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Idea - SciFi Story

This is a little bit I wrote about a possible story. Science Fiction about a reptilian-like race that pretends to be humans and drinks the brains of “pinkskins” (humans) for pleasure. 45 more words


Time Roles

I’ve never been good with time. As it’s passing I rarely notice the difference between a few days and a few months. This is one of the ways I let friendships and goals slip away as winter turns to spring and year turns to year. 15 more words


iZombie S01E02 Review: Brother, Can You Spare A Brain?

In Episode Two of iZombie, “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?”, Liv helps solve the murder-by-paintbrush of a libidinous artist, and we learn that Liv is not the only one of her kind in Seattle. 754 more words

Recaps & Reviews

Detour to Depression

Brain synapses have always come across to me as roads. There’s interstates to certain memory patterns and behaviors that are habitual. Then there’s the backroads, gravel roads, and ones that are just plain impossible to navigate unless you walk with a scythe for the foliage and a shotgun for anything that will jump out at you. 343 more words

Deep Stuffs

Day 87: Makeover Your Makeover

Have you ever done a makeover? I’ve thought about it, but I always back down because in my mind I would need a whole team of people giving me advice and appraising my looks objectively. 234 more words


Day 85: Live by a Code

Who are we if we don’t live by a code?

Some people use religious rules as a code for their life, other people make up their own rules as they go. 293 more words


Day 84: Define Yourself with Music

Confession: I haven’t put a new CD in my car since college (which was almost a decade ago).

When did I stop actively seeking out new music and new bands? 103 more words