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Taking Tiny Breaks Is Key To Learning New Skills

Brain activity associated with learning of left-handed key-presses during rest periods, via Bönstrup et al 2019
By Matthew Warre

A wealth of research has shown that taking breaks is an important part of learning. 497 more words


What Am I a-Freud Of?

Gotta bone to pick with my therapist. “Breakthrough” my arse! Repressed memories are repressed for a reason, doc! I mean, hey – if I had wanted to remember that overnight camping trip when I was a Webelo scout I would have. 115 more words


What is Subconscious Mind, Really?

The brain is the highest complicated organ of the human body. Doctors and researchers are bringing to light many unknown facts about the brain everyday that we did not know about earlier. 387 more words

I Am Not Defeated.

Today has been tough, and rough as hell.

I had an appointment with the specialist about my brain tumor: which he said is the least of my worries. 133 more words

My Life


Why we name everything
Why should we name anything?
Language exists as a portal to the soul
And the soul is the language we use… 62 more words


The Anxiety Antidote

Some of you may think anxiety can be controlled by thought or emotion – and to some degree yes it can be.  I utilize methods like meditation, breathing exercises to keep them at bay. 603 more words

Shelley Adamo: Consider the Invertebrate

Shelley Adamo was recently asked to testify before the Canadian senate as to whether or not lobsters felt pain (Image Credit: Marco Verch, CC BY 2.0… 1,415 more words

The Forefront