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Does poverty perpetuate racism in education?

In a recent article, researchers from Brandeis University and Ohio State University report that living in a disadvantage neighborhood is the primary contributing factor to racism in education for Blacks. 980 more words

Racism In Education

CBS '60 Minutes' Correspondent Bob Simon Dies In Car Crash

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NEW YORK (AP) — Longtime “60 Minutes” correspondent Bob Simon, who covered most major overseas conflicts and news stories since the late 1960s during a five-decade career in journalism, died in a car crash. 728 more words


Political Professor at Brandeis University - Donald Hindley - quits because he could no longer tolerate conservatives on campus

Campus Reform: A professor of politics at Brandeis University is retiring because he could no longer tolerate conservatives on campus.

According to the Brandeis student newspaper, The Justice, Professor Donald Hindley will step down from the position he has held for over half of a century because, as he said, there are “far fewer … let me call them, activist, liberal-minded people” at Brandeis University…



Once Again, Brandeis Students Master Selective Outrage

Brandeis University, where I am a senior, sometimes goes to extremes to create “safe spaces” for its students. Case in point: last spring the university disinvited renowned international human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali from attending commencement and withdrew awarding her an honorary degree because of comments she had made criticizing Islamism. 1,048 more words

Brandeis ‘whistleblower’ stirs up new hornets’ nest

by Amanda Borschel-Dan
January 7, 2015

Daniel Mael is likely the most divisive and hated pro-Israel voice at Brandeis University. Exposing inner-sanctum scandals, to many of the campus far-left — and much of the Brandeis administration — he’s that annoying fly that keeps on buzzing after being shooed away. 76 more words

Israel & Middle East

Special Feature: Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points
On January 8, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson addressed a hastily convened joint session of Congress, publicly stating the Fourteen Points–his idealistic plan for a world forever free from conflict. 163 more words

The Brandeis Scandal and the Rise of the Shadow University

As 2014 came to a close, Daniel Mael, a 22 year-old Brandeis University honor student, athlete, Israel activist, and professional journalist learned for the second time in his brief academic career what it is like to exercise one’s basic liberties when they run counter to the dominant… 796 more words