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Brampton Summer: the return of the Falcon

The familiar flight silhouette. An insistent call, loud and chattering, high up around the upper branches of a swaying Poplar, following by an effortless scything flight. 108 more words


Brampton Summer: the song of the Blackcap

Not quite a Nightingale. This song was full throated, but without the seemingly endless variety of its relation; this was the song of the Blackcap. This morning we had the chance to stop and watch for a few minutes. 105 more words


An Open Letter to Brampton Property Owners: Beware!

अपने घर के मूल्य खतरे में है

Learn How an LRT will erode the value of your home on resale

P.I.T. an old formula

Bankers, financial experts and mortgage brokers have used this simple rubric for decades to determine the carrying cost of residential purchases (homes).  1,484 more words


Brampton Spring: the elusive Cuckoo

Cuckoos are mysterious. It is in their nature. Since the first Brampton Cuckoo arrived and started calling on Easter Sunday, there has been a suspicious silence. 122 more words


Brampton Spring: Swifts return

The return of Swifts to the village sky makes this a red letter day. News of their reappearance elsewhere in England was announced all over Twitter yesterday – I can’t quite fathom out why Gloucestershire should see them before we do in Norfolk, but that was how it appeared. 122 more words


Brampton Spring: arrival of the Cuckoo

The Cuckoo is slightly early this year; announcing his presence with a circuit of the village at 5.15 this morning. In the clear, slightly chilly morning air his call was clear and close – the closer they are, the more the syllables separate. 11 more words


Brampton Spring: mimic

For some days now we have been scanning the skies for the early morning Buzzard whose call drifts across the village. The strange thing being that Buzzards are not normally early risers. 85 more words