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Singapore Airlines: Are there any take-backs in PR?

Singapore Airlines have faced an onslaught of criticism since they published photographs of their congratulatory party for Joseph Schooling, Singapore’s star in the Rio Olympics who clinched the gold against Michael Phelps. 261 more words


Six mistakes to avoid when creating user guides

A first-rate user guide – whether in printed / PDF or in video format – is a crucial part of ensuring your customers have a positive rather than a frustrating experience when learning to use your product or service. 689 more words

Brand Equity

Environment & Health consciousness drives Millennial buying decisions

Perception is everything.

No. This is not a philosophical beginning to a sermon. What this article talks about is a million dollar question that generates billions for the world’s most renowned companies and how!! 666 more words

CCC Supporting Charities within our Grass Roots Communities

Canterbury Teamwear has been busy supporting a number of charities throughout the 2016 season. Below is a snapshot of some of our teams supporting many worthy causes. 200 more words

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The Power of Brand

Brand is what we see and imbibed in our daily lives. Some brand takes years to establish their mark and some takes just one viral shot ( Like a video or a commercial , may be a product that didn’t exist before). 335 more words



Ponsonby Rugby Club is the oldest extant member of Auckland Rugby Union, has the most ever All Blacks and a key client for Teamwear Sport in increasing brand awareness and loyalty with our core consumers (hands on the ball client). 206 more words

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On Monday 16th May, fifteen Teamwear clients from our Vic marketplace had the pleasure of being involved in the second ever North Melbourne Football Club training day. 285 more words

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