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"Frankie's Holiday"

“Frankie’s Holiday” – Apple

Apple’s done it again. This holiday season, the company released an incredible tv spot for the brand with the message “open your heart to everyone.” It begins with a Grinch-esque view of a man on the top of a mountain alone, recording a Christmas jingle from his music box onto his iPhone. 631 more words

Havmor looks for a bigger scoop

Ahmedabad-headquartered Havmor Ice Creams has had the national market in its sights for a while now. In fact, in the summer of 2016, a time of the year when ice cream brands launch their marketing blitzkrieg, Havmor surprised many with a high-decibel national campaign. 838 more words

Brand Equity

"How Instagram Automated Comments Ruined My Business and Brand"

…is something you hopefully never have to say to yourself. Through our short stint on Instagram we are constantly on the receiving end of non-targeted, non-relevant, and sometimes inappropriate automated comments that are a sure-fire way to remove legitimacy and integrity from your business. 

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Success Leaves Clues: Five Ways To Not Screw Up Your Instagram Automated DM

by Hassan del Campo

Have you optimized the full utility of your Instagram account? Here are some ideas that might help you rethink how you to use Instagram’s real estate. 486 more words


BRAND AWARENESS – WHO ARE YOU? By Chinwe Bode-Akinwande (CBA)

If there is any position a brand wants to take in the mind of the people, definitely it is the top of the mind. There is a thin line between Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty, but that does not make Brand Loyalty automatic. 438 more words


The art of video advertising…

Defined by the dictionary as; the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services, advertising has proved to be so much more. In fact, advertising is tone, language, message, voice, connection and experience. 600 more words

Video Advertising

5 well‐established brand equity measures

1. Harris Interactive’s EquiTrend
2. Young & Rubicam – BrandAsset Valuator
3. Interbrand
4. Prophet (David Aaker) – Managing Brand Equity
5. Research International Equity Engine