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Unit 5- Concept Mapping

This week in class we discussed concept mapping as a way to brainstorm, to organize, and to share ideas. Concept maps allow you to see connections between things you may not have noticed before, and they can show large amounts of data in one space. 199 more words


Comprar porcos e alimentá-los com pérolas, talvez seja mais barato do que reescrever um texto mal feito.

As crianças de hoje talvez não tenham mais o orgulho que se tinha antigamente de viver em um país como o nosso, hoje para todo o lado que se olha, só se vê a desesperança, o poder econômico tentando nos impor notícias falsas como se fossem verdadeiras. 431 more words

Brain Storm

Survivor Log 7

The snow drifts against the door making it hard to open but it also keeps the wind out. I’ve been melting down snow for water, I have a bucket full of clean, boiled water to drink from and use so now starvation is my only real fear. 145 more words


Kinetic Jewellery

A new project emerges, create a piece of kinetic jewellery that uses the bodies movement to work

Straight off the bat I have an idea that has been coming together in my head for a while, a moving crown that is based off ancient roman Loral leaf crowns 16 more words

Brainstorm (comic)

Happy Friday!

Soz I haven’t posted in a bit.  Life has been intense the last couple of weeks and on top of it I have sensed going into year 2 that OBOP has a little bit lost direction and as I’ve mentioned before, I do not have the time nor energy to keep producing 3.5 posts a week and a drawing on top of my new job and everything else. 225 more words

Funny Friday

New School Year 2017

Class Relax has gently entered morning sessions in two classes so far this year.

Both classes are veterans and know what’s in store when I knock on their door at 8:30 in the morning. 294 more words

Observation From The Field