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Too. Hot. Brain. Not. Work.

Hot weather seriously impairs my cognitive function and even small physical movements are exhausting. This post will be short.

But, I’ve noticed that many of us who suffer with squishy brains (as a good friend of mine calls mental illness) and other chronic illness have this problem with the heat. 100 more words


What to feed your brainwashed Brain

It doesn’t stop to amaze me how easy it is to brainwash people, especially in modern days in which technology is at our fingertips. What sense does it make to have information just a simple click away, if people do not take advantage and utilize this commodity? 775 more words


What Pixar's "Inside-Out" teaches us

4 Observations on Memory and Emotion

Last week I saw Pixar’s Inside-Out, and I really enjoyed it. It was really funny, but unfortunately I think I was also allergic to something in the theater, because a couple times my throat tightened up and my eyes kept watering. 49 more words

Behavioral Economics

Warning: transcranial direct current stimulation may alter brain protiens

I know it’s tempting, but here’s another reason not to rush into transcranial direct current stimulation:

‘To better understand the effects of current on the brain the researchers used only 0.8V , about half the amount found in a 1.5 volt battery.

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Reflections on changing conceptions of death, spirituality and consciousness

Writing Dying is Weird: A Journey of Enlightenment has truly been a labor of love for me and it is the culmination of many life lessons and experiences.  572 more words


Thought of the day

“Transformation in vision and consciousness will automatically create favourable circumstances”

How often do you want something, but realise it’ll take a bit of hard work and effort so you decide you don’t really want it anymore?

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Gene variant that regulates serotonin associated with greater risk of developing depression

University of Oslo says that people born with a particular gene variant have a greater risk of developing depressions, a recent study shows. Depression has been relatively under-researched, and clinicians are not, generally, good at treating depression, authors say, noting that only about 60 per cent of patients get better with treatment, regardless of which treatment they get.  78 more words