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Adventures in Radiation and Chemo Therapy

Ever wondered what happens in the radio therapy room? Are you looking at radiation and chemotherapy for a brain tumour? Here’s a terrific video taken by my husband of me getting set up for a treatment, featuring a couple of the terrific radiation technicians I see every day. 279 more words

Brain Tumours

Operating Room Video - Awake Craniotomy

Here is a live video taken in the Operating Room during my awake brain surgery. Perhaps not for the weak of stomach, but you can observe the brain mapping that is occurring, with the probing of my parietal lobe and sensory motor cortex. 115 more words

Brain Tumours



When did brain tumours become so damn popular?

I swear I feel like I cant browse my facebook feed, or watch a tv show without someone announcing that those headaches they had were the result of a brain tumour. 206 more words


The basics about Cancer..

Cancer awareness month….

Cancer is when your cells abnormally divide and spread to surrounding tissue which can start anywhere in the body. Your body normally grows new cells when the body needs them but when cancer develops, this natural process in the body becomes abnormal causing solid tumours (tissues stuck together). 304 more words


It was literally all in my head


In June of 2015, I was experiencing what I thought might be early signs of dementia.   I had even started a post about my feelings,  but I found myself incapable of clearly expressing my thoughts and concerns.   2,516 more words

Brain Tumours

Doing grey

Tomorrow is wear it grey day.  For one day I will be wearing grey.  Brain Tumour awareness may not matter to many but it matters to me.   63 more words


Craniotomy Part III: Recovery and Release

It is now two weeks since my surgery. This is part four of a set of posts I’ve written covering my experience. We left off at the conclusion of the procedure in the… 1,070 more words

Brain Tumours