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Game of Anticipation: Stark Kids

MOAR Season 6 photos! More, I say! Also, too, we’re told to expect a teaser airing on HBO this Sunday night. We’re getting teaser videos on Twitter for teaser videos on HBO, and we’re totally eating it up. 99 more words

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Game of Thrones Season 6: All you need to know.

For 6 years now we have hung on to and been addicted to this series more than a drug junkie. We have spent our six years still waiting for the winter to come (No hurry, George). 919 more words


Blood magic and weirwoods: did Bran consume something more than weirwood paste?

Art by Marc Simonetti, via Google search and asoiaf.westeros.org 

Bran, who by the end of ADWD is still only about 9-10 years old, goes through some pretty confronting stuff in ASOIAF. 609 more words

Bran Stark

Wizarding Alphabet: A is for Arya, B is for Bran

This post will be discussing two children of Lord Eddard “I love that bastard” Stark and Lady Catelyn “I hate that bastard” Stark.

No, I’m not talking about Stark bastards, I’m talking about two of the legitimate children, Arya and Bran. 2,575 more words


A Game of Thrones - what wrong we can do for love?

What would you do for the people you love?

In biology, there is this concept that is called “kin selection”, which says that people (and sometime animals) can sacrifice (lives or materials) for the well-being of genetically close individuals, such as family members. 464 more words


The First Exclusive Look at Bran Stark in HBO's 'GAME OF THRONES' Season 6

Check out your first exclusive look at the return of Isaac Hempstead-Wright as Bran Stark in HBO’s hit fantasy series adaption Game of Thrones season 6, which can be seen down below! 101 more words


Game of Speculation: What are they doing in that cave?

My brain basically has 13 tabs open today, and they’re mostly about Game of Thrones. One would think I would no longer have this problem now that they’re finished filming. 228 more words

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