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1b. Positioning

Winston Churchill once said that,“The further backward you look, the further forward you can see.” My thoughts about the future have drastically diverged and altered after using the various futuring methods suggested in Lab A. 526 more words


Reincarnation Hypnosis Ability: Episode 13

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Episode 13: The Church’s Busty Sister Irina (Cow Training, Breast Milking)

Hello, it is I who lost his reason last time, causing all of my Meat-Toilets to faint and am now left without someone to use a sexual outlet: Hashima Kouji AKA Kou-chan. 1,247 more words

Common Sense Alteration

Welcome To the Dreamhouse

You’re up for a high level management position at the Mattel head office.

When you applied, you were secretly giddy at the thought of allowing your sissy life to creep (just a touch) into your vanilla world. 519 more words


Reincarnation Hypnosis Ability: Episode 11

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Episode 11: Goblin Army Corp Assault Last Part, Adventurer Eliza, Asha (Neglect Play, Female Pig Transformation, Infant Regression)

Howdy. Having come to another world, this is Hashima Kouji AKA Kou-chan. 1,385 more words

Common Sense Alteration

Reincarnation Hypnosis Ability: Episode 10

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Episode 10: Goblin Army Corp Assault First Part, Female Adventurer Eliza, Asha (Double Fellatio, Double Boob Job)

Author Note:
Thank you for your feedback. 1,271 more words


Reincarnation Hypnosis Ability: Episode 9

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Episode 9: Village Girl Celica (Onee-sanXShota, Common Sense Alteration)

Author Note: The release was a little late m(__)m.

Having come to another world, Kou-chan AKA Hashima Kouji- 961 more words

Common Sense Alteration

Where Dreams are taking place?

Everybody is dreaming over night or whenever they are asleep physically. The vast majority – because the lack of knowledge – don’t even know what they are doing… 1,109 more words