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Cycling is Evolving Fast, Stay Up: Lennard Zinn's New Road Bike Maintenance Book Covers New and Old Tech for All the Bikes You Ride

Lennard Zinn’s New Road Bike Maintenance Book Covers New and Old Tech for All the Bikes You Ride

Lennard Zinn, the world’s leading expert on bicycle maintenance and repair, has released the new fifth edition of his best-selling guide Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance. 473 more words


Is Automatic Braking in Automobiles Inevitable?

What if you could have a system in your car that is always alert, never tired or distracted, watching the road for you? Sounds ideal and could become a standard feature for cars in the future… at least for 9 automakers who have announced they will make automatic braking a standard feature for all of their makes and models across the board. 107 more words

Curious about that collision-avoidance technology in cars these days?

In many of today’s advertisements, car companies are marketing innovative accident-avoidance technology in their cars, which includes instant (automatic) braking via detectable radars. According to an article by “Auto Guide”, “These systems work with a combination of lasers, radar or cameras, to detect objects in front of a vehicle. 414 more words


Item #8. Nürburgring.

“And then we drove the Nurburgring” – As we tell the story of our EuroTrip, this statement probably brings about the most shocked/surprised/jealous reactions, for people who know what the Nurburgring is. 965 more words


Must Get Out on my Bike More Often

I cleaned my bike this weekend, cleaned the chain and the brakes and finally today went out on my bike after a 2 month break – can’t below it has been so long. 210 more words


Drivers Safety Thoughts and Tips - Are YOU Prepared?

(the image above is from http://www.streetsblog.org)

No matter who you drive for or what you drive…..everyone needs to be safe and I hope no one wants to see anyone else have an accident. 509 more words

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