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Scientists uncover how a fluctuating brain network may make us better thinkers.

For the past 100 years, scientists have understood that different areas of the brain serve unique purposes. Only recently have they realized that the organization isn’t static. 104 more words


What parts of the brain make our personalities so unique?

Since everyone is different in their own way, psychologists have debated how to characterise personality. The most popular approach has so far been to use five dimensions: openness to experience (curious or cautious), conscientiousness (organised or careless), extraversion (outgoing or solitary), agreeableness (friendly or detached) and neuroticism (nervous or secure). 68 more words


I need to explain myself

I am an emotional mess right now. I am crying over nothing and angry at everything. Detoxing off meth, especially as much and for as long as I’ve been running, is fucking hard. 541 more words

The End

Use Your Brain

Ladies. Gentlemen. Goblins. It’s time to have a little talk, and I would like to call this talk “Do your fucking research”.

Your opinions are your’s, and that’s more than fine, but please DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH. 267 more words

A day in the life of a hospital neuroscientist

By Jonathan Jackson, PhD

I am a cognitive neuroscientist on faculty in the Neurology department at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). I research the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease in a human research laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts. 1,278 more words


Look up instability and you'll see my picture

I am so fucked right now… the decision was made for me to quit using.  I’m on day two and I’ve never felt worse.  I am hunched over, weak, sobbing, weak, weak, weak.   280 more words