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The basics about Cancer..

Cancer awareness month….

Cancer is when your cells abnormally divide and spread to surrounding tissue which can start anywhere in the body. Your body normally grows new cells when the body needs them but when cancer develops, this natural process in the body becomes abnormal causing solid tumours (tissues stuck together). 304 more words


It was literally all in my head


In June of 2105, I was experiencing what I thought might be early signs of dementia.   I had even started a post about my feelings,  but I found myself incapable of clearly expressing my thoughts and concerns.   2,516 more words

Brain Surgery

Craniotomy Part III: Recovery and Release

It is now two weeks since my surgery. This is part four of a set of posts I’ve written covering my experience. We left off at the conclusion of the procedure in the… 1,070 more words

Brain Tumours

Craniotomy Part II: Surgery

My awake craniotomy was scheduled for 8 am on September 9, 2015. I felt well prepared. I got up early, to take advantage of the last window for nourishment, at 5:30 am and downed a big cup of homemade bone broth. 2,042 more words

Brain Tumours

Craniotomy Part I: Preparation

I’ve known since May that I would be having brain surgery to remove as much of my brain tumour as possible. I’ve been fortunate to be seeing my rockstar surgeon (let’s call him Dr. 1,309 more words

Brain Tumours

My Awake Craniotomy Tales

Today I sit down to write. I haven’t done so for awhile. I’m a selfish blogger; I write when I want to, not according to any schedule. 1,012 more words

Brain Tumours

Treatment update

I am writing this blog with a heavy heart from my hospital bed at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. My Oncologist admitted me on Wednesday afternoon after our meeting as she felt I needed professional help to get my symptoms under control. 403 more words