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Mr. Brainwash:騙人還是被騙的街頭藝術

街頭藝術原本是批判主流價值觀和對社會現狀的反思,如今大家耳熟能詳的街頭藝術家已經不是當年(或是電影裡)那個拿噴漆罐在暗巷裡跑給警察追的反叛份子。Banksy 和 Shepard Fairey 極具創意又與時事相關的主題透過媒體的報導、社群媒體的宣傳,成為熱門商品。Mr. Brainwash 和知名品牌和藝人的合作更上一層樓,是賣錢的藝術還是騙術實在很難區別。

Taglialatella Galleries 展出的 BRAINWASHED 其實很討喜,色彩繽紛,每個作品的主角都是耳熟能詳的知名人物和話題(顯然偷學 Andy Warhol),朗朗上口又很有少女風格的口號「Life is Beautiful」、「Love is answer」,這人明明是叔叔在 Independent 的訪問也是愛字掛嘴邊。

也許 Mr. Brainwash 因為紀錄片「Exit Through the Gift Shop」一炮而紅的過程太離奇,也許因為我太希望這一切都是 Banksy 主導的惡作劇,讓我對這大叔的作品抱持懷疑的態度,但是無法否認 Thierry Guetta (Mr. 10 more words


Full Moon, 16 October 2016 ~ Every thing comes to us when we are ready

**SkyView Astrology**

Full Moon, 16 October 2016

Every thing comes to us when we are ready
By Katharina Bless ©

In this Full Moon chart we find the Moon in exact conjunction with Uranus, the sun has been in opposition for a couple days already. 1,919 more words

Full Moon Reading

How brainwash works

Brainwashing is the attempt to change the thoughts and beliefs of another person against their will.

Psychology states that the study of brainwashing, which is commonly referred to as thought reform, falls into the sphere of “social influence.” Social influence happens every minute of every day. 282 more words



In response to the daily prompt: Careful

think twice before you push that button.
It might suck you in,
the screen
with its rambling, 289 more words


Role Models you said?

If not the biggest, certainly among top troubles of society nowadays is the praising of bad role models.

People are dying of hunger and nobody gives a damn but if a singing queen dresses in almost no clothes, everybody loses their minds. 413 more words


How Hollywood inspires jihad?

Who knew that Zoolander would eclipse The Siege as the most prescient Hollywood movie about jihadist terrorism?

The Siege, scripted by Lawrence Wright—who went on to author a groundbreaking study of al-Qaeda called The Looming Tower—is a pre-9/11 drama about a wave of jihadist atrocities in New York and the human-rights catastrophe thereby entrained, including the introduction of martial law and the internment of Arabs across the city. 147 more words