brain Growth

The Raw and the Cooked

In a 1964 book, The Raw and the Cooked, anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss charts a winding course through the myths of the Bororo people of South America. 1,172 more words

Human Evolution