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Consistency makes communication more inspiring

The greatest revolutions in our history hint one thing in common, and that is consistency of the message. Be it the Renaissance, the French Revolution, the war years, among all these centuries, the most consistent were only able to build a great brand, one that inspired change, one that inspired trust. 708 more words

How to Choose Packaging for a Product Customized Solutions for Diverse Markets

Maco Pkg has been family owned and operated for over 80 years. Since
1942 we have earned our reputation as a supplier to multiple industries… 1,143 more words



For this process I have selected my favorite sketches and made some quick models out of blue foam.
To make the process easier the first step was to cut out the shapes of each side, so I knew exactly where to cut. 76 more words


The Cost Of A Damaged Reputation

Lessons Of My Life

I had built a reputation over the years of being punctual when I have speaking engagements. I have also been emphasising it during my radio broadcast on Quest FM 93.1 every Wednesday, 6.30 a.m. 694 more words

Everyday Thoughts

Introduction to the new project.

For this project we have been assigned to design a brand-new set of speakers for a specific brand.
I have decided to design a set of speakers for Dolby as it is well known for the high sound quality of the speakers. 149 more words


Brand Book - Powerful Voices

As part of a pro-bono team in the 2018 AIGA Changemakers Series, I helped with communication and brand strategy, and wrote the bulk of the content for this brand book. 20 more words


WHAT you don't have a Brand Bible yet?

If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd AND be easily recognizable, you need to create a Brand Bible!

A Brand Bible is a visual guide, about how your brand should be represented in ALL of your online- and offline promotional/marketing materials, including your website and Social Media posts etc. 654 more words