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Wei Ji Braised Duck: Keeping a family legacy alive

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Wei Ji Braised Duck: Keeping a family legacy alive

There are many heartwarming stories rising from our hawker heartland.  Selling food and providing transport is a lifeline for many in most societies. 545 more words


Braised Soup

Can we make a tasty braised soup with minimal fuss and work? Yes! I have a shortcut method for you ;)


  • Lor soup from your local mixed veg stalls (such stalls are commonly found in hawker centres and coffee shops)
  • 199 more words

Grandma's Basic Chap Chye (Peranakan Braised Mixed Vegetables)

My grandmother is, hands down, the greatest chef in my life. And she makes THE BEST Chap Chye (Peranakan Braised Mixed Vegetables) every Lunar New Year or special occasion. 1,227 more words

Trying out some new, bold lip colors

As I said in an earlier post, I’m getting back into wearing makeup after a hiatus – and I wanted to try out something different. I’ve basically run out of all of the colors I used to wear, or they’ve just expired. 726 more words


Amazing Braised Beef

I found a chuck roast as I was going through my freezer, and figured “why not.” Only problem was, I never made a chuck roast before. 120 more words


Iberico Pork Japanese Style Chashu チャーシュー


Before even opening the door to the kitchen, the glorious smell of melting pork fat coupled with the sweet and salty smell of simmering soy sauce is enough to make anyone salivate. 1,597 more words


Braised Balsamic Pork with Grapes

We’re not really a picky couple when it comes to meat. We pretty much like it all. Our weekly routine usually consists of two nights of fish or other seafood, a night of beef, and pretty much the rest of the nights with chicken of some variety. 629 more words