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Marketing Keywords to Know: February 26, 2015

Deep Assortment

Definition:  A large line of products to be used in association with each other.

When a brand offers a number of products that can be sold separately or used in a set, it helps them become known as a kind of specialist in their field. 80 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

Keywords are key

For this assignment, our goal was to find more search words that accurately reflect the concepts in our blog. First we needed to come up with a list of five words or key terms that we believe accurately reflect our blog. 256 more words

Marketing Keywords to Know: February 19, 2015


Definition:  A marketing approach used to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign

A useful advertising model, DAGMAR means “Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results”. 94 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know

The Reason...

Seorang teman baru kembali dari tugasnya di negeri seberang. Ia membawa oleh-oleh, snack-snack dan camilan lain yang ia gelar di meja yang kebetulan kosong.Sehingga semua orang yang ingin menikmati snack itu bisa mengambilnya dengan mudah.   727 more words


In Brands We Trust, Or Maybe Not

I look at the recent debacles of Brian Williams and Bill Cosby and I am reminded how important trust is not only for people but brands too. 876 more words

Social Steve

Dancing with the Stars Launches Super Bowl Celebrity Marketing Commercials

Revealing a celebrity’s charisma is the “x-factor” for endorsement deals

Over the last 10 years, Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) has been a launching pad for celebrities and athletes who may not receive a lot of face time and thrusting them into the spotlight. 372 more words

Celebrity Marketing

Marketing Keywords to Know: February 12, 2015

Jumble Display

Definition: A wide assortment of products showcased together such as in a bargain bin or clearance table

We’ve all seen them, and more than likely, taken a minute to assess the merchandise at our favorite retailer’s jumble display. 88 more words

Marketing Keywords To Know