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TED Talk Parody Shows How Easy It Is To Brainwash Us With Formulas

Subliminal messages in advertising are but one tool available to public relations and propaganda professionals to manufacture consent, create unanimity, and encourage group-think. The use of formulas, scripts and rehearsals are also integral parts of the production process, and a look at how easily a formula can influence our perception of the information being presented shows us just how easy it is to be duped by well-presented nonsense. 466 more words


Would You Brainwash Yourself?

I usually give advice on Wise Wednesdays, but I feel I’ve done a bit too much of that these past few weeks. So, instead, let’s talk about something I… 484 more words

Word Salad Spinner

Poem: Craving

By: Malini Misra

She craved for what she hadn’t seen,
She craved for love she hadn’t been,
She dreamed of a picket fenced home, with two children and a dog, 115 more words



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The Kakotopian America: Privatized, Brainwashed, Dehumanized, and Alphabetized  

  • Parts 1 – 5 of the presentation are available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.
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The Cash-me-ousside girl is taking on the Kardashians

Earlier today, Danielle Bregoli (publicly well-known as the ‘Cash-me-ousside’ girl), has been reported to make comments on the Kardashians and stating that she “will whip all them Kardashian asses”.  494 more words


Packaged Consciousness and Disney

Mmmmmmmm. Pancakes. What a lovely smell to wake up to.

Before I was old enough to cook my own pancakes, I would frequently come downstairs after waking up on the weekends to find my dad hovering around the stove offering to make me breakfast. 924 more words


Life as a Brainwash Victim

Written by: Stephanie Littlebird Fogel

Your mind and unique identity are like software programs, a series of codes that have been compiled over the course of your life through experience, dictating your every action. 649 more words