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Pelatihan Softskill (Tidak) Diperlukan Semua Orang (at least not for me)

Jieee… sok-sokan banget mbaknya. Emangnya per-softskill-an mbaknya udah kece berat ya? Ga juga sih (insert emoticon awkward here). Ada satu hal menggelitik hati akhir-akhir ini. 1,547 more words

Inside My Brain

"Think For Yourself"

To find yourself, think for yourself. –Socrates

I’ve been working on unplugging my own connection to the political news channels. This picture is a perfect depiction of how we let ourselves become attracted to the media. 229 more words


War Obsessed


The war obsessed Hollywood characters depicted are propaganda machine brainwash to facilitate military industrial complex controllers’ war profits from American lives. It is what the late president Eisenhower called the US “military-industrial complex” to brainwash Americans for war. 214 more words


Of shoes and endings that fit

How would you define ‘perfect’ if I asked you to? And what would you say is your idea of a perfect ending? Wait, before you answer think about why the ending that you think would be perfect is perfect? 1,422 more words


How CHURCH uses the Bible to BRAINWASH you

Jesus Christ Himself is the object of our faith. Jesus Christ Himself is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. Knowing Him, following Him and obeying Him leads us to LIFE but churches use the Bible to brainwash people. 443 more words

Children Threatened with Losing College if They Attend Church in China

ICC NOTE: Rather than demolish churches and take down crosses, the Chinese government has taken the next step in using blackmail to limit child attendance amongst churches. 302 more words

Prayer Uproar


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