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I've been avoiding you my friend - Yoga.j

I haven’t written about yoga yet. Yoga is a large part of my life, and has been for close to 9 years. Yoga and I have had a bizarre roller coaster type of relationship. 1,201 more words

Life Moments

Game time!

As most of you know I love getting new toys for the puppies and dogs around here. And finding “games” for them to figure out is another great stimulus to get those brains going! 119 more words


The Brains of a Lawyer: How Smart are you as an Attorney?

We as humans are made up of five sense organs, which are deemed to function to provide optimal utility to our body. Indeed, science has proven that no part of our body is redundant, or acts as a mere decoration, they are all functional and useful. 406 more words


Back to the Books

It feels like just yesterday exam week was preying upon every sleep-deprived (and maybe a little delusional) college student, so how is it that fall semester has already managed to creep up on us all? 361 more words


How can I calm down?

We all have bouts of freaky emotion and panic and inner pain, hopefully not all at the same time. With practice, you will figure out what works best for you. 361 more words

All Kids

5 Late Night Snacks You MUST Try Before You're Shot In The Head And Killed, You Mindless Zombie Bastard

You know you shouldn’t do it, but some nights you just can’t resist. That late-night craving is just too much! So what should you be grabbing when you’re out and about, nothing’s open, and you’re a mindless, soulless zombie? 551 more words