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When Equity Out-brands a Logo

When you think of a brand, you think of a logo. A positive brand image then usually derives from an imbedded brand story, clear positioning within the market, a product that adds value, and above all: a strong logo. 372 more words


What Really is Customer Experience?

Finally started my own podcast after contemplating it for a long time. I hope to add value to everyone that listens to it. My fist conversation is with Jake Sorofman, VP of Research at Gartner. 29 more words

What makes a brand like Canterbury?

Dedication, belief, love, a connection.

There’s a reason Canterbury has been around for over 100 years and it’s linked to all of the above statements, that’s what makes a successful brand stand out from the rest of the pack.

Brand Equity

CRM vs. IMC #foodforthought

Although CRM can be thought of as a sub-part of IMC, there is no question CRM has achieved a much higher level of awareness and acceptance in the C-suites of companies. 116 more words


Book Review: Brand Equity – An Indian Perspective by Trott and Sople

For me, Brand is recognition with added value in mind of potential consumers. Value of a brand comes from happy and satisfied users. Happy and satisfied users create brand value or brand equity. 278 more words


Reputation management - Brand equity's new paradigm

We seemed to have reached the end of an era with the VW emission fixing scandal in the last few weeks. The unfolding of events around the scale and impact of the scandal impacts the holy grail of corporate reputation and its management. 1,537 more words