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Where is my water?

Where is my water?

Don’t be panic it’s nothing but a game.
It very interesting Game,If you love puzzle
Game. Any one can play this game specifically for child . 115 more words

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New Scientist - The Stupidity Trap

In the latest New Scientist is an article that attempts to explain things that I’ve also tried to explain but they of course take a different angle. 2,791 more words

Climate Change

19 Interesting Psychological Facts You Didn't Know

Have you ever thought why you feel the way you do, or do the things you do? Do you know why our individually unique brain functions similarly at unique level. 288 more words

Interesting Facts

Autonomy: Creation comes in the absence of control

The human brain doesn’t work Monday-Friday, 9-5, between four walls; sometimes, it works under the stars at 3am.

In my research on instructional design, I have come across several articles and TED videos that challenge the traditional structured environment in both the professional and educational fields. 309 more words

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It's all in your head

When people tell individuals with mental illness that “it’s all in your head” – well, yes, it IS in their head. And did you know that the head is a part of the body? 174 more words

Mind is a Cage

I haven’t been back to this place since the day I sat beside her and watched my close friend fall apart at the seams.

Visiting was hard. 605 more words


Fractured Fragment Friday: “The Unreliability of the Mature Mind”

“The Unreliability of the Mature Mind” is an ongoing concern for me as I watch my memory slip further from being reliable. I wondered – if you had an advanced brain-washing technique that involved creating false memories by building new neural connections, would it work with people whose neural pathways aren’t holding together? 1,094 more words

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