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I will eat your brain, asking quesions, watching and listening when you think you are watching me……..

I see your flakey little flaws, so easy, i will snap you, you little fucking twitch.

Poetry And Short Stories

It's Hard Out There For A B

The worst thing about being an imperfectionist is that it is generally not okay to be an imperfectionist in a perfectionist’s world. You are allowed to have imperfections, but you also always have to want to be better than you were yesterday. 533 more words


Why so sad?

It all started in October 2014. I felt either awesome or horrible, and everything seemed the same way. There was no middle point, no greyscale. I did not know what was happening to me. 1,057 more words


Why Do I Want to Blog?

Welcome to my blog: BeautyBrainsAndPharmacy. Ever since my Freshman year of college, I have been wanting to start a blog and finally have started this goal of mine. 150 more words


Johnson Went South

OK, I’m not as smart as I used to be. Age and gravity has pushed my brains from my Johnson to the bottom of my feet. 337 more words

Feminism today

I read a lot about this subject these days. There seems to be a lot of fuzz going on about the subject. Celebrities are telling women to empower themselves, to take control, to decide what’s best for us, women. 860 more words

Daily Life

The Cult of Craft Ale: Why I Don't Bother and Neither Should You

Beer. What is it? It’s a drink. It’s a drink that gets you drunk. At least it used to be. Now it’s a concept and a lifestyle that renders the above question far more complex and time consuming than it needs to be. 2,637 more words