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Evidence for Natural Selection in Humans: East Asians Have Higher Frequency of CASC5 Brain Size Regulating Gene

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Brain size is one physical difference that the races differ on. East Asians have bigger brains than Europeans who have bigger brains than Africans ( 1,502 more words

Race Realism

There is No 'Marching Up the Evolutionary Tree'

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The notion that there is any ‘progress’ to evolution is something that I have rebutted countless times on this blog. My most recent entry beingĀ  2,021 more words

Race Realism

Brain Size and Social Intelligence

There is a double-standard in psychology that claims that humans have unique socio-cognitive skills, and a prominent explanation for this is the Social Intelligence or Social Brain Hypothesis: that human brains are outsized due to the enormous complexity of our social relations. 1,267 more words


Male & Female Brains Are Different

Research at the University of Edinburgh indicates that that the brains of men and women are shaped differently. While men’s brains are bigger overall, brains of women tend to have thicker cortices, which are associated with intelligence. 76 more words


The Controversy Around Modern Humans and H. erectus

Is it possible that modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) or our forerunners archaic modern humans (Homo sapiens, Cro-magnons, et al) were living close to 1 mya? 1,387 more words


Dinosaurs, Brains, and 'Progressive Evolution'

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Would dinosaurs have reached human-like intellect had the K-T extinction (an asteroid impact near the Yucatan peninsula) not occurred? One researcher believes so, and he believes that a dinosaur called the troodon would have evolved into a bipedal, human-like being. 1,810 more words


Traumatic Brain Injury and IQ

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What is the relationship between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and IQ? Does IQ decrease? Stay the same? Increase? A few studies have looked at the relationship between TBI and IQ, and the results may be quite surprising to some. 1,950 more words