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"How do I know what my first goal/priority should be with a new start-up"

“Me and my friend are starting a bags and backpacks line. The idea is to make fashionable items for men that travel often. Businessmen, travelers, sportsmen. 482 more words

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Digging Deeper into Sports Marketing

The idea of sports brings an array of “color” to people’s mindset as it applies to the flashy components that come along with sports and entertainment. 437 more words


Orange & Pink

The happiest color combination

Orlando Seo Company Increases Your Business

Orlando Seo Company
Orlando is a competitive marketplace for any business, no matter if you are online or bricks and mortar and this day and age, you have to get your brand online. 323 more words

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To go to College? Or to get a watch?

April 24th is upon us.

With Apple being one of the, if not the, leading innovators in expanding smart technology, everyone is in a new “Apple-craze” due to the new release of the Apple watch. 293 more words

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What everybody ought to know about a Marketing degree and how to take charge of your education

As I approach my graduation I find myself reflecting on my past educational journey and how my educational expierences have shaped who I am today. I quickly realized that there is a disconnect in what is being taught in the classroom and what I am expected to know. 352 more words

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Tips and Tricks for an Effective Resume

Resumes can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re starting from scratch. The question, “is my resume good enough?” always hangs over the heads of those who strive to be noticed in the stack of resumes employers look through on a daily basis. 721 more words

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