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My First Post

So I guess this is my first post. I’ve been procrastinating for months now and telling myself this blog was a terrible idea, and that no one is going to give a shit about it; and thats true… Relatively no one will see this blog unless my facebook friends are linked to it, or by some chance I become relevant to the neuroscience/psychology world, and/or the blogosphere in the coming years. 392 more words


Whirled Geography

Monday mornings are often as notable as Friday afternoons in my brain. It’s as if both hemisphere’s distance themselves from one another within my scull as far as possible attempting to allow extra space for my problems. 446 more words


The Singularity is coming! 

My friend has been fascinated over the emerging technologies in the field of nanotechnology. The brilliant inventor and writer Ray Kurzweil, speaks of a “Singularity”, where man and machine will fuse and elevate us into the next phase of human evolution. 502 more words

The Minority of Left-Handers

In the past, our labels screamed misfits, tricksters, the “unclean,” satanic, inept; even in the present age, we are still quietly discriminated against by government agencies, feared by religious institutions, and ignored by educational systems simply because our dominant hand is our left hand: personal desks are designed with right handers in mind, right handed scissors, and even notebooks are difficult to use. 506 more words

Journalism Portfolio

The Science Behind Depression

Depression is the most common mood disorder in the UK, affecting 8-12% of the population in any year (although statistics on this tend to vary), but still a lot of us know relatively little about it. 1,100 more words


Brain Damage Occurs After 6 Minutes, But the Holding Breath Record is 22?

The air you inhale is ~21% oxygen, and the air you exhale is 13-16% oxygen. Hold your breath for a minute with a blood oxygen meter on, and you find that there is zero change in the amount of oxygen your blood is carrying. 280 more words


What being a cyclist has taught me

This is me doing what I love to do, racing in a criterium. A criterium is a bike race on a short closed course for a specific duration, usually timed. 1,690 more words