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Already made choices narrow your sight!!

This is no more than an example that people believe what they are wanted to believe, sometimes there are no other choices and people are stuck between the two extremes, a kind of MODERN brainwash, splitting the nation between YES/NO, BLACK/WHITE, WITH/WITHOUT … 49 more words


TVNET Feministe (((Sandra Veinberga))) - anti-balto cilvēku propagandas izplatītāja


Cilvēki lēnām sāk saprast kāds propagandas mēdijs tas ir, un viņu reitingi krīt, tāpēc jau arī … 262 more words

Experts Reveal Techniques Used by the Media to Brainwash & Control Us


by Dylan Charles of Waking Times

With so much vitriol flying in every direction these days about fake news, Russian propaganda, misinfo and disinfo, it’s crucial to acknowledge and understand the fact that there is a definitive science to distorting reality and… 1,015 more words

Track Review: 'Ontology (Form and Content)' by The Maladaptive Solution

The Maladaptive Solution are an Orlando based collective of musicians including Brad Beard, Michael Carpenter, Michael Giblin, Jimmy Haber and Kylie Whitney, who create a refreshing brand of spiritual folk-pop with meaningful lyrics. 335 more words


Trust them.

They feed on your blind trust like maggots on a corpse. They promise you a better world while they dump your hopes in the pile of trash they think you are. 42 more words

Trickster Episode 10


This episode kind of defines everything that is wrong with Trickster. We have one of the core cast members abducted by the guy who has been set up to be the master-mind villain and now he’s been taken back to his lair to be brainwashed. 198 more words


Sons D’Cave abrem portas para – La Quina

Alguns meses já passaram desde da última vez que abrimos as portas da Cave, por isso não podíamos estar mais felizes por puder escancarar novamente as nossas portas. 182 more words

Sons D'Cave