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Underlinings (#68)

Mind scolds:

… imagine an entire city where the majority of people are voice-hearers and there is an elaborate cultural mythology for interpreting the voices as “personal gods”, where hearing divine or special voices talk to you is perfectly normal in every way. 135 more words


How to think about thinking people

Self-Control Is Just Empathy With Your Future Self

You’ve likely seen the video before: a stream of kids, confronted with a single, alluring marshmallow. If they can resist eating it for 15 minutes, they’ll get two. 94 more words

Behavioral Economics

Evidence Of A Christmas Spirit Network In The Brain

The Christmas spirit has been a widespread phenomenon for centuries, commonly described as feelings of joy and nostalgia mixed with associations to merriment, gifts, delightful smells, and copious amounts of good food. 2,745 more words


Blast my brain

Blast my brain

Beat my teats

Spring my flow

Caress my glow

String my gonads

Skip my monad

Stretch your mind

Skirt my moat

Stitch your trousers… 39 more words


8 Incredible Research Paper Assistance Tools Every Student Should Know For A Well Written Dissertation

The term “& ldquo; argumentation & rdquo; is not the most popular of terms, so a meaning needs to remains in order. An argumentation is a term utilized to describe a piece of composing that resembles a prolonged essay composed and sent in combination with a possible span for a… – #Brain, #SelfEducation – #Brain, #lifehack, #Self-education http://htzine.net/brain/8-incredible-research-paper-assistance-tools-every-student-should-know-for-a-well-written-dissertation/

Meditation For The Day -- The Vastness Of The Universe.

by Anura Guruge

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by Anura Guruge

Anura Guruge


I realized after going to the kitchen that there wasn’t any milk carton left on top of the freezer. I wasn’t going to use my chest freezer, so I had stacked bakery goods, milk, cereals on its top to have easier access to them instead of fetching them from the pantry. 221 more words

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