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The 3 Journalism Techniques That Every Brand Should Follow

Ah, that potent magic of journalism boosting your brand’s marketing goals. The sweet concoction goes a little something like this: a smart nose for news, an uncanny ability to a tell a story, and effective delivery of  a compelling narrative. 21 more words

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Effects of Social Media on Marketing

The world in which we are living today is a digital world. People all over the world are always in touch with each other and are aware of the events that are happening around them and in different places. 299 more words

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​Yahya Farid The New Music Sensation In Islamabad

Posted ; by unaid parsa

Yahya Farid is a young 26 year old Islamabad musician who completed his graduation in law from LUMS and he’s a practicing lawyer too but apart from law he works passionately for music as well. 410 more words

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How Brands “Make Track For Stars”?

Luhan, one of the most popular entertainers in China, with 40m fans, announced his relationship on Weibo. This reached 800 million people and broke Weibo. Many brands posted this story to try and ride on the momentum. 315 more words


Does Your Charity Website Leave Users Guessing?

Nearly every charity shares the goal to grow. Your charity’s website offers one of the best platforms for the world to learn about your organization and support you in achieving that goal. 576 more words


Branding Questions To Ask Before You Move Forward With Print Projects

Print is often your first point of contact with a potential client or customer – whether they catch a glimpse of one of your posters… 812 more words


How to be the best in market?

How to be the best in market?

Market, many brands, variety of business with huge spectrum of customers. Survival is the key to be alive in market, but to be the…

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