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How Your Small Biz Can Benefit from This Week's National Hashtags

Hashtags can be found on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. A social media strategist on your team would have suggested any number of crossover promotions to capitalize on these events to entice customers. 416 more words


Brand Journalism: The Conflict of Advertising

Journalism and the conflict of advertising

    With the ever present nature of business and how it just keeps booming, it’s no surprise that it’s reaching into many different things. 1,491 more words

brands - make sure your social content is these things. or stop.

Consumer brands on social media are not a new thing, in fact, the brand “boom” on channels such as Facebook and Twitter was about seven years ago. 713 more words


Couscous & Shoes!

The best combination you can have… Nice food, shoes, great people and the feeling of a warm an intimate Sunday night with friends and family. The amazing shoe brand Mr. 199 more words

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The Future Of News (part 3)

In this new supersaturated digital universe of infinite free digital duplication, copies are so ubiquitous, so cheap, free in fact, that the only things truly valuable are those that cannot be copied. 1,292 more words


Taking Advice / Willingness to Learn

As a rule of thumb most people will ignore warnings and fail to listen to advice. This is because they already want to do something, are near determined so to do and to back track is somehow to lose face. 583 more words

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