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Advertisements should be banned

There are two beliefs about advertisements which are seem to be accepted by every member of our society. The first one is that they are annoying, and one cannot avoid them. 491 more words

Day 601 - Personality of ...

Personality of …

I realize that I have this polarity dance within myself. It is the oldest game in town. Between positive and negative. You know like we were told that there is a Devil and a God, good and bad, and so on. 272 more words

Me Against the world

we have been living with soo many lies and the world is trying to make us believe they are the truth.

Tv is brainwashing us, they make me feel like i need to get money and date girls like kim and beyonce, if i can’t have models like that then i will feel in adequate. 106 more words

Don't Be Fooled!

Many liars and hypocrites down there, always on the prowl to rub some of their rubbish on us.


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Brainwash Skeletons

Aliens blush
vampires bite the air.
We dislike the 80’s –
Madonna’s virginity
was based on boredom.
Vertigo reflects my brown stain napkin.

If Hitler we’re alive today… 196 more words

Nano X