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Chess: The Brain at Work

If you’ve ever played chess you know how stressful it can be to make your next move when you’re going up against a strong opponent. If you haven’t played chess, then you should give it a shot! 375 more words

Risk Factor: The Pursuit of Happiness

The Epicureans say the highest good is happiness. Thomas Jefferson enshrined the right to pursue happiness in US law. Our society considers happiness the ultimate goal for every citizen. 450 more words

Body Intelligence

Such an uderutilized form of intelligence!
It take so much practice but is for me the most valuable tool!

(Note this is a long post, but I totally believe its worth listening to till the end! Lol)


No Brain = Brainless?

Today, I talk to a friend who is doing an animation recently in Hong Kong via Skype. We discuss the hiding meaning of animal. For example, snake means treacherous. 411 more words


ReLearning to Walk After A Stroke

I recently presented at a Stroke Symposium for the Pacific Stroke Association and several members of the audience asked me to post my slides.  They are posted here for educational purposes only. 110 more words


AI Is Changing Our Brains

“Artificial intelligence is shaping not only how we think, but how we see ourselves. Will you one day be held accountable for something your digital self did without you knowing?” 1,074 more words