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Female Viagra - for when you just can't get "it" up... wait, what?

Congratulations are in order for those females who just cannot seem to get their libido flowing – FDA has been able to approve a new medication… 524 more words


rain and things

Today is the first rainy day I can remember in more than four months.

Four months of sun. Four months of heat. Four months of wispy clouds that offered no comfort or protection and burned off the sky by noon. 211 more words


Study: Marijuana Does Not Change Brain Volume

ST. LOUIS (CBS St. Louis) – As more states legalize the non-medical use of marijuana, public health experts are looking at how cannabis affects the human body. 266 more words


My Pain Has A Personality

I’ve hit another road block…bump in the road…hiccup…setback. Call it what you want – it sucks (I hate that word too!). After spending the day with my neuro we tried to pull together yet another plan. 784 more words


Despite the Headlines, Dementia Epidemic May Not Actually Be Getting Worse


A UK study shows that this sudden rise in dementia might not actually be true. One could argue that this could only be for the UK, and not include the United States. 8 more words

Why, Brain?

I’ve come to the realization that my brain is a real jerk sometimes. Surely, I cannot be the only one. From making me feel incredibly embarrassed about something that happened years ago or making me imagine faces in the dark, my brain is set to upset me. 148 more words


What happened to my accent...?

First of all, I push forward my apologies. Keeping this blog up to date alongside revising for exams was something I just wasn’t able to do. 915 more words