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The occupation I chose before my epilepsy (complex partial petit mals) started was Ultrasound.  The job included overtime, carrying a beeper, and knowing you were going to be called back sometime during the night. 458 more words


Are Human Limitations Self-Imposed?

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The medical world is filled with bizarre, unusual (and sometimes not completely understood) phenomenon. Most people reading this post will be familiar with the various stories of individuals who fall victim to accident or injury, only to recover baring seemingly supernatural gifts. 660 more words


Doing the OR dance at UNM Hospital

The operating rooms at the main University of New Mexico Hospital were built in 1954.

That was before there were C-arms (huge mobile fluoroscopy machines shaped like the letter) that hug a table and provide real-time images of what’s going on inside a patient. 181 more words

Hospital Business News

Q & A With Cassie

1. How many concussions have you suffered, how did you get them, and how do you remember feeling the moment you suffered your concussions (i.e. disoriented, nauseous, confused, etc)? 1,927 more words

Can the brain repair itself?


When I suffered my traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2011, I believed that the cells in my brain which had been damaged were irreparable.  579 more words