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Technology and our Brains

Let’s consider this quote from George Siemens for a minute:

“Technology is altering (rewiring) our brains. The tools we use define and shape our thinking.” 236 more words


What a neato burrito

Sometimes we meet people who inspire our tired, worn out souls to rejoice in life once more. Among the range of chauvinists and bros, it’s a relief to my heart when I run into those with renewing energy. 333 more words


Crushing On Lupita!

It’s still celebrating Womanhood Wednesday. I’m loving the person of Lupita Nyong’o  today as I came across some of her amazing quotes.

I hope you find inspiration in this insightful quotes. 9 more words


The best planner supplies websites

If you are like me you enjoy decorating your planner, and changing up your planner theme from time to time. We all know about Michael’s,Hobby Lobby, and Joanne’s they are great for sticker books and paper pads, but there are some websites that have awesome supplies to help make your planner more personal. 408 more words


Rewiring your brain for happiness

This little Forbes article makes the point that brains are adaptable and plastic. And the good news is that this plasticity continues into the old age. Click here to read it.


Use your brainpower!

You know playing games, anything from Scrabble to chess, can boost brainpower. Well, neurologist Dr. Kenneth Kosik, who wrote “Outsmarting Alzheimer’s,” says games of skill strengthen memory, and sharpen our ability to strategize and predict what an opponent may do. 26 more words

Intelligence For Your Life

Meet The Brains Behind ClubClix

Meet the brains behind ClubClix. Surprise! He’s not only a tech whiz, he’s ex-Pro Tennis Player Sashi Menon. Learn his motivation behind creating the platform and how his innovative approach is helping to revolutionize the club experience for members all Read More