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Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution (Updated)

From henrymakow.com, by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In about 50 years, homosexuality went from being universally stigmatized to being taught  and promoted in public schools.  What is behind this radical change? 1,270 more words


A piece of shit car or a loved one who bottles feelings?

We visited San Marino, Italy a beautiful, medieval city atop a mountain.(San Marino is actually a very small country within Italy). The evening was warm as the setting sun cast a fading, yellowish hue across the old stone walls and buildings. 908 more words



When a person isn’t ready to stop doing what they’re doing they simply will not. I know people sick with illnesses or going through all types of things, but they still refuse to change their ways. 469 more words

-Media Propaganda-

I wasn’t going to post today but dammit. I open my internet browser which is Bing by the way, and at the bottom it shows you all the top news stories. 311 more words

Religion intimidates children and young adults

By Evelyna Papoyan

As a catholic, Amber Rose was forced by her parents to read the Bible daily and was compelled to go to church every Sunday. 351 more words

I finished delirium

Why are all books sad? I lituurally just finished this book an hour ago and I’m still in tears. I love but hate it when a book does this to you. 336 more words

AmeRiKKKaZ HoTteST FeMaLe RaPpErZ In 2015 *BARS*

“Monster” Pull up in the monster automobile gangster with a bad b-tch that came from Sri Lanka yeah I’m in that Tonka, colour of Willy Wonka… 544 more words