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Spotting braking problems before they stop you

When driving on the road, a crucial part that you should always pay attention to is your brakes. After all, they are the one part that stops your car while it’s hurtling at 55 mph down the highway or slower speeds on the local roads. 82 more words

MGym® Tech Tip Wednesday #3


It’s time for the MGym® Tech Tip!!

As a gymkhana rider you must do your best to be either on the throttle or on the binders (front/rear), coasting is something that should be avoided as much as possible.   314 more words


Back In A Kart!

Back In A Kart!

When a few mates over Christmas suggested we should go karting, I realised it had been over 2 years since I last went to my local track!  486 more words


How to Replace a Brake Booster Check Valve

If you have been experiencing poor braking performance in the form of a stiff pedal, don’t immediately think you need a new master cylinder or brake booster. 612 more words


Jagwire Pro Inserts Wet Compound Review

Brake pads are brake pads right? Wrong; as with most things cycle related there are plenty of options when it comes to brake pads. If you live in the UK then you are currently spending a large amount of time riding in the rain, one thing you might notice is just how bad it makes your brakes. 176 more words


Ferrari 360 & F430 Rear Discs and Pads Change

I cannot take the credit for this post, it was sent in by fellow F430 owner Marc Legadec.  The procedure was performed on an F430 but it is also identical for the 360.   516 more words

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