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An Academic Analysis of the Similarities between Eggs and Brains (a Poem)

Holy moly, Uni’s hard.

Hard like hard boiled eggs.

Except hard boiled eggs are squishy.

Squishy like my brain.

When you spend a whole day reading… 88 more words

I'll Say It Again, Robots Will Be The Death Of Us

I find articles like this very disturbing, but even more worrisome is the opinion that most people have about the issue of artificial intelligence.  The first response is always, oh that’s science fiction, or that’ll never happen in our lifetime blah blah blah.  1,164 more words

It's Your World

Nociception is subject to all the truths and flaws of any other input system.

Patients never have this view, since their pain has been described to them in terms of body parts and structures.   492 more words

Physical Therapy

on panic, shower mishaps, and EFT

Well,  I had  an interesting , for  lack of a   better word , experience this  morning. I guess the better word would be ” scary”. 662 more words

All About EFT

The Power of Love

Love is a verb that cannot be forced, only channeled! For its power is far beyond what we could ever manifest or possibly wield. Love, you see, is the Force that fuels life! 66 more words

Upgrade Your Brain: Resources for Coding Beginners

Coding is fast becoming the new standard of literacy. No matter who you are, your age or what you do for a living, it’s time to get on board. 7 more words