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“I haven’t made any strategic moves or decisions to move toward a more country-defined flavor in my music or in my lifestyle. I love country music so much because of the way it sounds and because of its traditions, but also because it really does speak to the way I live when I am in my truck and I’m going to get hay for the horse and I’m chasing chickens around the yard.

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Non Classé

"You can dance in a hurricane, but only if you’re standing in the eye."

This morning I heard the song “The Eye” by Brandi Carlile after dropping the munchkin off at camp.  This line immediately set my wheels turning: “You can dance in a hurricane, but only if you’re standing in the eye.” It got me thinking about the question that defines my 40s:  what does it mean to not just survive in this crazy world, but to thrive?  613 more words


Manchester United: Bonnaroo 2015

There is a question I have feared to answer: if I had been alive at the time, would I have gone to Woodstock? It’s easy to give the answer you would like to be true for these sorts of things, isn’t it? 2,046 more words

Rock And Roll

Into the Woods

“It’s the good old bedtime stories, give you nightmares ’til you die.”

from Brandi Carlile’s The Stranger at My Door

The best fairy tales are the most horrible—those grim, bloody stories with dark woodlands and castles in… 103 more words


Brandi Carlile | "The Eye"

Brandi Carlile is one of those artists that I was, admittedly, really late to the party with. Her fifth studio and newest album, The Firewatcher’s Daughter… 274 more words

ATO Records

John Prine and Brandi Carlile sing what he called a “A sad Appalachian Ballad”, as they perform his song “In Spite of Ourselves”

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Brandi Carlile Killed it at Stubb’s

Brandi Carlile

Yes, Brandi Carlile killed it at Stubb’s on Saturday. She slayed it. Completely pulverized all artists before and after her at the outdoor stage. 1,344 more words

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