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Brain Review: Social Anxiety Dad

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Having failed to contact the seller, I am afraid that this review remains my final means of retort for what has proven to be a highly conflicting purchase. 757 more words

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The neuroscience of imagination

Our imagination is one of the most interesting elements of the human experience. But our natural ability to conjure up creative stories and original thoughts is somewhat of a mystery to most of us. 25 more words


Author Question: Brain Infection

Dale Asks:

I have a character who ends up in a coma for three days. The character suffers from viral encephalitis which is brought on from huge amounts of stress, and I only have a little bit of info about this. 377 more words

Infectious Diseases

Why My Brain Sucks

I feel it—the need to complete my work, borne of knowledge and routine. As a college student, this acts as a clock that is always ticking. 603 more words

Exercise can boost your memory and thinking skills

Eat less; move more; live longer. That is the mantra of this blog. moving more keeps the organic machines we know as our bodies in tip top shape. 466 more words


Women in STEM – Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson – Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant at University of Iowa

  • B.S in Biology & B.A. in Psychology

Life Inside the Lab:

What is your research topic?  1,384 more words


New research linking Autism to the bacteria in your gut.

Research at the Californian institute of Technology, are researching the link between imbalances in intestinal bacteria, and it’s effects on the brain.


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