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What “Job” Does Your Brand Do? by Steve Wunker, New Markets Advisors

The great management scholar Peter Drucker wrote a half century ago, “A customer rarely buys what a company thinks it is selling him.” What Drucker meant was that customers aren’t buying products but rather are just trying to get jobs done in their lives, and products or more frequently brands help them to do this. 524 more words

Brand Strategy

How to destroy a brand through poor communications - the Nakheel example

I’ll admit it. Every now and then I do get pangs of schadenfreude when I see brands being pulled up online by the media and the public. 608 more words

United Arab Emirates

I Like Driving In My Car.

– or; What Will Jezza Do Next?

The rights and wrongs of Clarkson-gate to one side, his ‘moving on’ raises some interesting questions about the relative strength of media brands in the 21st Century. 235 more words


Five of the Best Marketing “Aha” Moments …Ever!

In our marketing profession, what is truly better than that satisfying moment when the light bulb goes on and the solution we’ve been searching for is suddenly revealed—and then surpassed in brilliance by the light of strategic creativity? 647 more words


Brand Attributes are important

In order to experience the uniqueness of a Brand and make it stand out of the crowd, it is essential to have some brand attributes. Attributes are nothing but features of a product, person, thing or even a destination, which make it different. 316 more words

Brand Development

The Best Marketing Advice I've Ever Heard

I am a huge fan of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and I believe that Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose have been doing a phenomenal job of bringing insightful thought leadership around content marketing to marketers around the world. 306 more words


A New Brand Equity Measurement: From Knowledge To Engagement

Banyak pakar pemasaran mengatakan bahwa pertempuran merek itu sebenarnya bukan terjadi di pasar, tapi ada di benak konsumen, siapa yang berhasil memenangkan pertempuran di benak konsumen, merek itulah yang memiliki peluang terbesar untuk menjadi pemimpin pasar. 651 more words