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Greyhound Bound

When planning my journey from Texas back to Philadelphia to continue wok on Showbiz, I considered a few options; plane, train, automobile, etc. And considering price and experience value, I opted to take the bus. 289 more words


a pole through each temple.

it glistens

like hands of prayer.

electrify the minds.

weave justified crimes

to bend their space and time

and let all truths drip down the sides. 37 more words



Same brainwash, Same exact day

Same damn people trying get in my way

Trying to block my vision, That’s why I fall short

Sometimes this mission I want to abort… 107 more words



Day 11: Noon

“Brainwash” – Cillie Barnes


High school

I down all these halls seeing hollow people with know imagination or creativity, they just do everything there told exactly how there told they don’t put even the smallest bit of personality into it. 10 more words


The Art of Brainwashing (or “how to make friends in the post-apocalypse”)

The Art of Brainwashing

With the fall of civilization and the rewilding of society, strategic alliances with other apocalypse survivors will be paramount to long-term security. 2,128 more words

Neverman How To

Diamonds Are Bullshit

This should be at the top of the front page once and for all
I mean, not only this scheme hurt so many already, but people murdering each other and enslaving children in Africa.