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This June 8 through June 10th, The Blonde Spot’s founder and owner, Sarah Bettencourt, will be speaking and hosting sessions during The Teenpreneur conference in Jacksonville Florida, hosted by TeensGotCents’ Eva Baker. 442 more words

Brand Marketing

Your voice, your brand, your whole being should be celebrated. Deep within each of us is a passionate soul waiting to burst free and collaborate with the world in the form of a confetti party. 270 more words

Brand Marketing

4 Reasons Why Influencer's Voices Are Louder Than Others

Social media influencers are quickly becoming the showiest voices in the marketing world and businesses are eager to find them, partner up and create that fundamental association between influencer and brand. 759 more words

Facebook's Branded Content Feature

In the past few weeks, Facebook rolled out it’s Branded Content feature to the public (beyond verified pages, which have had it for quite a while), allowing brands to co-brand content, view the ad’s analytics, and use the ad on their own channels.  312 more words

Social Media Marketing

5 Ways To Promote Your Business Without Being Too Pushy

The last thing you want to do is be the person that other people dodge in the hallways of the mall to avoid being asked if they can rub a sample of lotion on your hand so you can “feel the difference.” Or the person shoving flyers into the hands of people walking too quickly to even care. 307 more words


Guest Speaker

Having guest speaker Ana López come and speak to our class the other day about advertising and brand marketing was a really cool and interesting experience. 471 more words


Brand Marketing: Estrella Damm

The former digital media manager of Estrella Damm, Ana López, spoke to my Journalism 2.0 class about brand marketing. Estrella Damm was the first beer brewed in Barcelona in 1876 and is still very popular in Spain today and has expanded to many other countries outside of Spain. 841 more words

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