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Salem School Division to welcome teacher from China

SALEM, Va. (WSLS 10) – The Salem School Division announced Wednesday it’s already looking forward to the next school year thanks to a unique grant it has received from the State Department. 154 more words


@font-face Brings An Interesting Consequence To The Way You Read On The Web: An Editorial

“It Reads Like Butter” For The Web

Call me a purist, but in my line of work as a typographer (and rarely, type designer), I usually cling tightly to the most conservative of rules: readers will read best under the condition that they’re most used to. 341 more words

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COLABORATORY 2009 Reporting Starts On July 10th

Take 10 of the most driven advertising students in the country. Give them three different roles. Put them in an agency for two week for an extensive internship.

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More Evidence Of Text Rendering Issue In Mail.app

If you’re a stickler for pixel-level details, you may notice that, under Light, Medium and Strong font smoothing setting in OS X, light-colored text set on dark-colored backgrounds will look thicker than dark text on light background. 131 more words

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OS X 10.5.7 Text Rendering Issue On Mail.app

A strange thing happened to me every time I composed a piece of text on my OS X 10.5.7-powered Mail.app.

(My text setting is Lucida Grande at 12pt. 197 more words

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Dorkbot Lecture Series 0x03: An Event Review

Every six months or so, the Dorkbot group (self described as “people doing strange things with electricity”) that usually meets every other Monday at Backspace gathered around for a lecture series. 1,234 more words

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