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Gary Bettman is an Evil Little Jerk: Part 1

Ok, new feature. Gary Bettman is a hopeless, evil, little weasel and we should all hate him (and the owners he represents).

Gary Bettman denies that there is a link between CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and concussions. 446 more words


Big Pharma

So she’s been having brain issues. Focal seizures and water on the brain. Her memory is sometimes spotty. Her brain is sometimes slow. She is getting a spinal tap next week to drain the fluid from her brain. 432 more words


Thinking Logically Seems Impossible for Attachment Disordered Kids

Dear friends through adoption…

Last week, Bob and I were painting my office. I got all the color chips and showed him the best colors. 274 more words

Adoptive Parents

Amanda Coker beats Kurt Searvogel's Year record!

Back in 2011 while cycling with her father Ricky near their home in North Carolina when they were hit by a distracted driver. Amanda suffered serious brain trauma and he dad broke his back. 175 more words

DUI Suspect Who Hit Family Has Been Deported 15 Times Before

An illegal immigrant suspected of crashing into a California family while driving drunk has been deported more than a dozen times since 2002, according to federal immigration officials. 253 more words

Student Veterans: Classroom Role Models

Dr. Patti and I talk about adult learners returning to school. One group is the student veteran. According to one source, 74% of all undergraduate students are veterans, work full time, attend school part time, have dependents, and are a single caregivers. 561 more words


24 April 2007 - 24 April 2017

I’m feeling some anticipatory trauma, if there is such a thing, as we approach the tenth anniversary of the mishap which would, soon thereafter, take the life of my brother Craig. 240 more words