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The Social Intelligence Hypothesis

Why do some animals have large brains? It’s a subject of considerable debate and also the central subject of my research. Humans have the largest brains, relative to body size, of any animal we know of. 942 more words


Big brains and problem solving ability

Carnivora brain sizes predict their ability to solve problems

A huge debate in the study of intelligence rages around the link between the size of the brain and the intelligence of that brain. 570 more words


Being lazy might shrink your brain

Source: Being lazy might shrink your brain – Medical News Today

Research carried out at Boston University School of Medicine in Massachusetts shows a relationship between levels of fitness in middle age and brain volumes later in life. 636 more words


Men and Women Equality

Are men and women equal according to society standards? Are men and women equal in terms of treatment and acceptance in a particular community? As of current times, are men inferior to women or women inferior to men?

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Estimating cranial capacity

Cranial capacity is one of the most studied features used in human paleoneurology. According to the completeness of the fossil skulls, direct or indirect methods have been used in estimating the cranial capacity, including water displacement, seeds, and regression statistics. 150 more words


Brain Size and Cognitive Ability

Studies have been done on large populations of men, women, Europeans, Africans, Asians, adjusted by body size, and correlated, and have found that Asians have the largest brains on average (say, 1350 cc), Europeans in the middle (say, 1300 cc), and Africans the smallest(say, 1250 cc); while men have larger (say, 1300 cc) brains than women (say, 1200 cc.)  Intelligence tests, again of large populations, show Asians to have the highest IQs (115), Europeans the middle (100), Africans the lowest (85); whereas women have, possibly, slightly lower (96) IQs than men (100). 381 more words


Running very long distances can make your brain shrink

As athletic achievements go, running a marathon is towards the top of the list. But even this isn’t challenging enough for ultra-marathoners, who run races longer than the standard 42.2. 30 more words