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Inspirational Quote

Today, Runner’s World’s inspirational quote comes from Amby Burfoot and is:

“I always tell beginning runners: train your brain first. It’s much more important than your heart or legs.”

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Energy on the Rise

I’ve had a good week. I have been dedicated to doing my runs — I’m now at 3 minute running intervals. And, with my new tracker, I have also been dedicated to making sure I have 10,000 steps per day. 140 more words


Managing Stress

Placed it in point of view. Possibly you’re frustrated that you didn’t get an advancement you were up for or worried that cash is somewhat tight not long from now as a result of a surprising hospital expense. 357 more words


Don't set your tent on fire

Zambonnie: Bye Mum! I’m off to Camp!

Mum: Wait, what? Camp?

Zambonnie: Yeah camp, you know cabins, people, setting things of fire?

Mum: What? Fire? What are you… it’s the end of March! 569 more words


Universal Genius: Under the Radar

“Goethe can never be dear to men.

His is not even the devotion to pure truth; but to truth for the sake of culture.

He has no aims less large than the conquest of universal nature, of universal truth, to be his portion: a man not to be bribed, nor deceived, nor overawed; of a stoical self-command and self-denial, and having one test for all men, What can you teach me? 114 more words

Growing Pains

Growth and change are difficult things.

I believe, as human beings, that it is very easy for one to fall into a comfortable pattern, a way of doing things the same way or relatively the same way; over and over. 715 more words


Cause and Effect With Conscious Observation and Cause

The Mind is to the Brain as a Movie on the Screen is to its Projector

The Projector: moves the film and focuses light through the film, to project an image of the film onto a screen. 518 more words