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3 Ways to make your brand personality shine online

Brand personality is the nectar that attracts the bee. Much like interview candidates with similar resumes, an employer will ultimately choose the one they warm to the most. 566 more words


How Social Media May Come To #PokemonGo!

Everyone is talking about Nintendo’s new game, and some are loving it! Others, not so much (including the guy in Vancouver with a PokeGym on his kale patch!). 160 more words

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A young, ambitious & energetic man by the name ClixWell opens up to us.

TheCreativePattern– TCP Qhama Xhali- QX.

TCP: Introduction.                                            

QX: My name is Qhama Xhali, I’m a 28 year old social media manager from King Williams Town & East London. 553 more words

Pokémon Go – an opportunity for brands to be relevant

To say Pokémon Go spread like wildfire is an understatement. In just a week since its launch, it already surpassed more active daily users than Twitter, people are spending more time in Pokémon than in Facebook’s app, and it’s on more phones than Tinder. 369 more words

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Marketing Keywords to Know: July 14, 2016


Definition: Provocatively dangling one’s fingers in front of their mouth for a photo op

There’s a new trend born every minute and fingermouthing is one of the most recently coined terms for a pose that has become popular for Instagram selfies. 64 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

Challenging but also Valuing our Prejudices

We all have prejudices and challenging and even changing them gives us a way to see the world differently. But do we do this at work as well at home? 545 more words

We're Launching Our New Brand

Charitable by Choice is excited to launch its new brand inspired by the iconic Alstroemeria flower, commonly known as the Peruvian Lily. The flower’s message is hold your friends close and show them how much you cherish them. 167 more words