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MC Childhood Friend: Episode 87

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Episode 87 – Little Sister

Just as before, I once again changed MIHARU into a young girl.

This time, as my little sister. 248 more words


Cult(ure) Crime

When have we deserted our values for this new culture?
We scavenge on our brothers and sisters shares like vultures
Why have we become evil, chasing after money willing to be deceitful… 592 more words

MC Childhood Friend: Episode 84

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Episode 84 – Vacuum Cleaner

What suggestions can turn people into are not limited to living beings.

I can even make them into inanimate objects. 105 more words


"The Brainwashing of my Dad"

One of the assigned items under course content was The Brainwashing of my Dad trailer. Essentially, it unpacks the story of a man who was known as an accepting and kind individual until he started listening to republican radio stations such as FOX. 394 more words

Saimin Regulation: Episode 32

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Episode 32: Touhou Sunou Pet Classmate-Arc

When I brought Sunou, who had been made into a pet, into the classroom, the chime rang at just the right time. 2,675 more words


MC Childhood Friend: Episode 75

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Episode 75 – Controller Again

At first, I thought there was no point to it, but I unexpectedly came to like the controller. 425 more words