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That Late Night Brain Stomp - -

Around and around and around
Old music and idiot conversation
Like a heartbeat out of rhythm
Forms a buzzing, blurry halo
Rising smoke of nothing… 121 more words


Study Reveals How Little We Know About Each Other’s Intentions

Summary: Researchers report people need to understand what a person is trying to control by using a certain behavior, rather than trying to change the behavior itself. 916 more words


How the brain helps us to learn and make decisions, attention and learning

Summary: A new study sheds light on how the brain helps us to learn and make decisions in the real world.

Source: Princeton University.

The Wizard of Oz told Dorothy to “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” in an effort to distract her, but a new Princeton University study sheds light on how people learn and make decisions in real-world situations. 749 more words


Drawing brains

We are set up with Montclair Radiology to get reports and images of different scans. This one of a brain I found kind of fascinating. For some reason I didn’t realize that the spinal column originates in the brain. 41 more words


Day 13 - schizophrenia and dopamine (dope of mine)

schizophrenia and dopamine (dope of mine)


I am not a doctor or a scientist, just figuring out myself while walking my desteniiprocess

I do take my anti psychotic medication, in dialogue with my doctor, to balance my level of dopamine… 533 more words

Are you wired for negativity?

Research says yes.

Sorry, if you thought you were a positive person….

It’s called negativity bias. It’s sourced from a region of our brain that formed eons ago when when we roamed the Earth scanning for any sign of physical threat in order to survive. 515 more words