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Wanna be with me? Make me SENSE safe ... / Gunpowder's intellect ... / Craving those waves ...

There were moments in his life when he had felt really safe.  But in retrospect, he realised they had made him immoderately unhappy.

Being with a lover who really did harp on about how his own flesh and blood had been as bloody as could be … well … it was something he ignored quite gladly at the time, but in retrospect, didn’t any more. 576 more words

Me To Yous

Never Bother Sally When She's Eating

Sally used a rock to crack it open and get at the yummy, gooey center. She took her spoon out of her rucksack, licked off the leftovers from last meal, and dug in. 176 more words

Short Story

Neuroscience shows that stress can actually make you better at your job

Helen felt a thumping in her chest and a knot of tension in her stomach. She had been dreading this meeting—but she simply had to confront her boss about her impossible workload. 819 more words

Halloween Gamer Goodies

“One Bite Ultimate Werewolf” cookies.

Game: One Night Ultimate Werewolf by Bezier Games

Here’s to hoping you avoid the shotgun while going for these tasty brains! 6 more words

Tabletop Games

The Sleeping Dead

Really nice zombie art by T. You’ve got to have your feet firmly planted in some drug-addled alternate reality to draw really good zombies.

Excedrin Extra Strength: When you really need to draw some bad-ass zombies.

Comic Commentary

Scanning the Brains of Earth's Megafauna

New to me and apparently in its early stages: a digital archive for the brain scans of megafauna. From the “Background” page: “Despite the advances in neuroimaging tools, they have not been widely applied to the brains of non-human animals. 105 more words

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