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Western Media and Word Play

It’s been a while right? Well now I know what writer’s block is first hand.

But once again, in light of recent events I’m starring straight at life’s mysteries. 748 more words

Western Media


In case you so happen to live under a rock, today there was a terrorist attack in Paris, where over 150 people died. As usually, the terrorist attack was carried out by religious extremists, because they love to show their religion’s peace. 437 more words


Ellis and Rose chat to me with Guinness hair but do not have a car made of cake

We met at a Pret a Manger in London’s Soho.

“What are you plugging?” I asked. “Harry Hill?”

“Yup,” said Rich Rose.

“Shall we get the plug out of the way?” asked Gareth Ellis. 755 more words


32.| The Problem with Our Education System Today

They say that your senior year of high school should be the most fun and exciting, but for me, it’s been everything but. From taking the necessary steps to prepare for college, to still attempting to juggle my current responsibilities, my stress level has been at an all time high as of lately. 2,151 more words

World Issues

The Bogey of Bernays

Edward L. Bernays (1891-1995) has been called by his admirers the father of public relations and, by his many detractors, the man who invented our current regimes of state fraudulence. 678 more words


Day 41(2) PISC -1967


I know what’s up:

fatigue is what DIs want!

Then they can brain wash.