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Slave of the Clock (1982)

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Slave of the Clock

Publication 17 July 1982 – 30 October 1982 (skipped an episode in Tammy 25 September 1982)

Artist: Maria Barrera… 1,850 more words


Princess Leia was right!

In the very first Star Wars movie, released in 1977, Princess Leia, being held captive by Grand Moff Tarkin, tells him:

That certainly seems to be true of individuals in the real world and the oppressive religions trying to control  them. 1,176 more words


Coca-Cola Life (Or: A Study in Greenwashing)

“Sweetened from natural sources”, the commercial proclaims triumphantly, as a model raises a signature Coca Cola bottle, dripping with condensation, to his lips, fading away in the glare of a lens flare as tasteful as the product advertised – but wait! 412 more words


"That's classic domestic violence"

You nodded sadly, “that’s classic domestic violence.”

I looked at you in shock. I couldn’t have heard you right. I couldn’t. There was no way you could be saying those words to me. 674 more words

Coercive Control

It's hammer time: Sarah Shahi's Shaw is back on Person of Interest...but how?

How you do matters as much as what you do. By that metric you’re all just terrorists and I kill terrorists.

We know Sarah Shahi is returning as Sameen Shaw on Person of Interest, but in what capacity?

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Sarah Shahi

Video: 5 signs you're a regressive Leftist

They use the term Right to describe conservatives, so Leftist is more suitable, plus, they aren’t liberal. They’re bigots and fascists (they want to ban other opinions and control everyone, respectively). 292 more words