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Do statins reduce the risk of brain cancer?

Statins are associated with a reduced risk of brain cancer: a population-based case-control study

Chen BK, Chiu HF, Yang CY

Medicine (Baltimore) 2016; 95:e3392.

Abstract… 233 more words

Chen BK

Important info: The fascist suppression of opposition to 5G technology rollout & what you're not being told

Thanks to thecontrail for this link. It comes from Josh del Sol, creator of the award winning doco ‘Take Back Your Power’ a must watch on the topic of radiation and the harm it can do to you. 527 more words


Malignant brain tumors most common cause of cancer deaths in adolescents and young adults

This article is just giving us statistics regarding brain tumors. However those of you who have read the research widely will know that any link to emf exposure from mobile phones is a controversial issue that is pretty much played down by the industries. 461 more words



I felt kinda hungry, it was close to midnight, bit late for dinner…even for Greeks…! I have been sitting in my chair for 5 or so hours, working from home, remotely, with my team, with texts, facetime, Skype and voice calls, a race with time to finish sending four abstracts of our work to the four-yearly (!) World Congress of Neurosurgery, this coming August, in Istanbul. 1,416 more words

Leeds scientists make breakthrough with potential brain tumour treatment

A new study has revealed that targeting the RAD51 molecule could potentially help oncologists treat aggressive brain tumours.

Although the molecule helps cells to repair their DNA, the new study has found that targeting the molecule actually increased the effectiveness of radiotherapy to kill glioblastoma. 361 more words

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Little Act of Kindness that Means SO Much

Today I was doing some research online as per usual, and, as so often happens, came across a very relevant video about a young boy with Childhood Cancer and a store manager who made a world of a difference just by caring… 1,265 more words


Brain tumours in children toolkit

The Royal College of GPs has launched the Brain Tumours in Children toolkit.

This toolkit has been designed to help GPs and other primary care professionals to spot signs of brain tumours in children as early as possible by highlighting ‘red flag’ symptoms to look out for, and providing up-to-date guidance and training resources all in one place.

11 (November 2016)