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Religious Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide has a 250 times higher affinity to hemoglobin than Oxygen. CO poisoning can be fatal, and when poisoning is survived it takes about 6 hours to remove half the CO from your blood stream, then gradually over the course of days you release the rest. 191 more words


Do This Or Unplug! URGENT Warning To Every Man, Woman and Child

Please share this URGENT message wherever you can; the word needs to get out!

The time has come for every man, woman and child to realize what is happening on every screen they view…be it your phone, computer or television.  601 more words

Self Awareness

You may not be what you think you are. You may not be as clever or adept as you think you are either. According to… 372 more words


What Does Your Abuser Look Like?

“He was active at church.

We lived at a private lake, owned waterfront property, and always had a boat and toys.

He was self-employed.

He was a steward and Samaritan. 94 more words

Abuse Against Women

MORE BRAINWASHING: Guess How Many Of Top 50 National Universities Have Conservative Commencement Speakers — the DC drain - conservative politics

ㅤ”Liberal commencement addresses aren’t inspiring; they’re divisive. Telling students they’re helpless victims, that there’s no amount of hard work that can help them overcome the social justice ills of our society sets graduates up for misery, not success.” Full story at Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire, image from dailywire(.com) – 5/16/18.

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The DC Drain

God Works Through Doctors/Scientists

I’m sure god has already thought of everything, then at the right time to keep up with the needs of his children, he puts the thought “out there” for some laboring scientist heathen to have an “aha moment” of discovery, thus benefiting all mankind and saving the day—But, as always, too late. 242 more words


The Medical Doctor: Active Co-conspirator in Maintaining Universal Death for All

Very recently I went to see a medical doctor in order to receive my annual physical examination. Every year I get a physical, in honored reflection of the limitless love I hold for Self. 1,147 more words