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Is This a State of Bliss? I doubt it!

This is ridiculous.

I’ve written several posts today, but have abandoned all of them, and they lie incomplete in my documents folder.

I got bored with the insightful article on Victorian photographic portraiture . 327 more words


Conceptual Confusions and Philosophy of Mind

Of all the conceptually confused areas in philosophy, philosophy of mind is probably the most confused. Think of, for example, mental causation, or the debates on the relation of brain states to mental states, or the causal relation of neurons to thoughts, things along those lines. 409 more words


The Brain and its States

Some time ago I was invited to contribute a paper to a forthcoming volume entitled Being in Time: Dynamical Models of Phenomenal Experience. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was invited because of my paper “What is a Brain State?” Looking back at that paper, which I was writing in 2004-2005, I was interested in questions about the Identity Theory and not so much about consciousness per se and I wished I had said something relating the thesis there to various notions of consciousness. 69 more words



I’ve discovered Philosophy Now via Kindle. And a find it is too. This month’s edition delves into the Philosophy of Mind which I studied twenty odd years ago. 363 more words


Corridors of Consciousness

A perennial academic tome on the topic of consciousness begins by asking how it is that neurological processes of the brain cause consciousness. The question, pursued through hundreds of subsequent pages of small print is, we conclude, answerable in two words: They don’t. 518 more words

Applications Mavintory™

the music of neuropathology

Below is a video that transforms electrical activity in the brain of individuals with and without dementia into musical form

Below is the same again, with schizophrenic and non-schizophrenic persons.