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Brain Review: Pink

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This brain was given to me almost 38 years ago (gasp!).  This brain is made up of tons of emotion, very little reason, lots and lots of creativity with a bit of artistic talent, the capacity for gigantic love but also the capacity for giant anger, little to no capacity for solving mathematical equations, a small capacity allocated for anxiety, and a large portion dedicated solely to depression. 233 more words

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Does Writing Affects Your Brain? – foodforthebrainblog

Both the frontal and parietal lobes of your brain are involved in writing. The frontal lobe also is responsible for reasoning, planning, problem solving, judgment and movement. 34 more words

Fructose is Generated in the Brain

The researchers found cerebral fructose levels rose significantly in response to a glucose infusion, with minimal changes in fructose levels in the blood. They surmised that the high concentration of fructose in the brain was due to a metabolic pathway called the polyol pathway that converts glucose to fructose.

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More on Brain Health in Young Children and Effect on Life Course

Brain health in early childhood is a recurring theme of your News Blog. Peter Chilton referred me to an interesting article in Nature Human Behaviour published at the end of last year. 322 more words

Richard Lilford

Lil Jon Is Getting a Tiny House Complete with a Recording Studio and Bar: 'Yeeaaah'

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Lil Jon now has a lil house.

The Atlanta-based rapper-producer, 45, is the latest celebrity to jump on the tiny house trend, but he’s not moving into his pint-size space. 187 more words


Deep State Neuroscientists Believe They Can Turn Off Free Will

by Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer Waking Times 

Neuroscientists have argued whether we even have free will, but now they want to turn it off. 1,080 more words