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Networking – it isn’t just about you!

Many have shared thoughtful insight and opinion on the topic of networking but here’s what sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Networking isn’t always all about you. 613 more words

Canadian Small Business Women

Brand X - Timeline (2000)

Brand X – Timeline (2000) 2 CD

Brand X – Timeline (2000)

Track listing

Disc 1 Live In Chicago 1977

1-1 Disco Suicide 7:08
1-2 Nightmare Patrol 8:22…

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Brand X - Missing Period (1997)

Brand X – Missing Period (1997)

Brand X – Missing Period (1997)

Track listing

1. Dead Pretty 7:11
2. Kugelblitz 11:03
3. Ancient Mysteries 7:19…

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Brand X - Manifest Destiny (1997)

Brand X – Manifest Destiny (1997)

Brand X – Manifest Destiny (1997)

Track listing

“True to the Clik” (Goodsall, Pusch) – 5:31
“Stellerator” (Jones) – 6:17…

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4-D 9x5: Who eats polish sausage with plates?

This… this is the direction Season 9 needed to go with Doggett and Reyes. I can only think that had the show continued, they would have quickly recognized what they were good at and perfected it. 1,083 more words

Alone 8x19: I appreciate your enthusiasm.

“Alone” makes me want to cry and not for sentimental reasons.

It was lovingly crafted as a nostalgic look back at the Mulder and Scully era and as a tribute to the fans by the Godfather of… 1,428 more words

The Gift 8x11: Are you calling Mulder a liar?

We’ve had a string of episodes I don’t care for and they culminate in this, “The Gift”. I warn you here and now that I have mixed feelings about it. 1,555 more words