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Iterating to Innovate: What We Learned with mVisa in Rwanda

> Posted by Mark Pickens, Senior Director, Visa

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The future doesn’t come with an owner’s manual saying how to set up, operate, or troubleshoot it. 1,218 more words

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How Do Professionals in a New Industry Learn Their Craft?

> Posted by David Porteous and Gavin Krugel, Chair and CEO, the Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI)

We have each been involved in the field of payments in some way or other for fifteen years at least. 772 more words

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World Savings Day: A Global Celebration

FI2020 Week is a global conversation on the key actions needed to advance financial inclusion. From November 2-6, 2015, stakeholders around the world will participate in more than 30 events and share their voices over social media, with #FI2020. 704 more words

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The False God of Innovation

> Posted by Kim Wilson, the Fletcher School, Tufts University

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In the olden days, awards were not given for innovation itself but for how effective an innovation was in relation to the importance of the problem it solved. 800 more words

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FI2020 Progress Report Launches in Three Days!

> Posted by Susy Cheston, Senior Advisor, CFI

In three days the Center for Financial Inclusion will unveil the FI2020 Progress Report. In it, we define progress made toward financial inclusion and make predictions about the most critical issues facing the industry. 436 more words

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