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How to Create Brand stories ?

A commercial, a social media campaign, or a print advertisement, there are ways to use storytelling to convey a strong identity. A Brand story can be narrated and some exciting elements can be pulled out of the Brand. 237 more words

Betex Polyurethane Varnish 60

Polyurethane Varnish 60 is a transparent one-pack varnish, which is ideal for all types of new or previously painted interior wood, concrete and stone surfaces. It is a tough and durable finish typically used for floors, doors, furniture, paneling, partitions, etc. 109 more words

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Nippon Paint SolaReflect

SolaReflect is a high quality stretchable exterior wall paint that reduces heat build up by reflecting infra red light from the coated surface. A better paint for cooler homes. 120 more words

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Nippon Paint RoofGuard

Nippon RoofGuard is a high quality and highly durable acrylic-based emulsion that imparts a smooth finish to roof tiles. It contains excellent light-fast and alkali-resistant pigments, and an effective mould-control additive to protect roof tiles. 45 more words

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Branding America and SMstudy - Part One

Presidential candidates want to unite America, make it strong again, give it a future to believe in, balance its budget and pass its dream onto the next generation. 586 more words

Hotpoint HD Line Compact Iron | An Unusually Desirable Appliance

The Hotpoint HD Line Compact Steam Generator Iron is a piece of appliance that’s very rarely designed to be appealing. For too long,¬†irons have been fests of unnecessary curves, clashing colours and awkwardly¬†placed controls. 99 more words


(FDS) Creating patterns.

The Great Zimbabwe ruins where made with granite and they did not use mortar/cement to hold them in place this in turn made them huge tourist attraction. 43 more words