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Making Fun Work for Financial Capability

> Posted by Sonja Kelly, Director, CFI

Some financial institutions are gradually recognizing the importance of making financial products fun, but does this strategy work to build financial capability? 524 more words

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Akankah Branchless Banking Merubah Wajah Perbankan Indonesia?

Harus diakui, bahwa masih banyak masyarakat Indonesia yang belum tersentuh akses oleh industri perbankan. Kendati jumlah jaringan kantor industri perbankan di Indonesia terus menunjukkan peningkatan, namun sebagian besar masih terkonsentrasi di kota besar saja. 360 more words

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Injecting Meaning into Digital Customer Experiences

> Posted by Ignacio Mas

Digital has killed many products (think of the music CD, then the newspaper, and next, possibly, the book) but enables much broader, more flexible customer experiences (think iTunes, Google Alerts, the Kindle). 1,076 more words

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The Trouble with Retail Credit Cards

> Posted by Danielle Piskadlo, Manager, Investing in Inclusive Finance, CFI

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“Would you like to save $10 today?” In the United States, it seems you can’t shop anywhere these days without hearing this question at the checkout counter. 739 more words

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Why Digital Wallets Stay Empty – and Six Ways Providers Can Help

> Posted by Innocent Ephraim, Ignacio Mas, and Daniel S. Mhina

The following post was originally published on NextBillion and has been re-published with permission. 1,242 more words

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10,000 Datapoints: Exploring Senegal’s Financial Access at the Commune Level

> Posted by Joy Kim, Financial Inclusion Analyst, MIX

Today we launched the Senegal Financial Inclusion Workbook 2.0. Since its first iteration in 2013, MIX added a significant number of additional datasets at a more granular level: The total number of financial access points amassed increased from 1,903 to 10,155. 648 more words

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BiM – The First Fully-Interoperable Mobile Money Platform: Now Live in Peru

> Posted by Center Staff

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Yesterday marked the official launch of BiM, Peru’s groundbreaking nationwide mobile money platform. It’s been a historic collaborative effort between the country’s government, financial institutions, telcos, and other players. 547 more words

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