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What Are Mini Brains?

Brain organoids, also known as mini brains, are a collection of lab-grown neurons and other brain tissue. Mini brains have the same tissue types as a full-sized brain, but they’re organised and structured differently, which strips their ability to develop consciousness or think for themselves. 42 more words


The hurdle that stops us

Self talk is very much part of our life.We are always doing it. We self talk all the time.Positive self talk enhances our life. Deliberately talking positively helps us immensely. 13 more words


A Short in the Brain

It was a simple Christmas gift card that eventually led to my realization that my brain is not wired symmetrically and I may no longer be as confident about learning new things as I used to be. 428 more words


Power of mindfulness

Mindfulness is required in life, to be happy in life. Mindfulness is a state of mind where you think with full potential. For better decision making and open thinking, one must practice mindfulness…

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Brain Connections Set Creative Thinkers Apart

By Tereza Pultarova

Being creative is all about making connections — in your brain, that is.

In a new study, scientists found that the brains of highly creative people have more connections among three specific regions compared to the brains of less creative thinkers. 483 more words

Focus Locus

I honestly cannot fathom what goes on in anyone else’s mind simply because it’s difficult to hear what with all the poining and zoinging of various ponderings, meditations, medications, and and such.  361 more words


Meningitis the sequel

4 years ago.

Post brain surgery

a normal complication.

But one that I think removed the bulk of my leg use.

But now here am I… 26 more words

Me And My Defects