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Why the Swamp Thing

All pseudonyms are based off a person or character who inspires the interviewee:

Swamp Thing is humble, objective, and does the right thing because he knows it is. 117 more words

Personal Story

NFL's Concussion Issue

National Football League (NFL) games are giants among American sports and the championship game, the super bowl, is the most tuned in sporting event in not only the country, but also the entire world. 395 more words

Brain Trauma

Wow…so little known about it, such a huge and impactful issue.

I have brain trauma…and likely have had (very mild) Reactive Attachment Disorder since my inception.   1,052 more words

Charissa Grace

The Walking CTEs (Culturally Traumatized Els)

Written By: Steven Kennebrew-Turner

~Dub Deuce The Poet~


In recent conversations, I’ve been asked about the condition of the mind that makes a people (particularly those referred to daily as Black People) behave outside of their nature to the point where it is detrimental to the existence of the People. 380 more words

Steven Kennebrew-Turner

The Best Years of Our Lives

Cheryl walked into the living room to see toys and children’s books scattered about. Jason was sitting in the middle of the mess playing with his toy truck. 237 more words

Short Story

Johnny and the Vampires in His Life

The press said that Johnny “had it all.” And so he did. Unfortunately, “having it all” means having the bad parts of life as well as the good, not an ideal state of affairs for a person who trusts everyone. 368 more words

Johnny Lewis