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Reducing Religion Dream Act 2018

The IRS, the FDA, and the APA, are taking what it calls a “historic first step” toward eliminating religions’ addictive properties and concerns of mental health longevity by seeking comments on the impact of lowering non provable belief levels, how lowering of these levels might be accomplished, and whether doing so might have unintended consequences. 366 more words


Have You Heard the New Testament is Better?

You ever find that your thinking has been all wrong, and had an epiphany that Christianity is all what it is purported to be? Yeah, me neither. 369 more words


Is Stephen Hawking's Death a Coincidence? [video]

At this point, many of us no longer believe in coincidences in the heavily scripted world we live in.

As a result, the reported death of renowned scientist Stephen Hawking on Pi Day and the anniversary of the death of Albert Einstein may fall into the realm of suspicious, as have other celebrity deaths. 157 more words

God for a Day

My old medic partner won “CEO for the day” contest of a billion dollar company. It got me thinking, what if I could be god? What would I be, and what would I do? 470 more words


Leaked Pics of Actress Jennifer Lawrence Show Her Dazed ― After An MK Ultra Session?

Those of us in the know, are well aware that Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence is a MK-ultra mind-controlled beta-slave, in the Luciferian/Satanically controlled Hollywood “entertainment” industry. 528 more words


A Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

Deer Reeder,

After this one I’ve only got one more book to review and then I’m up to speed! I say this now but we all know what the reality will be, I’ll end up drowned in coursework and therefore will do more reading then reviewing in my spare time (if a laptop keyboard had the eye roll emoji it would go right here). 680 more words

Book Review

Are We Getting Any Better at All?

In 1918 world population was 1.8 Billion people. The world record 100 meter dash of 10.6 seconds was set by Donald Lippincott from the United States. 256 more words