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Multicultural Millennials: Building Relationships with Young Consumers

Recent insights from Nielsen reveal that “multicultural consumers are transforming the U.S. mainstream… (p)ropelled by the twin engines of population growth and expanded buying power.” I explored the Nielsen data in a previous post, reaching the conclusion that in order for brands to serve this rapidly growing segment of… 713 more words


Brand Advertising: Why do we need it?

Every marketing plan that is actioned is to fulfill a certain goal or purpose. Mostly, it is for the business to generate revenue or to make a profit, which is the case of most businesses, however ‘performance’ driven activities are not the only way to make a business successful. 813 more words

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Experiential Marketing

For any brand to continue evolving and remain relevant to a consumer over their lifetime, it has to deliver a specific experience or solve a “Job To Be Done – JTBD” . 668 more words


Why People Unfollow You

I should probably preface this short read by declaring that this advice is intended for brand pages – if you’re looking for insight on why people unfollow your personal page, then this is not the article (however I would suggest finding new friends, or filling up your schedule with additional post-worthy moments—get engaged, get a puppy—whichever one is easier). 244 more words

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The MultiCultural Edge: Who Are Tomorrow’s Super Consumers?

Recent Nielsen data confirms a seismic shift that is occurring in the demographics of American consumers. First released in 2015, Nielsen’s report on The Multicultural Edge… 724 more words


The branding of human capital

Recently, the business community across the United States is finding it more difficult to attract and retain talent. While some businesses have tried to create a better work environment, others have tried to create a vision of their company that is at the intersection of brand and culture.  234 more words

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Hire a Professional Agency for Your Brand Development and Watch Your Business Grow

One way to ensure longevity for your business is by focusing on your brand development. Essentially, this is a marketing element that allows you to promote your brand even in a nutshell cohesively. 126 more words