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The Content Creation Quagmire- How to Jump onboard

This is what all of knoodle’s clients are talking about: how to join the modern marketing movement by jumping in as content developers. Most of my clients do not want to do it- but realize that it is increasingly how business is done. 174 more words

17 Years of Using my Knoodle - A Reflection

I  started my agency in 1999, because I wanted to give my clients everything I promised without ever having to compromise my values. I found that this was difficult in corporate media. 530 more words

Let's talk about rice.....

The inspiration for this post is a combination of the Asian love for rice, a fabulous Vietnamese restaurant in London and the increasing importance of heritage branding of Asian commodity exports. 1,038 more words

Brand Strategy

Apple's Strategy is Off-Track

Apple has been riding a high for several years now. It is consistently ranked one of the most valuable brands in the world, beating long time competitor Microsoft by a wide margin. 4,659 more words

Brand Development

What Social Media Best Practices Can Help You Develop Your Brand Image?

I recognize that in today’s dynamic digital landscape, we have no choice but to use social media to develop our brand image.  613 more words


The Ten first logical steps to setting up a business

We’ve read up from books, to the internet to varying opinions, setting up your own business isn’t just funding & a good logo, sometimes it helps to follow a step by step checklist before you even considering launching a brand. 1,011 more words

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