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Brand X - Timeline (2000)

Brand X – Timeline (2000) 2 CD

Brand X – Timeline (2000)

Track listing

Disc 1 Live In Chicago 1977

1-1 Disco Suicide 7:08
1-2 Nightmare Patrol 8:22…

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Brand X - Missing Period (1997)

Brand X – Missing Period (1997)

Brand X – Missing Period (1997)

Track listing

1. Dead Pretty 7:11
2. Kugelblitz 11:03
3. Ancient Mysteries 7:19…

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Brand X - Manifest Destiny (1997)

Brand X – Manifest Destiny (1997)

Brand X – Manifest Destiny (1997)

Track listing

“True to the Clik” (Goodsall, Pusch) – 5:31
“Stellerator” (Jones) – 6:17…

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4-D 9x5: Who eats polish sausage with plates?

This… this is the direction Season 9 needed to go with Doggett and Reyes. I can only think that had the show continued, they would have quickly recognized what they were good at and perfected it. 1,083 more words

Alone 8x19: I appreciate your enthusiasm.

“Alone” makes me want to cry and not for sentimental reasons.

It was lovingly crafted as a nostalgic look back at the Mulder and Scully era and as a tribute to the fans by the Godfather of… 1,428 more words

The Gift 8x11: Are you calling Mulder a liar?

We’ve had a string of episodes I don’t care for and they culminate in this, “The Gift”. I warn you here and now that I have mixed feelings about it. 1,555 more words

Surekill 8x9: Calling Clark Kent

Whelp, Season 8’s been going along at a fairly good chop, especially considering the ship is sailing without Mulder. But every season has to bomb sometime. 872 more words