Coca-Cola: 10 Enjoyable Spring Activities

This has been a cold winter, but spring is coming soon! Here are ten enjoyable activities to do when the weather gets warmer.

1. Enjoy a relaxing day in the park. 64 more words

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Zillow: Katy Perry Sells $12M Hollywood Hills Home

Pop star sensation Katy Perry has sold her $12.2 million home in Hollywood Hills. The home features a 10-car garage, 6 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, infinity pool, media room, and many other lavish elements. 38 more words

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LinkedIn: Top 10 reasons you hate your boss

Just got to a new job and think your boss is great? You may not have those feelings in two years. Research shows that boss approval decreases by thirty percent on average after working for the same company for two years. 107 more words

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Cure that Cold With Some Healthy Chicken Soups

On a cold winter day, nothing warms you up quite like a steaming bowl of soup.  But underneath the healthy label, canned soups can contain… 135 more words

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Can Vehicles Be Full Sized & Fuel Efficient? Aluminum Could Be Solution

In the constant fight to make vehicles as sturdy as the are fuel efficient, Ford may have come up with the solution. The General Electric partner will release its highly popular 2015 F-150 with one major change – an aluminum-alloy body.   133 more words

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Bobs need braids, too.

It’s time for all braids to be created equal. Long hair usually gets the upper hand when it comes to braids, but it’s time for the all the real bobs to please stand up. 312 more words

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