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The substitution argument

A preprint came up a few times in my feeds, titled: Falsification and consciousness.  The paper argues that all the major scientific theories of consciousness are either already falsified or unfalsifiable.  846 more words


What I learned from Jim Kwik's free E-Book

1K Blog Marathon: Day 56

It happens.

I click on an advertisement in YouTube about how a “boy with the broken brain” turn out to be a mind master. 1,010 more words

1000 Days Of Blog

Neurological Disorders: Causes, Symptoms, and Detection

A neurological disorder, as its name suggest is any dysfunctioning in the neurons i.e. nervous system. This dysfunction can be structural, biochemical or electrical abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord or other nerves resulting in a range of disabilities. 760 more words

Nostalgia reimagined

The Blue Boat (1892) by Winslow Homer. Courtesy the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Neuroscience is finding what propaganda has long known: nostalgia doesn’t need real memories – an imagined past works too… 737 more words


Freedom or Choice—Can we have Both?

Can humans think instinctively? Freedom of choice is precisely the state of not choosing. What is freedom of choice, when choice is the analyzing act of hesitation while making a decision and ignoring the instinctive action that has the backing of evolution? 482 more words