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Anniversary Craniotomy

Today, August 14th, is the three year anniversary of the day I received the phone call from my neurologist directing me to the hospital, because he’d seen a glioma on my MRI scan. 656 more words

Cancer Challenges

Pride and Progression

I feel compelled to tell you that I had a draft post ready to go entitled “Year Two of my Ketogenic Life”. One of the most popular posts here at Greymadder remains the… 364 more words

Cancer Challenges

Man adds zipper to his brain surgery scar

A US man managed to find humour in the face of adversity – by adding a zip to his brain surgery scar. 101 more words

Weird News

Selective mitochondrial chemotherapy, decimates brain tumours and headed for human trials

An experimental drug that attacks brain tumour tissue by crippling the cells’ energy source called the mitochondria has passed early tests in animal models and human tissue cultures, state researchers Houston Methodist and Weill Cornell Medical College.  155 more words


Revolutionary probe enables surgeons to detect all invasive brain cancer cells during surgery

Brain cancer patients may live longer thanks to a new cancer-detection method developed by researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University and the Polytechnique Montréal. 89 more words


Conn Bertish ~ Inspirational Brain Cancer Survivor

Good Morning Little Fighter Friends,

Today our post is not about childhood cancer per se, but is still a very inspirational story of overcoming brain cancer and about a new app that could have the ability to change millions of lives. 814 more words


Is Wi-Fi making your child ill? - from the NZ Herald

“Six years ago, Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe moved to the country, stopped carrying a mobile phone and sacrificed a successful career in emergency medicine to focus on a new medical interest – radiation emitted by Wi-Fi, mobiles and other wireless devices. 43 more words