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Western Union announced its Share-a-Dream Fundraising Campaign in the 10th Ambassador, Consuls General & Tourism Directors Tour

Western Union, a long standing supporter of The Ambassador, Consuls General & Tourism Directors Tour (ACGTDT) to the Philippines, announced its Share-a-Dream Fundraising campaign at the tour’s welcome event that aims to raise funds for multimedia libraries to selected schools in the Philippines. 341 more words


Labels are for Cans

As a marketing intern, I absolutely love when companies are able to use their status and fame in the public to bring awareness to some of the important issues of today. 259 more words


Stille tocht Tom de Munter verliep rustig, zoals gevraagd door familie: dan brand!

Diezelfde avond 7 juli 2015 is er een brand in het pand waar de attack op Tom de Munter heeft plaatsgevonden. Dit is enkele uren na de stille tocht.   686 more words


Faceless brands have all the power

A brand is known for it’s branding, right? Without the logo, the slogan and the name, a brand cannot become a brand. It is exactly the same for us – without our clothes, our voice and our name, we are not ourselves. 337 more words


Down the rabbit hole: Panic! At the Disco "Hallelujah"

Today’s great premiere of Panic! At the Disco’s new single Hallelujah got me caught up on listening and watching it for hours. Try it once and you gonna do the same, promise. 138 more words

Down The Rabbit Hole

Get a Report and Competitor Analysis with Valuable Key Metrics for Social Media from PRDA Asia

Is the best offense a good defense? Or is the best defense a good offense? The debate has raged for decades through sports, the military, and board games. 411 more words