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Session 1 - Brand Value

Brand value and company aims and objectives

In Session 1 we focused on brand value. This included first identifying our companies branding, aims and objectives and we then provided examples of branding within our company (on social media, the company website and any other forms of media). 109 more words

Social Media

5 Ways your brand can mean more.

Modern consumers are savvy consumers. They’re conscientious consumers. And, when they’re truly invested in a brand, they’re passionate consumers.

Here are five ways your organization, whether you’re running a mom-and-pop restaurant, a community-based nonprofit or a global corporation, can MEAN MORE to those consumers—or, as they should be called, people. 596 more words

Brand Value

Assessing Brand Value

Up until now, I’ve thought of brand value as having to do with how much a corporation is financially worth and the price that consumers are willing to pay for a brand’s product or service. 1,064 more words


Session 1

Session One we looked at branding, the different kinds of persona and what they are looking for, the brand value for example cost, reputation, demographics and why they chose us.  221 more words


S1 - Branding

What is your brand?   Your brand is not just your logo!  The entire customer experience and public presence of your company are part of your brand.   209 more words

For the Smokies

I have an emotional attachment to the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg and the National Park so when the fires started I was glued to the news. When they got worse I got worried. 488 more words

Brand Value

10 things to be thankful for after 10 years of sustainability work.

Working in sustainability is a unique profession. The work can be mind-blowingly frustrating sometimes at any level. From leadership that doesn’t value the possibilities of sustainable thinking to budgets that feel like table scraps, sustainability work can dole out a special style of torment all its own. 847 more words

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