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The Power of 7: How It Affects Interconnectedness

by Waking Times

Infographic – There’s more to the number seven than what superstitions, traditions or the bible tells us – and this infographic shows us why. 59 more words


The Buddhist and the Neuroscientist

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

What compassion does to the brain


In 1992, the neuroscientist Richard Davidson got a challenge from the Dalai Lama. 374 more words


Brain cancer surgery (2)


Gue mau minta maaf karena dulu gue pernah posting di blog dengan judul yang sama tapi isinya ngga ngebahas ttng kanker otak sama sekali. Dulu, gue sempet nulis ttng brain cancer surgery karena saat itu lagi rame kontroversi ttng dokter yang melakukan malpraktek. 1,166 more words

Computers Inspired by the Human Brain

By Gina Adam

You may be able to read this text effortlessly but don’t be fooled into thinking that reading is an easy task! It took you many years of learning and long hours in school to become proficient at recognizing letters and words. 964 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Why is that song in your head... and how can you get it out?

Peru, 1985: Joe Simpson, a 25-year-old mountaineer, slowly lugs himself down the Siula Grande mountain in the Andes, after becoming separated from his climbing partner during a near-fatal fall down a crevasse. 874 more words


Gut Health Equals Mental Health

It has been confirmed that your gut microbiome has an impact on your brain function by a number of studies. Many people may not understand why this correlation exists, but in fact it is quite simple. 144 more words

Health And Wellness


Some people sleep  easily. I don’t. I’ve fought insomnia for years. In the last six, I learned that it’s likely connected to the depression. That actually helped me manage it a bit better, but a good, restful sleep is still a challenge. 364 more words