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What's Grey Matter & Are You Doing Enough To Protect It?

The grey matter is a very crucial part of the brain, it’s one kind of the tissue that constitutes the central nervous system, and an increase in it can lead to a boost in human IQ to an enormous levels. 147 more words


Meditation For The Day -- Moving On From Past Injustices.

by Anura Guruge

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by Anura Guruge

Anura Guruge

[Radiowave for the political plot]: Spies are surely active in the US with the electromagnetic manipulation

Generally speaking, the electromagnetic wave is employed as a supplement to the physical manipulation, which is occasionally used for the political plot. It is ranged from discredit to hospitalization, and even can assassinate others, but if that is the case, the wave is the center of its conspiracy. 487 more words


If Everyone Understood Consent The World Would Be A Little Brighter

Sometimes, the internet just give you gold.

I was scrolling through an article today, and as per usual, I went to read the comment section. Some people avoid comments like the plague, but I’m genuinely interested in hearing people’s opinions whether I agree with them or not, and sometimes I learn a thing or two or find a link to another relevant article. 1,159 more words

Yay! Chemo Starts!

Does that title shock you like it shocks me?  Yet there it is and it’s true!  The words sound almost mutually exclusive…and talk about a love/hate relationship!   137 more words