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Meet Three New Genes That May Have Influenced Human Brain Size

Three brain development genes are found only in humans and may have helped drive the rapid expansion of the brain starting roughly three million years ago. 1,483 more words

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Evolutionary tidbits

To reiterate my understanding of the biological roots of our humanity, I see human empathy as something special and it laid the foundation for symbolization and that enables us to think and talk about everything and nothing and to create it if it is not already there in reality.  1,297 more words

Intelligence linked to brain size

Not a surprising headline until you consider that Dr Erhan Genç and Christoph Fraenz at Ruhr-Universität Bochum are reported as suggesting that people with higher scores on an intelligence test were found to have smaller brain structures. 498 more words



Ralph Holloway and colleagues have just published a paleoneurological study of Homo naledi. They used seven cranial portions from at least five individuals to provide a general view of an endocast of this species. 491 more words


Hominid Brain Size Does NOT Matter!!

Research coming out of the University of Witwatersrand says hominid brain size does NOT matter. The research team examined brain imprints (endocast) of Homo naledi’s brain and observed the many humanlike features in the imprints. 321 more words


Human Brain Facts

-Hytt Ahmed, UAE

These academician facts allay abounding academician belief based on anachronous knowledge. Learn how the academician works, for bigger (or worse). All facts adduce aboriginal references.

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Foramen magnum DOES NOT point to locomotor adaptation!!

H/T to JR Bentley for this link:

Interesting points and observations from the blog of Dr John Hawks pertaining to the Foramen magnum as an indication of bipedalism……. 418 more words