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What I learnt about Brand Development/Marketing from Observing Jehovah Witnesses

Known for their unusual and unconventional methods of communicating their doctrine, the Jehovah Witness organization is one of the most growth driven religious organisation in the World today. 994 more words

Brand Development

“Busy” is Not a Badge of Honor and Three Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

The digital revolution and the era of the internet came with many valuable improvements on the way humans interact in business and society, with developmental encumbrances and many of setbacks but these also came at a few costs. 1,075 more words


What Cristiano Ronaldo Teaches in Brand Development

The World stopped as Ronaldo stepped up to take that free kick. Spectators paused for a few minutes, David De Gea held his breath, the defenders all lined up braced themselves. 420 more words


The evolution of brands

Brands over the past few centuries have been formed based on a number of factors. Long ago brands identified a craftsman’s work and were part of his or her name giving recognition to the person who made the product. 533 more words

Brand Development

Complete Guide For Building Online Presence Of A Brand

Innovations and speedy developments in the technical world have revolutionized the field of small businesses. Entrepreneurs, standalone professionals, retailers all are now experiencing an exceptional freedom as small business owners. 474 more words

Corporate Identity Assignment – Milestone #2

Please select  your preferred option for the Logo.

LOGO OPTIONS 131 more words


Brand is the organisation's DNA.

Brand.  That much talked-about subject which marketers so love to pontificate over. When brand is thought of as purely a marketing activity it is immediately put in a box – it’s seen as something intangible, mysterious and expensive to manage. 206 more words

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