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The race to make conscious robots is putting the single greatest question about humanity to the test

Technically, there’s no known reason why a conscious machine couldn’t be indistinguishable from a human.

Consciousness is, in its most basic formulation, the state of being aware of one’s own existence and surroundings. 1,234 more words

Dominate Your Fears

For almost 10 years I didn’t wear a two piece bathing suit because I always thought “OMG, someone will look at me and laugh or say something mean about my fat belly or fat thighs or the fact that my butt isn’t perfect, big and perky and lets not start about my huge boobs not fitting in a top!” but the fact is, I was too worried about what others would say or think that I wasn’t taking the time to  love every inch of my body because if I did, who cares of what others had to say?. 270 more words


Please help me reach my goal! 

Hi! I’m doing another t-shirt fundraiser to help me with my medical bills. But this will also help me to spread awareness for the rare brain tumors I have AND #btsm (Brain Tumor Social Media). 64 more words


Unrequited Love

Heart is a terribly lonely place
Where reason fears to tread
Brain fried in fats of deep emotion
Unable to send or receive signals
Non reciprocated sentiments left… 15 more words


The Blueberry Blues

When touted in studies  as the ant’s pants, the bee’s knees of food for brain health; it is a bit hard to shy away from eating blueberries … … 63 more words

Brain & Gut Health

Brain Thoughts (Of You), acrylic on paper, 32 by 40 in. Emilia Kallock 2016

You, watercolor on paper, 11 by 9 in. Emilia Kallock 2016

Emilia Kallock

Is your brain really just a computer?

One of the most intriguing speculative arguments in physics and computer science isn’t really about physics or computer science at all. It’s about the brain — or more precisely, about consciousness — and it’s been going on for decades. 831 more words