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I know, I know… It’s been a while. I’ve been neglecting my loyal droogies. But so far I’m still in the clear!

Here I am getting my second sexxy ankle band tattoo to commemorate two years survival post-tumor diagnosis. 15 more words


A No Brainer?

I came up with this idea earlier in the week when I read an article about the Brain family and the possibility of their deportation. This comic as drawn is not as topical as it was 3 days ago as the matter is being looked into more closely, 3 days ago deportation was “imminent.” Hopefully, everything works out for the best. 14 more words

If you want to be happy move to a cold country?

It is hard to believe. Whatever happened to the idea that the ultimate in happiness was lounging on a tropical beach, umbrella drink in hand, while island music wafted by on a soft ocean breeze? 32 more words

Y1: Favorite Posts

Survivor: Kaoh Rong Final Cast Ranking

Cast Ranking

Thanks for making it back, y’all!

Now that the meat of the finale has been processed- quite unlike Joe Del Campo’s- it’s time to get to the part I like best, talking about characters. 4,804 more words


You need no title to be a leader

5 rules that you should follow for 1 week and I am sure you will feel positive and more motivated.The… 77 more words


When The Dead Still Love the Living

While I have nothing against the subject, this will not have much to do with the afterlife or the idea of loved ones still watching over us. 18 more words