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Think Smaller

In a recent study, researchers at Kern County have found that a larger brain isn’t necessarily a ‘better’ brain.

“Based looking at the quantity of brain mass, both in weight and volume, of individuals and comparing it with their various responses to tests, we have determined that a smaller, denser brain processes information at a faster rate,” says Eric Walhelm, head researcher at Brain and Lung Studies, “The capacity, learning ability and other factors are not affected as much, with no distinct determining factor found among our testing criteria.” 137 more words

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Marijuana Does Not Affect Brain Volume, Study Finds

Using marijuana does not cause changes in brain volume, a new study suggests.

Public health experts have cited concerns that using marijuana could be associated with structural changes in the brain. 356 more words

Memory and the brain

In my last post, I talked about the relationship between the mind and the brain in very general and abstract terms. This discussion was spawned by considerations upon the complex relationship between the size of the hippocampus (a brain region typically associated with memory ability) and episodic memory. 262 more words


Is lesser better?

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Human brain has strangely shrunk by 150 cc in last 30,000 years. 87 more words

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Antipsychotic drugs linked to slight decrease in brain volume

    A study published today has confirmed a link between antipsychotic medication and a slight, but measureable, decrease in brain volume in patients with schizophrenia. For the first time, researchers have been able to examine whether this decrease is harmful for patients’ cognitive function and symptoms, and noted that over a nine year follow-up, this decrease did not appear to have any effect. 496 more words


“It’s just a plant, fam” – Why cannabis isn’t the drug you think it is

One in three of us have tried cannabis. If you’re in that one in three, like I am, you were probably told this right before you tried it the first time: 587 more words


Breastfeeding & Bedsharing

Still Useful (And Important) After All These Years

Author // James J. McKenna, PhD


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Mothers and infants sleeping side by side, also known as co-sleeping, is the evolved context of human infant sleep development. 1,613 more words