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Saimin Regulation: Episode 3

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Episode 3: Houjou Kokoro Lewd Enslavement-Arc

“Ok, this should be it.”

Having generally completed the hypnotic suggestions, I released a sigh.
Even though there were plenty of complicated instructions, she properly ruminated over and understood each and every one of them. 4,029 more words


Challenges & Success Part 3

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? Ever doubt yourself and think that you aren’t worth it most days? I can only speak for myself and sometimes I do feel that way. 414 more words

Constant Cycle

Everything is just a massive repeat, nothing ever changes. I wake up go to school and do the same shit every day. I’m sick of it. 179 more words


Don't Be F'd.

As soon as you ask permission, you’re fucked. Do what you need to do.

-M. Taggart


Where do they come from?

What combines to influence our thoughts to finally make a decision?

Why do we sometimes display such defense mechanisms from time to time? 255 more words



The room was guarded only by the ancient and heavy iron door. The room was dark except for the faint beam of light sifting through the cracks and crevices in the door and the walls. 834 more words


Tried to buy a gerbil today-Brainwashed already

I think I am being brainwashed..

Had a heated discusssion with my daughter about whether gerbils spread the bubonic plague.