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The Power Of Advertising: 3 Recent Happenings

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for advertising – especially with the announcement that UK ad spending in the digital sphere is still increasing, despite the threat of Brexit. 312 more words

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Spring Sayings + The Idiocy Of Idioms

There’s nothing wrong with using idioms – even the most premium and respected brands have a few in their arsenal (see Net-A-Porter, below). But because these kinds of phrases often have a humorous edge, brands can be heavy-handed with them – and end up losing the unique slant they were angling for. 281 more words

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YouTube Under Fire: When Algorithms Attack

Video site YouTube – owned by tech titan Google – has found itself the source of scandal over its dated and ineffective algorithms. On the one side, users are complaining that innocent content has been hidden in YouTube’s “restricted mode”, while big brands have been left red-faced over the revelation that their ads are being shown over inappropriate videos. 377 more words

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Woman Power

As I wait to join in the International Woman’s Day Celebration later this afternoon, I am reflecting on Woman Power.  Though it should be an antiquated notion, it really needs to continue to be in the forefront of our business mentality and our social structure.   280 more words

Facebook - not just for faces

Our digital world has changed. It was not too long ago that Facebook began – initially as a way for college students to meet other students. 293 more words

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Retailers In Hot Water: Branding Blunders

Waterstones made news this week when it emerged that three apparently independent high street stores in Rye (‘The Rye Bookshop’), Southwold (‘Southwold Books’) and Harpenden (‘Harpenden Books’) were, in fact, owned by the chain book retailer. 233 more words

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Social Media Megaphone

Every business has a brand.  Every brand is made or broken through branding.  But what is “branding”?

Whatever your business – be it buying megaphones, selling megaphones, helping facilitate the purchase of megaphones, or consulting about the buying and selling of megaphones – you will become a brand.   221 more words