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Things to Consider When Planning Photo Content for Social Media

Some real quick tips for you today:

• Hire a professesional photog or videographer, and make sure someone from your new media team is there to help coordinate the shoot and ensure you’re getting what you need. 132 more words

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4 Essential Steps That Will Maximise Your Brand’s Impact

Launching your own brand, business or product soon and want to make sure your impact in market is monumental?

Thought so.

We’ve got you sorted with our 4 essential steps that will… 255 more words


Creativity at the Heart of Strategy (Advertising)

In this blog post we break down the importance of creativity in brand development and more importantly how we define creativity today.

Creativity needs to be at the heart of strategy… 284 more words

New Media for Dummies: Ask Less, Trust More

I used to keep myself up at night writing novel-worthy emails and reports, all in hopes of people understanding what an agency like me does when it comes to new media facilitation. 619 more words

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Personal Branding

Recently I was asked what the impact of personal branding is.

Many companies are an extension of personal brands that have been leveraged. As an example, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods personal brands have been leveraged by Nike to create a brand within a brand. 187 more words

Brand Development

SPEED KILLS – Don’t Rush Your Business to an Untimely Death

A lot of young people who are going into businesses make one very disastrous mistake which eventually affects their business negatively. They look at already established businesses in their niche and they set their mind on competing with those already established brands. 430 more words


What's the marketing magic bullet?

My favorite question as a marketer that I’ve ever received is “what’s the marketing magic bullet?” This question automatically implied the following thoughts to me: 266 more words