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What happens in multiple sclerosis, exactly?

What is it?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is neurological disease. It is characterized by the loss of the insulating covers that allow electrical signals to pass in neurons. 511 more words

We Are Built For Change

When you work in the health sector, you know that something new is always around the corner.  When you do communications in the health sector, you’d be lucky to get to the corner without something changing. 893 more words


Psychedelic Drugs To Treat Alcoholics

Flickr/Frerk Meyer

Doctors are talking about using psychedelic drugs to treat alcoholics

by Kevin Loria

Treating an addiction to a mind-altering substance with another mind-altering substance might seem counterintuitive, but more and more, researchers are finding ways that psychedelic drugs like psilocybin mushrooms and party drugs like ketamine could actually help people get over alcohol and drug addictions. 587 more words


The Brickyard

If boundaries were brick walls, I’d lose my frontal lobe to ramming.

And when that chunk of brain was laying on the ground all minced to gory pieces, I’d trample over its carcass trying to crash the next lobe in line into that same bloody bricked up spot. 55 more words