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Myself selfied

I am young
zealous than most punk
a rhythm song hymed upon
that my heart beats and sung

I am old
skin-phased as a toad… 105 more words

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Universal Key

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, acceptable or unacceptable appeal in society’s  eyes, or skin color.

We were all born with the universal key of life that is kept deep inside each and everyone of us. 37 more words


May Day

May 29
I anticipated the forthnight
and awaited with hopes high
for the man of change not to die

29 May
was the day for which I pray… 103 more words

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We want your five cents

A couple of days ago we held our seminar in Helsinki, the Open Day for Open Badges event. As a part of this we also asked particpants (both physical and virtual) for their ideas on what they would like to give badges for, and what they would like to take a badge in. 24 more words


DREADED: the argument

This is a continuation of the earlier conversation. But this time, it is between the counsel and the defendant in the court of a man’s immagination; mine. 190 more words

Brain Storm

Story time: 

So I posted this story in an old fb account that I don’t use anymore, also I can’t copy and paste, so I did the next best thing…screenshots 😁 246 more words