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Three Different Ways to Use Content Boost

This week, I spoke with someone who was curious about the level of commitment that it takes to work with Content Boost. This person travels often, and doesn’t have a great deal of time to devote to the program—or, for that matter, his blog. 273 more words

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3 Ways to make your brand personality shine online

Brand personality is the nectar that attracts the bee. Much like interview candidates with similar resumes, an employer will ultimately choose the one they warm to the most. 566 more words


Leo's Daily Advertising Tip - On Social Media

A social media profile is a window into the brand. Communicate brand in terms that relate to the reader instead of facts about what you are or do.

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A Quick Reminder of the Power and Influence of Pictures

Today is my dad’s birthday (shout out to my pops—happy 58th!) To celebrate, I posted the below picture on Facebook; it’s a candid from my wedding on May 7th. 406 more words

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Leo's Daily Advertising Tip - On Strategic Planning

Who is your real competition? Is it the business that does similar things as you do? Or is it other products or services that compete for share of budget?

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Client- Shapporji Pallonji Real Estate , With Landor and Quantum.
As  Design consultant to SPRE (Mumbai)-2014.

What does affordable housing mean to consumer and what should be its design strategy?   149 more words



Client- GYS Vision, Gurgaon.
As Design strategist to GYS, Gurgaon -2014.

For most real estate developers, it’s about building and selling real estate. A very few focus on how the space will be used and how can their lives bettered. 176 more words