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A Meaningful Brand for NSU

Norfolk State University is at a crossroads as it charts a course to rebuild its “brand” in the wake of the image hits it has taken over the past few years. 717 more words


Measurement: A simple solution to an industry problem

Proving outcomes,  black and white evaluation and an industry flapping.

Everywhere you turn in PR land, you can’t escape people writing about, arguing about and generally getting in a tizzy about measuring the value of the service. 336 more words

Prolific PR

The World’s 100 Most Reputable Companies: A (Very) Brief Analysis

A study by the Reputation Institute, conducted this time last year, has identified the world’s 100 most reputable companies – judged by 55,000 consumers in the 15 countries which make up three-quarters of global spending, including the US and the UK; India, China and Japan; and Russia (view the full list here). 320 more words

Retail Radar

External perceptions versus internal realities: Will you dare to ask the difficult questions?

As I just reviewed a recent article on  “America’s Most Hated Companies”, it made me again question, “Why do people flock to some brands and hate others?” 706 more words

Brand Loyalty

Once Upon A Time There Was A Nokia

By: @TayyibAftab 

You might have witnessed the news from earlier this month that Microsoft have decided to take off the name, Nokia, from all the… 369 more words

Hemingway novels as Instagram films

An organisation is hoping to overhaul Ernest Hemingway’s image by producing 15-second Instagram films of some of his books.

The Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park… 77 more words


Apple, Samsung, Lenovo ... and Xiaomi?

Two years ago, Samsung was on a roll. Its Galaxy S3 model shot past Apple’s iPhone 3 to become the best selling smart phone in the world. 435 more words