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Braised Apple-Red Cabbage with Chicken Breast and Spanish Salsa Verde

This dish is a low carb, tasty and easy to make, it’s overall flavor is sweet and sour and let’s face it… it doesn’t hurt the eyes to look at. 674 more words

Meat & Poultry

Chicken Chasseur

A French classic that never seems to go out of style, this earthy dish combines mushrooms and chicken in a tomato and white-wine sauce. The name, literally “hunter’s chicken,” harks back to a time when game birds and mushrooms from the woods were a natural autumn combination.

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Braised Ginger Pork Slices

Delightful Gingery Pork Slices

Similar to ‘Braised Ginger Chicken’, “Braised Ginger Pork Slices” is another humble dish and again, an absolutely favorites among the Chinese households ( 403 more words

Chinese VianD

5 spice-ish turkey and tea eggs

I know this looks bland but this is actually the most legitimately aromatic thing I’ve cooked this year so catch the tea on that…

For your information I emerged from home this week with a ziplock baggie containing cinnamon, 花椒, star anise, cloves, and that big seed thing that looks like a peach pit. 561 more words

Veloute veal stew with braised rice pilaf

White veal stew?! How much more French could it get?

November 29th, 2016 13 more words


Braised Pork Belly with Coke

This simple dish is one of my favorite dishes.  My brothers and I loved drinking coke when we were young.  My mom liked buying a big bottle of coke for us during festive periods.  243 more words


Dutch Oven Braised Turkey

When you want the standard elements of Thanksgiving dinner — the turkey, the sweet potatoes, and some greens for good measure — but crave something a little bit different, turn to braised turkey.

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