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No Time To Blog? No Problem

As an executive, you are rarely in one place for more than a few days at a time. You are constantly bouncing around the world visiting clients and partners, marketing your products and speaking at industry events. 283 more words

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Leo's Daily Advertising Tip - On Strategic Planning

No matter how good it is, customers really don’t want your product. They want what it does to or for them. Make that your message.

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NAKAMA Suits for the Week Ahead


Yash is a senior marketing professional that has spent the last fifteen working with blue-chip advertising agencies, PR agencies and media buying houses initially as an account management executive and later as a creative agency head. 1,662 more words

Leo's Daily Advertising Tip - On Branding

How frequently do you reinforce your company’s brand pillars to your entire organization? Daily is good. Most companies never do.

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Laundry - thankless laundry.

I grew up, went to college, graduated, got a job, travelled the world – all this, without ever having to do the laundry. Ever. Spoilt? Perhaps. 1,148 more words


Leo's Daily Advertising Tip - On Social Media

#disruption in your industry will rarely come from your company or your industry. They are too committed to the status quo.

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Leo' Daily Advertising Tip - On Strategic Planning

Market research only reflects the past or the past environment or attitudes. As a predictor of the future, it needs subjectivity which often makes it fall short.

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