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Brampton Spring: arrival of the Cuckoo

The Cuckoo is slightly early this year; announcing his presence with a circuit of the village at 5.15 this morning. In the clear, slightly chilly morning air his call was clear and close – the closer they are, the more the syllables separate. 11 more words


Brampton Spring: mimic

For some days now we have been scanning the skies for the early morning Buzzard whose call drifts across the village. The strange thing being that Buzzards are not normally early risers. 85 more words


Brampton Spring: Easter Sunday - departures and arrivals

The morning of Easter Sunday is clear and bright. The fresh southerly breeze of yesterday afternoon has delivered change. This morning Spring migrants have arrived. Only last Thursday the Winter Thrushes, Fieldfare and Redwings, were gathering on the freshly ploughed Church Field. 110 more words


Brampton Spring - wisps and waxwings

The Island was full of Snipe. As we walked along the footpath they spring from the river margin singly and in groups, or “Wisps” as they are known – such a descriptive collective noun; covering both their alarm call and their diminutive and rapidly scattering disappearance. 51 more words


Watching a Narrow Group Hijack a Great City

Absolutely the funniest Tweet ever: this was reposted by an “alleged” community group (Brampton Focus) and represents ultimate hypocrisy on the part of that specific group and its secret cadre who make it their mission to stir divisiveness among Brampton City Council Members entirely for their own self aggrandisement and ego promotion. 105 more words