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Money Idols

Yeah you rap about the chains and loot, the game and crooks
Spreading word about Dolce&Gabbana
Get those kids by rhyming bout marijuana
Talk about money, big talk hero 6… 194 more words



Ek sal na die suidpool toe moet

vlieg vir vrede,

met die sterre en sneeu

wat so suiwer

stres uit my hart uit

sal brand.


The Luxury Home Digest lists the hottest luxury brands in 2015

The pyramid divides luxury brands into categories ranging from Everyday Luxury and Affordable Luxury brands (such as Coach and Tiffany silver jewelry) to Ultra High End Luxury brands like Leviev and Graff (see Luxury Home Digest).


Today, we’ve some informations about Chiharu’s life.

After leaving LDH, she became a free singer and now she launched her own fashion brand named “ 42 more words


Are You the Sort of Brand that Wants to go Steady on a First Date?

Are you the sort of brand that subtly pops up a subscribe box when I’ve been on your site for less than 15 seconds? Well hold on a sec we hardly know each other. 89 more words

Generation Brand Boycott

We have become a generation of brand boycotters – and no I don’t mean Russell, we need to embrace that lovable rebellious buffoon (especially since he has seen sense and come out in support of the Green Party). 350 more words