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So What's a Christian Cult?

Cults are not necessarily what you might think? Christian cults are very alluring and attractive to the vulnerable masses. Who are these groups? Why do they prosper? 1,082 more words


Branch Davidian Pisces E.P. Review

Branch Davidian

Pisces- 2015

Nick Matthews – Drums
Rick Brophy – Bass
Dan Lozzi – Vocals
Henry Mitchell – Guitar
Nick Cabral – Guitar
  1. Skywalker will join us or die…
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Setting Waco's Record Straight

Oh Waco.  The little city with too many drunken selfies. The latest of course being mug shots of bikers who turned our Twin Peaks restaurant into a bloody mess. 609 more words


Waco doesn’t deserve the blame – again

Once again, the city of Waco has fallen victim to what happened in its vicinity, and certainly without any blame to its residents or its leaders. 864 more words


Twin Peaks shootout is not Ferguson or Baltimore

In the wake of the deadly biker gang shootout in Waco, the national conversation has turned to trying to fit Sunday’s bloodbath into the larger conversation about policing and race in the United States. 553 more words


Little Utah 5

“I hate this song” She said after a while of not saying anything.

“So,” he said, “What’s up? Are you okay?”

She glared at him. She knew about shit like that, she said. 551 more words

K.C.M.O.-Abduction: Christian Cults

K.C.M.O.-Abduction: Christian Cults

During the summer of 1995, I was traveling through Kansas City Missouri. I decided to apply for a job opportunity at a leading telecommunication company. 1,392 more words