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Reincarnation Hypnosis Ability: Episode 28

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Episode 28: The Corroded Class 3

I, Angelica, will continue to report.
I, Angelica, fainted after the fourth period’s lesson ended so Renko-chan woke me up. 1,225 more words


He Said To Me So Clear

The voice of one of the characters from my journal spoke to me. He said…Brenda,you don’t have mental illness. It was as real as it gets…like he was right here with me. 268 more words


Reincarnation Hypnosis Ability: Episode 27

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Episode 27: The Corroded Class 2

Author Note:
I’m late. I apologise.

Now then, I will continue to report about my—Angelica’s tedious and ordinary daily life. 1,621 more words



How controlled?

The internet has turned a large majority of the world into an unseen dictatorship, where people are influenced by anything on the internet. An untraceable addiction where the giants such as Facebook, google, Instagram can flip an election. 349 more words

Hamas modified study books in Gaza to brainwash thousands of Palestinian children

It was confirmed by the Information Center on Education in the Islamic Arab world. In the new texts there is a systematic demonization towards the Israelis. 912 more words


Rotting the Brain: Shark Tank & Undercover Boss

Two of the most dangerous shows on television are Shark Tank and Undercover Boss. These programs are mindless celebrations of capitalism – and are viewed by millions of working class people in marathon format. 337 more words