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Brampton Autumn - a solitary Wigeon

A solitary duck springs up from the pool above the mill. It’s long wings and markings characteristic of a Wigeon – normally a coastal bird of salt marsh, this one spent the night at Oxnead. 7 more words


September skies

This week the House Martins abandoned our skies and headed for warmer climes. Recently they had gathered in wheeling flock of 40+ over the village – something akin to training flights for the late fledged young combined with a feeding frenzy. 78 more words


Brampton Autumn - the Roe

The deep repetitive bark of the Roe Buck echoes around the wood. A sure sign that the rutting season is in full swing as the buck, high on testosterone, marches in wide circles and calls to those that would hear.   13 more words


Brampton - last of the Summer Swifts

A lone Swift flies over the garden this afternoon. I had become so used to the packs of Swifts cutting through the skies and round the chimney tops, that their absence brings a strange silence to the evenings. Autumn is approaching.


Brampton Summer: the return of the Falcon

The familiar flight silhouette. An insistent call, loud and chattering, high up around the upper branches of a swaying Poplar, following by an effortless scything flight. 108 more words


Brampton Summer: the song of the Blackcap

Not quite a Nightingale. This song was full throated, but without the seemingly endless variety of its relation; this was the song of the Blackcap. This morning we had the chance to stop and watch for a few minutes. 105 more words


An Open Letter to Brampton Property Owners: Beware!

अपने घर के मूल्य खतरे में है

Learn How an LRT will erode the value of your home on resale

P.I.T. an old formula

Bankers, financial experts and mortgage brokers have used this simple rubric for decades to determine the carrying cost of residential purchases (homes).  1,484 more words