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Neural Plasticity: Can You Unlearn How to Ride a Bike?

This is a really interesting video by a guy who tries to learn to ride a backwards bike. It takes him 8 months of daily practice to master it. 49 more words


My Eldest (on the left)

My baby Haelie, nearly graduated! More beautiful on the inside, and brilliant, than even the outside!šŸ˜˜

Brain fog

So I’ve been feeling kinda out of it all day. My dissociation is bad, very bad. So bad that I went and missed my appointment with my OT Mark this morning. 223 more words

Is There A Way To Erase Memories From Your Brain? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

There are some things we’d all like to forget and doctors may have come up with a way to do it. Listen to the audio player to hear the new findings that could lead to doctors having the ability to one day erase certain events from the brain inĀ theĀ latestĀ  118 more words


Exploring different materials with Bone Sculpture

While I was making my larger sculptureĀ https://danielleeadair.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/trying-larger-sculpture/Ā I discovered how nylon tights and wool react with melted wax. This reaction had an impact on the way I was going to approach my next sculpture. 365 more words

Year 2

The pill can change the shape of your brain, new study suggests .

This could explain why it makes some of us feel so freaking crazy.

New research suggests that the synthetic steroids delivered by the female contraceptive pill can shrink certain regions of the female brain and could also be altering their function. 429 more words


Choice, a Function of Knowing

“When you don’t know the “why”, of what you do, You must rely on the how you were instructed.”-Gump