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In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 58

Okay, I’m defintely sick, but I want to keep this going, nonetheless. My thought process for this one was fairly simple. Sickness sometimes brings fever, fever brings delusions and… well, blame my dirty mind for the rest. 59 more words


Voluntary brainwashing?

Oh fine, about time I did something mind control related again on here, and something I read today gives me the perfect opportunity to do this. 256 more words


Rise Above Your Raising

Every time I introduce myself to a new person, I feel this unstoppable need to describe to them my entire life story. I can’t help it. 770 more words

Religious Abuse

ATTN: Fake News

This might very well be one of the most important things I’ve written about thus far. Primarily because it’s currently a really popular topic but also because I think it’s more of a concern than it seems to be. 331 more words


Why I Will Always Support Open and Public Online Harassment

I am a victim of online harassment, and so the dull, unenlightened mind might assume I would oppose it, but I certainly do not. As an untouchable Superior, all attacks against and upon Me on a personal level are harmlessly absorbed within the glory of supreme ego, and turned around to nurture and uplift every aspect of My Self-perceptive universe. 416 more words


Where are our magic lamps?

Who put these fairytales in our heads?

Who brainwashed us to think great?

Who said that we’re unique;

Our lives are worth living;

That we gain more than we’re giving? 70 more words