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Social Media Marketing - Handling Big Brands Vs small Brands

In Today’s social media world, where we are operating in a clutter of advertisements, creativity is a challenge. We see marketers and creative strategists putting in strong brains to come up with viral and engaging ideas for ads and campaigns so that they can show up good reach, engagement, sharing and other insights to clients. 436 more words

Uber: The corporate identity change no one seems to get

Uber has changed its logo and the social media world went mayhem. Even though I don’t use the app, I’m familiar with the iconic black-and-white U. 450 more words

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Enhancing Your Content Game in the Competitive Landscape

Looking at the business and marketing landscapes today, content is truly becoming an important aspect because of its capacity to pull in and retain clients. For this reason, businesses in New York are also beginning to see the importance of employing an expert… 399 more words

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The Role of Content Curation in Search Engine Marketing

Looking at the search engine marketing in Oakland, California today, a lot of seasoned SEO practitioners and marketers are integrating quality content creation into their strategies and long-term plan because they are deeply aware of the sustainable benefits that insightful, informative, and meaty content can bring. 392 more words

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Marketing strategy with purpose. Turning consumers into brand ambassadors.

You have optimized your website, put your pay-per-click strategy in place, secured back links to your website and have built Facebook and Twitter pages.  All tactics to create traffic to your site. 709 more words

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Best Influencer Marketing Plans of 2015

“Sometimes your best advocates are your customers themselves. Approaching influencer marketing on a micro scale, Lululemon found that tapping the enthusiasm of its most active consumers can lead to inspiring results.” – Kim Westwood… 7 more words

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Week 2 Bootstrapping a Startup

As my second week comes to a close I want to take some time and reflect on what is working and what is not to hopefully give an aspiring entrepreneur some much-needed resources. 667 more words